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This issue we offer you an intelligent article about Unit Studies by one of the pioneers of the form, Jessica Hulcy and her “Delicious Unit Study”. Our other article is a discussion about many aspects of “green” ness and organic foods. Because homeschoolers tend to be aware of quality of life, we feel it important to provide information about such non-academic aspects of life. As always, thank you for reading our publications.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Adventures on the High Seas, anyone?

Most homeschoolers are keen enthusiasts of combining action with learning. We are powerful advocates of doing while learning and nothing affords the opportunity to mix action and intake of knowledge like a big sailing ship.

The Schooner Jeanie B, is a 72-foot gaff rigged ship, based in North Carolina, that provides an exciting and interesting experience to homeschool families who wish to have a unique historical and cultural adventure while enjoying one of the great pleasures of life – pushing through the waves propelled by the wind.
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Jeanie B Schooner

Writers Super Center

"Organic" By Every Other Name
By Joseph Grayhaim

The field of organics represents the cutting edge of intelligent consumer consciousness in the 21st century. People who are aware of the personally destructive effects of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other invasive products upon them and their children, read labels, websites and other information available in order to make informed decisions. A person who experiences a severe allergic reaction or develops an autoimmune deficiency that might be caused by "polluted" food, clothing or cleaning supplies does not have to think twice about forming a hard-and-fast definition of the words "organic" "natural" "green" or other terms relating to wholesomeness in products.

Not only is the field of organics a hot-button topic, it can also be very profitable – becoming more so each year -- bringing in hordes of interests that do not have anything beyond cash profitability in mind. These interests benefit from a muddying of the waters of English, thereby twisting and turning the definitions of the words listed above until they bear no resemblance to anything sensible.
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Gilder LehrmanSparkle Labs

Apprentice Doctor

The Accredited Apprentice Doctor® Summer Camps 2012

To all prospective medical professionals in grade 10 to 12 who dream of the medical profession:
Come and enjoy a week dedicated to your future career in medicine – learning and doing a large variety of medical things using the accredited and acclaimed Apprentice Doctor® Course material and receive high school science credits! The Medical Camps 2010 and 2011 have been hugely successful and registration for the 2012 Camp is now available.

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Pensacola Christian College

The Unit Study
By Jessica Hulcy, co-creator of Konos Unit Study

Ingredients of a DELICIOUS Unit

I do not know of anyone who enjoys a piece of cake one ingredient at a time…..first, the raw eggs… then the baking powder… followed by sugar… then the butter… and, finally, the flour! Even if you follow the recipe, eating separate ingredients does not give you a delicious whole cake taste! Likewise, traditional learning subject by subject is not a whole learning approach but a fragmented, unrelated, unconnected group of subjects. Even though we were taught using the subject-by-subject approach, it is not natural and was designed for public school classrooms so each teacher would know what the other teacher was teaching. In contrast, unit studies provide the whole topic approach, weaving individual subjects like literature, activities, art, research, music, writing, history, biographies and even science, into the topic; providing a cohesive, natural approach for homeschool learning. But what are the ingredients of a DELICIOUS unit?
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NAMC Montessori Paradigm Accelerated Curriculum


Standardized Tests & the College Admissions Process: Seeing Beyond the SAT & ACT

When it comes to the college admissions process, students and parents today recognize the importance of good SAT and/or ACT scores, particularly for those students applying to prestigious universities or hoping to receive scholarship funds. Parents shell out thousands of dollars for prep classes and private tutoring for the SAT/ACT, while students devote anywhere from six weeks to two years preparing for the “big” test—the test upon which they believe all their hopes and dreams of attending a particular school rests. Unfortunately, for many students and parents, the SAT/ACT takes on exaggerated importance, which can negatively impact students’ performance not only on the SAT/ACT, but also the other (often overlooked and undervalued) standardized tests that play a role in college admissions decisions.
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Peak Performance

Nelson Agriculture

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