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Dear Readers:

Here we are, a brand new year and we have myriad opportunities ahead of us to raise and educate our children and ourselves! To kick off 2012, we offer you two wonderful articles from two very popular writers. First, John Taylor Gatto’s “The Awful Fate of Being Nobody” which was a commencement address he delivered to some homeschoolers a few years ago. Our second offering, “Renewing Your Marriage” is by Erin Chianese, wherein she discusses the non-academic, non-child-rearing aspects faced by homeschooling parents. We hope you enjoy and benefit from these two articles and we wish you a wonderful 2012! Thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

On the Hunt for Homeschooling Curriculum that Fits your Family?

Parents who are new to homeschooling can be overwhelmed by the number and variety of curriculum options available today. Even experienced homeschoolers who are searching for a new curriculum can be daunted by the prospect of sifting through the dizzying array of choices. Many curriculum providers are linked to big business, or moving toward an online-only option, while others are so new it is hard to determine how comprehensive or effective they will be. Some use a test-based format that only works for a certain type of student; others rely heavily on worksheets and written repetition.

There are a few curriculum providers, however, that combine experience and innovation, provide both print-based and online alternatives, and offer a flexible approach that acknowledges the myriad of ways that students can learn. One such provider, Oak Meadow Curriculum and School, has become the benchmark for both traditional and progressive homeschooling families across the globe. A pioneer in the homeschooling movement since 1975, Oak Meadow has long been a leading developer of creative K-12 curriculum and a fully accredited distance learning school from students in kindergarten through high school.
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Green Tree Footprints

Uplifting Education

The Awful Fate of Being Nobody; How To Avoid It

A Commencement Address for Homeschoolers

by John Taylor Gatto (Copyright, 2005, 2011 by John Taylor Gatto. All rights reserved.)

1. Modern institutional schooling by force is a deliberate project of social engineering, one brought about for purposes seldom discussed. The inspiration for bulk-process schooling by force came from utopian writings like Edward Bellamy’s Looking Backwards and other philosophical musings about the creation of a better society by the deliberate extension of a childlike state in the general population. About the year 1975 I began to call this process "the artificial extension of childhood" and changed the way I taught to combat it, but for a long time I was baffled: How had this idea of keeping children childish long into adulthood stepped out of the pages of utopian writing and become serious policy? The answer is perfectly logical, as Mr. Spock would say.
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Americana Books

Global Student Network

World of Reading

Hands On Books - Art Activities Series for All Ages From Around the World

Created by Yvonne Y. Merrill

Published by: Kits Publishing

2359 E. Bryan Ave., Salt Lake City, UT 84108

801/582-2517 info@hands-on.com www.hands-on.com

10 volumes, ranging from 83 to 92 pages

Review by Emerson Sandow

This beautiful set of soft-cover art activity books go into depth about the culture and geography of each locale studied. As such, they lend themselves to functioning as a supplement to a Unit Study on any of the areas featured. For instance, Hands-On Asia, begins with a short discussion of the four major religions of Asia: Buddhism, Confucianism, Hinduism and Shintoism. The next page features Points of Interest in Asia, with a map of the area on the facing page. Before any artwork has been suggested, the nature of the people who created it is being addressed. Then, Japan is the first country covered; there is a discussion of Japanese Folk Art and some of its development. On page 17 is the first art project in the volume: a Kabuki Warrior Mask, followed by Japanese Good Luck Toys, a set of Samurai armor, a Twig Vase and clay slab dish. The directions are simple to follow and all materials are set forth.
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Professor In A Box

College Transcripts

What About Us? Renewing Your Marriage

by Erin Chianese

Homeschooling is so natural that it becomes a 24-hour job. Every opportunity can be educational and much parental time is taken up with these moments of learning with our kids. Homeschooling definitely brings families closer together. But often in our busy homes, marriage is the first thing to be put on hold and the last to get attention.

I took a parent education class when my kids were toddlers. The teacher tried to emphasize to us to take care of ourselves first, then our marriage, and lastly our children. She said we can more easily give to others if we are content and recharged by our own lives . . . great advice but the reality is that we take care of our children first, then ourselves, and finally our marriage, if there is any energy left. A marriage on the back burner can sit and wait for better times or it can burn.

There are no good cultural models for a lasting marriage. Movies and books show the big shebang of falling in love with the goal of marriage. Or they show the problems of one that is falling apart. But they don’t show what happens in a normal, healthy marriage through the years. Some couples are lucky enough to have good models in their own parents’ or grandparents’ marriages. But with divorce on the rise since the 1970’s, this is not usually the case. If we take more time out for our marriage, I think we can become these rare cases that our children can experience and look to. All it really needs IS a little more attention. Marriage renewal has given my husband and I just that. It is fun, simple, and it works! You can use the following tips in your own marriage. Or you may even want to start a Marriage Renewal Group with other like-minded couples.
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Global Student Network

Fresno Pacific University

Writers Super Center

Study Dog Online Reading Software (Pre-K-3)



Study Dog is an online reading program for 5-year-olds to 8-year-olds that is one of the most highly-recommended programs of its kind. None other than Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers, says it is the best educational software he has ever seen. Period.

Study Dog teaches phonics in a fun and personalized way with animated “games” that appeal to each child on his/her own level and provide plenty of practice for each skill that is addressed.

In the Kindergarten section, the child learns to link the sounds of words and the letters they represent with phonics – the overwhelmingly best way to learn to read. For instance, the hard sound of “c” as in “cut” or the soft “c” as in “city”. This exercise covers many different beginning letter sounds and awards points for correct answers.
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Nelson Academy of Agricultural Sciences Online

College For Homeschoolers

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