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In this issue we have two more articles of interest and value. First, Learning Styles expert, Victoria Kindle-Hodson offers much insight with "How To Meet Your Child's Needs for Emotional Safety" and Cafi Cohen, mother of two grown homeschooled people provides her Decompression FAQs to aid you in making the move from institutional school to homeschool. As always, we appreciate your reading our publications.

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Effective Spelling Strategies

Good spellers use a variety of strategies for spelling. These strategies fall into four main categories—phonetic, rule-based, visual, and morphemic. Teaching all four of these strategies will help your child become a successful speller.

Phonetic Spelling Strategies

The first strategy that should be taught to beginning spellers is to listen for each sound in a word and to represent each sound with a letter or combination of letters. If you teach the phonograms—that the sound of /ă/ is spelled with the letter a and the sound of /n/ is spelled with the letter n, for example—the student will be able to accurately represent the individual sounds he hears in a word. Segmenting words is a great way for students to practice this strategy.
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Katy-Did Publishing

Nelson Agriculture

Decompression from School FAQs
By Cafi Cohen

"He just won't do anything!" say the parents of new teenage homeschoolers. Novice homeschooling parents always begin with such high hopes. They envision their children industriously attacking thoughtfully-selected curriculum, running a business, publishing a book, graduating early, and winning big scholarship money – or at least catching up in math!

Some of those things may happen, but – in the first days and weeks and months of homeschooling – reality bites. Most new homeschooling families with teens deal with an adjustment period I call decompression.

What is Decompression?
During decompression, children and parents detoxify from the deleterious effects of full-time institutional education. To understand the transition period, consider the days of students in school.

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American School
NAMC Montessori

Lennon Leppert

Sparkle Labs - Discover Electronics Kit

Sparkle Labs is the brainchild of Ariel Churi and Amy Parness, graduates of NYU. They had worked on projects together in school and wanted to continue that working relationship beyond and Sparkle Labs was born!.

One of their products, The Discover Electronics Kit comes packed with material for your budding electronics person. S/he can spend hours assembling the projects in the 32-page Instruction Manual and learning about electronics and electricity at the same time. The projects are powered by four AA batteries (not supplied), so they are safe, but still demonstrate the qualities of electricity as explained each step of the way.
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Sparkle Labs

Critical Thinking

How To Meet Your Child's Needs for Emotional Safety
By Victoria Kindle Hodson

Food, water, shelter and physical safety are the basic needs for human beings to survive. To thrive, however, brain researchers are now talking about the importance of emotional safety.

It is being discovered that when the need for emotional safety is met from very early ages, children develop a deep trust of the people who are raising them and a sense that they belong in their world. However, when the need for emotional safety is not met children learn to distrust the people who are raising them and to believe that they don't fit into their world.

Your Actions Affect Your Child's Emotional Safety
Brain researchers have discovered that highly charged emotional interactions between kids and adults generate fear and anxiety in children. Under these conditions the child's body automatically releases adrenaline and other stress hormones throughout his system. Thinking, reasoning, and learning zones of the brain shut down, and the survival zones are activated, preparing the child to defend himself or to run away from the danger. In his book Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman calls this automatic reaction an emotional hijacking. Often, unbeknownst to parents and teachers, they are triggering very primitive fight, flight or freeze responses daily, at home and at school. Some of these triggering experiences include: raised voices, labels, criticism, blame, comparison, threats, punishment or severe consequences, being berated or punished when they try to speak up or when they say No to adult demands..
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Read It Once Again
Katy-Did Publishing

John Baylor Test Prep

The Gilder-Lehrman Institute of American History announces their new website Home for History, a dynamic resource for all things American History

Since 1994, the Gilder-Lehrman Institute has presented some of the most significant and important historical resources for American History to students and teachers alike. In their beginning, they devoted much time and effort informing Americans about slavery and its impact on our general history. Since then, Gilder Lehrman has offered the highest quality historical material across the spectrum of America's story.
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The Gilder Lehrman

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