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This issue seems to be a sort of DIY for parenting. In it, we bring you an article by Bonnie Mincu, MA and Senior Certified ADHD Coach, about the "Fallacy of Waiting for Motivation", in which she offers tips on making one’s self create and maintain "deadline" to avoid the empty, unfulfilled passage of time. Our second article, by Learning Success Coach™ Victoria Kindle-Hodson is “Commit to your Desires & Dreams” in which Ms. Hodson offers four steps to making and keeping commitments as a parent! We hope these articles pique your interest and aid you in your journey of homeschooling and parenting. Thank you for reading our publications.

Michael Leppert

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Professor In a Box --
2 College Level Courses for High Schoolers on DVD

Professor In A Box, has a new interactive software course, Principles of Marketing, that joins their popular Financial Accounting course in allowing high school students to prepare to earn college credit for the two topics of study.

CLEP, the College Level Examination Program, offers exams-for-credit to high school students who wish to “proficiency out” of taking the college class – at a significant savings from the cost-per-credit of the campus classroom tuition. Professor In a Box’s two DVD-based courses prepare students to take the CLEP exam for Financial Accounting or the Principles of Marketing.
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Professor In A Box

College For Homeschoolers

Attention Deficit Disorder, and the Fallacy of Waiting for Motivation
by Bonnie Mincu, MA, MBA, Senior Certified ADHD Coach

Most Attention Deficit Disorder Adults know that our brain-wiring doesn't respond to what we 'should' do. Unless we're really interested in a task, we have a pretty hard time staying focused on it for any great length of time.

Often we require the stimulus of a looming deadline, or last-minute crisis, to goad us into action. As kids, we probably put off our homework until the last minute because -- until the adrenaline of panic set it -- we weren't able to focus on it.

But what do we do to get motivated when there is no deadline? I often find myself in conversations with ADD / ADHD Adults who report the strong influence of their mood on their decisions to complete stages in their plans. It's quite understandable to feel un-motivated after your proposal falls on deaf ears, or your manuscript is returned with a 'no thank you.'
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Global Student Network

Writers Super Center

Study Dog Online Reading Software (Pre-K-3)


Study Dog is an online reading program for 5-year-olds to 8-year-olds that is one of the most highly-recommended programs of its kind. None other than Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computers, says it is the best educational software he has ever seen. Period.

Study Dog teaches phonics in a fun and personalized way with animated “games” that appeal to each child on his/her own level and provide plenty of practice for each skill that is addressed.
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Nelson Academy of Agricultural Sciences Online

Lennon Leppert

COMMIT to Your Desires and Dreams
By Victoria Kindle Hodson, M.A.

Becoming a parent is a wonderful way to fulfill desires, dreams, and needs for love, closeness, warmth, growth, learning, understanding, to contribute to the lives of others and so much more. Many of us start family life believing and trusting that our dreams and desires will be fulfilled by our family members. What could be more logical? The people we love most are the people we expect to fulfill us the most.

However, as long as “managing” kids’ behavior is at the foundation of parenting and reward and punishment are primary behavior management tactics, we aren’t going to be able to create the kinds of relationships we want.
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High Points Learning

Lennon Leppert

Computer Science for High School Students
By Chris Yust, Homeschool Programming, Inc.

Do you have technically-inclined students who might want to pursue a career in computing? The future has never been brighter! In this article we will explore the golden opportunity awaiting graduates with Computer Science and related degrees. We will also help decipher what the different types of degrees mean and how a high school student can prepare for a computer-related major.
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Green Tree

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