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In this issue, we offer two more articles to enliven your homeschooing odyssey. The first one provides help in navigating the other end of the spectrum from strict school-at-home, "Relaxed Homeschooling: One Alternative to Unschooling" by Christine Ajayi. Secondly, addressing the most-worried-about issue of homeschooling, "Socialization", Julie Moss Scandora offers her insight for any of you who still wrestle with it. As always, thank you for reading our publications.

Michael Leppert

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The Accredited Apprentice Doctor® Summer Camps 2012

To all prospective medical professionals in grade 10 to 12 who dream of the medical profession:
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Relaxed Homeschooling: One Alternative to Unschooling
By Christine Ajayi

Have you been considering an unschooling approach, but aren't quite comfortable with the philosophy that your children should lead (you for) their entire education? You want to allow them some freedom and to involve everyday living in their lessons, but you're worried about adequately covering the core subjects. Maybe the method you are really looking for is relaxed homeschooling. This method incorporates some structure, while offering a great deal of flexibility.

First, ask yourself why you are leaning away from unschooling. Have family and friends shown doubts that your children will learn enough unless you impose structure in your homeschool? Or are you worried that by unschooling you will be unable to prove that you're meeting state requirements? While both scenarios can be difficult to work through, neither is impossible.
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Professor In A Box, has a new interactive software course, Principles of Marketing, that joins their popular Financial Accounting course in allowing high school students to prepare to earn college credit for the two topics of study.

CLEP, the College Level Examination Program, offers exams-for-credit to high school students who wish to “proficiency out” of taking the college class – at a significant savings from the cost-per-credit of the campus classroom tuition. Professor In a Box’s two DVD-based courses prepare students to take the CLEP exam for Financial Accounting or the Principles of Marketing.
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Professor In A Box


by Julie Moss Scandora

"But how do you make friends?" "How do you meet others?"

These are newly-met friends, schooled peers, talking to my homeschooled children. How can they be so blind? Here they are making friends with homeschoolers. Yet the schooled ones fail to see that this very interaction directly answers their questions. The irony escapes them. Concern with socialization overwhelms and blinds them.

Until recently the public's major concern with homeschooling was that students would suffer academically. As homeschoolers' achievements have met or, more often, exceeded the norm, that concern has given way to a new one: Socialization.
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University of Mississippi - Independent Study High School

Go for the Gold in the Scholarship Olympics

by Jean  Burke

Let the games begin! Looking for scholarships can seem like a marathon. The competition is fierce, but hard work can pay off in scholarship gold. With the right knowledge and some persistence, students can put themselves ahead of the game and bring home the prize in the way of college money.
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College Prep Genius

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