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This week we are pleased to bring you an article about beginning homeschooling, by two veteran parents, Greg and Moira Bell of Virginia. They have successfully homeschooled seven children and have been very active over the years in advising and guiding neophyte parents in some of the murky waters of beginning homeschooling. Our second article, by Linda Foster, is a short biography of Dr. Maria Montessori, founder of one of the most popular educational systems in the world. We hope you enjoy these articles and share them with friends who may benefit from them. Thank you for reading our publications.

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Home Schooling Special Offer -- Unlimited tutoring, $9.95 for the 1st month!

With AchieveMath’s online math tutoring programs, students can start the new school year off right. Transitioning to the next grade level can often be a challenge. But, with AchieveMath kids can get the help they need to learn their math curriculum, complete homework, test preparations, and build the skills needed to succeed in math.
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High Points Learning

Mercury Online Education

Beginning Homeschooling
by Greg and Moira Bell (20-year veteran homeschooling parents of seven)

Nowadays, it is rare to meet an American parent who hasn't at least heard of home schooling. Those looking at homeschooling from the outside routinely express two chief concerns: 1) "How can homeschooling parents tolerate being with their kids 24 hours a day?" and 2) "What about socialization?"


In a nutshell, homeschooling is the process whereby responsible parents choose to train, equip, and launch their own children as responsible, literate, and skillful on-going adult learners. It differs from traditional public/private schooling in that parents are the direct overseers of the child's learning process. It results in family glue rather than family fracture, fostering real-life maturity, from a young age, and can be customized to the learning style of each child. It fosters genuine social graces through interaction with people of all ages. It is bursting with real-life problem-solving opportunities, which are their own best tutorial.
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Green Tree FootprintsHigh Points Learning

Pensacola Christian College

Verb-It Spanish Learning Game from World of Reading
Review by Santiago Soto

Verb-It is the Spanish learning game that blends Spanish language learning and South American culture into one fun and educational experience. The game is versatile, allowing for every level of Spanish speaker, from one who knows nothing, to fluent speakers, can participate in the game. Between two and six players ages 10 and up can engage in the linguistic adventure, lasting at least forty-five minutes, making their way through South America’s curvy trail to be declared the winner.
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Choir 21

Dr. Maria Montessori
By Linda K. Foster

A century ago, Dr. Maria Montessori founded an educational movement that has been remarkably consistent, despite time and location. Throughout her life, Dr. Montessori broke the traditional roles between male and female, teacher and student and lived her life as though she could and would affect it.

Maria Montessori was born August 31, 1870 in Chiaravalle, Italy, to a civil servant father and a mother who was an avid reader and unusually educated for her time. A precocious, confident and strong-willed girl, Maria followed in her mother’s footsteps in her quest for education, excelling in school and often proving herself a leader in games and conversation. When she was a young child, her family moved to Rome, to take advantage of better educational facilities. Maria decided to venture into the field of engineering technology, enrolling in a boys’ technical school at age 13. In this school, she received such high marks that when she graduated, she was able to enter the Regio Instituto Technico Leonardo da Vinci where she studied math, natural sciences, and languages again, excelling beyond all expectations.
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American School Little Hard Hats

Apprentice Doctor

The Apprentice Doctor® Resources -- Becoming a Doctor -- Even Online!

A few years ago, Dr. Anton Scheepers, a successful dentist practicing in South Africa, came up with a brilliant idea: Offer a basic medical kit for students who have an interest in the medical profession. Whether it be nursing, general practice doctoring or working as a surgeon, the basic skills and tools are the same, so the Apprentice Doctor® “How To Examine Patients” kit contains them, plus an animated DVD with instructions on using the equipment.
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