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This issue of The Way Home brings you an article by Andrew Pudewa, owner of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, discussing the often-terrifying disintegration of communication and literacy in our society, with The End of Eloquence? Not on Our Watch! Our other offering is Let’s Sing by Ms. Gaby Pryer, who was an administrator with the Los Angeles Childrens’ Chorus for many years and an avid supporter of choral music in all forms. We hope these articles will benefit you and we thank you for reading our publications.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Organic-Certified Feed for Chickens and Rabbits.
Naturally, From Modesto Milling

Healthy eating is becoming more important to American consumers; no longer considered a fringe matter, what goes into food and therefore, what goes into the human person, is vitally significant, as dangerous additives, genetically-modified foods and overuse of some ingredients comes to the information forefront.

Health-conscious consumers realize that when considering organic food items, the matter goes beyond produce and grains. What a potential food animal is fed is just as important.

If you raise your own rabbits or chickens, for the sake of your animals and your family, the meat and eggs should be as organic as possible. Consider Modesto Milling as your organic feed supplier.
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Modesto Milling


Let's Sing!

by Gaby Pryer

Cesar can’t wait to go to camp. "The bus leaves at 7:15 in the morning next Saturday?" he yells. "Goody, I’ll be there at 6:30 in the morning!"

"I like it because I have good experiences," says Jennie. "I get to know friends – and I can’t wait to go to England."

Andrea likes it because "there are different ages of kids, and I love the challenge – we are grouped by ability and we learn different languages."

What are these kids talking about, anyway? Scouts? Soccer? Summer Camp?

No, they’re talking about their chorus – about singing in a choir.

Throughout the world, children’s choruses rival sports, scouts and supervised goofing around as a popular way to meet friends, experience new things and stretch body, mind and soul. But how does a parent know whether or not a child would like to sing in a choir and how does a parent find a suitable chorus?

Most children like to sing, and some start singing before they can talk. Many a surprised parent has heard the tune to the "Barney Song" from mouths that can barely manage "mama" and "dada" and has wondered what to make of this gift.

The answer for the 18 month to 8 year old group is easy – keep listening to music and keep them singing! Folk songs, hymns, and endless renditions of "Twinkle, Twinkle," "Row, Row, Row Your Board," and "I’ve Been Working on the Railroad" while driving along in the car will firm up good pitch (even if the driver is a little off!) and good rhythm. Clapping songs is a way to get kids to notice differences in note values and a pretend (or real) marching band is a good, fun way to instill a firm and precise beat.
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Oak Meadow


College For Homeschoolers

Verb-It Spanish Learning Game from World of Reading

(705) 799-5655

Review by Santiago Soto

Verb-It is the Spanish learning game that blends Spanish language learning and South American culture into one fun and educational experience. The game is versatile, allowing for every level of Spanish speaker, from one who knows nothing, to fluent speakers, can participate in the game. Between two and six players ages 10 and up can engage in the linguistic adventure, lasting at least forty-five minutes, making their way through South America’s curvy trail to be declared the winner.

The game’s contents include three sets of color-coded vocabulary sheets: 12 blue sheets for beginners, 12 yellow for intermediate, and 11 green for advanced players. There are also four Tips Sheets, five sheets of pesos, a list of Asterisk Verbs, and one set of six orange Passport sheets for beginners, intermediate, and advanced players. Other game pieces are a game mat, six frogs (or lizards), one die, and one carrying case.
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Professor In A Box

Lennon Leppert

The End of Eloquence? Not on Our Watch!

By Andrew Pudewa, http://www.excellenceinwriting.com

“Most of the young people we have to hire these days really can’t communicate clearly. They can’t speak three sentences without saying 'like' and ’cuz' and 'stuff' several times. They can’t write two complete sentences with correct grammar and capitalization . . . and forget about punctuation! And they can’t think. When something goes wrong, they just sit there and wait for someone to tell them what to do! It’s infuriating!”

Traveling around the country, I constantly meet professionals from all walks of life: Managers and business owners, teachers and professors, supervisors and graduate students. Though their histories and circumstances are often quite different, they all have one universal frustration, which when voiced, sounds very similar to the statements above. Now while it’s true that older adults have always complained about young adults, it seems undeniable that at this time things are really worse than ever before.

In Mark Baurlein’s 2008 book The Dumbest Generation, he argues forcefully that the digital age is stupefying young Americans and jeopardizing our future. His examples of profound ignorance and inarticulateness, now ubiquitous in schools and workplaces, are so convincing that one wonders if there is any remedy, or are we really at the end of a literate, educated America? While some readers contend that Baurlein’s causation argument is lacking, virtually no one argues that the problem is not acute.

As an observer of people, a student of the times, and a teacher of English, I must concur; technology is having a viscerally negative effect on the linguistic skills of students. Inundated by TV and music with marginally correct usage and syntax, young people today are constantly amused by the ever-present entertainment of Internet and video games. This, when reinforced by constant peer interaction, results in an environment that practically prevents a teenager today from developing any type of sophisticated use of words. We couldn’t have contrived a worse language development environment had we tried!
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Global Student Network

Katy-Did Publishing

Mercury Online Education

Allsaid & Dunn - The Reading Game

2727 De Anza Rd. Ste. SD21
San Diego, CA 92109
(858) 412-3442
ages 4 and up

by Santiago Soto

The process in teaching a child to read should be simple, fun, and effective. The Reading Game by Allsaid and Dunn, incorporates all three of these elements into a learn-to-read game for children ages four and up with guidance from a teacher or tutor.

The contents of the game include six decks of color-coded playing cards that correspond to an animal-themed story book. They are: red with skunk, orange with snake, yellow with bear, green with penguins, blue with unicorn, and purple with zebra. Within each colored/animal deck of 60 cards, there is a subset of 10 cards, each labeled from 1-6. It is by playing with each of the colored/animal decks that a child can play his way to learning and retaining some of the most-commonly-used words in the English language.
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Green Tree

Lennon Leppert

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