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In this issue of The Way Home, you will find an insight into a homeschooled student going away to attend the first year of college in Shannon Clair's "Looking Back After a Year of College". Shannon grew up mostly in the Los Angeles area and attended Princeton, graduating in 2009. Our second article, "A Liberal Education" is an interesting piece I found by accident in a "Friends of the Library" book bin for a quarter! It sets forth concrete definitions and ideas about achieving the ideal in becoming a knowledgeable person. As always, thank you for reading our publications.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Institute for Excellence in Writing – Creative Writing from K-12

Andrew Pudewa, the creator and director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, is one of the most popular conference speakers and experts on the teaching of creative writing in America. Mr. Pudewa gives seminars, workshops and lectures to teacher groups all over the country and his complete writing program is easy and enjoyable to use for both teachers and students. The father of seven, Andrew brings a youthful joie de vive but serious intelligence to the field of creative writing and his bright approach is irresistible to virtually any student.
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Institute for Excellence in Writing

A Beka Academy

A Liberal Education
By Robert Livingstone, Foreword by Michael Leppert

The following is an essay taken from the 1955 edition of the Great Books Primer, published by the Great Books Foundation. I found the Primer at a "Friends of the Library" sale for a quarter! As a homeschooling father, I have been constantly striving to increase my knowledge and intellectual understanding. I feel I owe it to my son to make the attempt, even if I fail on occasion. Many homeschooling parents feel the same way and my question is: "Why shouldn't everyone?"

I wanted to share this essay with you because without intending to, Mr. Livingstone cogently analyzes the negative condition — and therefore, the beginnings of a solution — to what I feel is a modern American tragedy: The comfortably-accepted idea that "average" people should be consumers, but not thinkers; breadwinners, but not philosophers; workers, but without the expectation of possessing a fully-functioning brain. When I was in high school, I did not understand why it was accepted that the blue-collar, factory-working fathers and the white-collar office-working people, could come home from work night after night, sit in front of the tube after dinner until sleep overcame them, and then stumble off to bed. They read only the newspaper — never a book.
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High Points Learning
Katy-Did Publishing


Allsaid & Dunn - The Reading Game

The process in teaching a child to read should be simple, fun, and effective. The Reading Game by Allsaid and Dunn, incorporates all three of these elements into a learn-to-read game for children ages four and up with guidance from a teacher or tutor.

The contents of the game include six decks of color-coded playing cards that correspond to an animal-themed story book. They are: red with skunk, orange with snake, yellow with bear, green with penguins, blue with unicorn, and purple with zebra. Within each colored/animal deck of 60 cards, there is a subset of 10 cards, each labeled from 1-6. It is by playing with each of the colored/animal decks that a child can play his way to learning and retaining some of the most-commonly-used words in the English language.
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Green Tree


Looking Back After A Year of College (Princeton) (Part 1) at the Beginning of My Homeschooling Years
By Shannon Lee Clair, Princeton University Class of '09

I'm sitting in the middle of the Green Mountains of Vermont, feeling a bit grimy after a day of backpacking. Around me, relaxing among the scattered packs and fallen logs are my equally grimy fellow hikers. Eight of us, including myself, are members of Princeton's freshman class, enjoying the pre-orientation Outdoor Action trip; the two others are our Upperclassmen leaders.

We're playing Mafia – a game of questions, careful observations of people and manipulating accusations – a lot of fun. I've been playing it for years with my homeschool buddies, and it's comfortably familiar playing it here in the woods, with a bunch of new acquaintances who hail from places as distant as Ohio and Romania.

Throughout my homeschool years (ten of them), my homeschool buddies and I felt special, we felt we had some advantage over those poor school kids, locked up in classrooms all day. However, here among my new college friends, who have all gone to school (one even to boarding school) for most of their lives, I feel very little difference. We are all highly motivated. We all have strong ideas of what we want to do with our lives. We converse like curious, knowledgeable, mature individuals. These school kids certainly don't fall into the category of lost, immature, material-minded schoolers that my friends and I used to generalize about.
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The Gilder Lehrman Art Trek

College Transcripts

Little Pim: Fun with Languages — Spanish, Volume II: Discs 4, 5, 6
by Santiago Soto

This story of two young adults coming of age in the frontier Southwest of Arizona Territory, captures the beauty, mystery and rugged nature of the land and the people who brave it. It is a romantic story not only of two people, but of many others around them, and their love affair with the unique lonely solitude and freedom that makes the Western U.S. so different from the East – or anywhere else on earth.
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Little PIM

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