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In this week's issue, we offer two excellent articles from experienced homeschooling moms. First is Melissa Coffey, in "Let's Stop and Think", where she discusses an interesting exchange between her husband and his mother, who expresses her doubts about the wisdom of her son and daughter-in-law homeschooling their children. Secondly, from Erin Chianese, whose daughters are grown college grads, we have her discussion of "Teen Curriculum", from her perspective when they were high school age. As always, thank you for reading our publications.

Michael Leppert

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Career Choices & Changes - Book & Website

The changing fortunes of our economy have caused a renewed interest in career planning for all of us. Thinking about what you do for a living - or want to do -- is not the exclusive domain of young people in high school or college, but now relates even to middle--aged workers who have suddenly been tossed into the realm of unemployment and no return to their former jobs.

Academic Innovations has published an extremely helpful - even vital - book to aid anyone in thinking about career choices and solving the attendant problems. While anyone can use the book to their advantage, this book is particularly focused on high school and college age students. However the exercises and discussions in the book and website, My10yearPlan.com, are tremendously helpful in self-assessment for anyone. And young people who enter college with a career focus and education plan are much more likely to graduate.
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Academic Innovations

Mercury Online Education

Let's Stop and Think
By Melissa Coffey

Sometimes being a military family has its advantages, particularly when explaining to the folks back home that you will be homeschooling the kiddos. The assumption is that the schools are sub-standard and you're doing the best you can until getting to an area that has a "good school district." Then you move again and the kids still stay home and you start hearing undertones of worry over the phone line, which progressively get a little more intrusive as each grade level passes. You can tell they are holding something back, but they don't ask and you don't tell. Suddenly, the unthinkable happens: Your family moves back home and you don't rush to the nearest school to enroll. Then it all unwinds.

Such is the experience with our family. After eight years of the Navy life, our family was geared up to get out and settle down closer to my husband's hometown. As the time drew near for our big move, the phone calls home took on a new tone. During a phone conversation with my mother-in-law, small hints were dropped about how good the area schools were. It was then I realized that my husband's family assumed our homeschooling choice was just until we relocated there. All I could mutter was, "I highly doubt we will ever enroll them…we love this lifestyle." What I got on the other end was "Hmmmm…."

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High Points Learning
Katy-Did Publishing

College Transcripts

Significant Scribbles
By Nan Barchowsky

Scribbling is a key factor in pre-writing. Watch! Watch a child's completely independent marks for clues as to how the hand moves to create images. Independent means that the child voluntarily picks up anything that will make a mark. Paper may be handy, or a stick may be the tool of choice for scratching in some sand. Be patient as you observe and find clues to handwriting. Make no verbal re­marks about the images. You might suggest starting the image over on the left, or at the top, especially if the child says he or she is "writing." Remem­ber the child may be imitating you when you have pen in hand, apparently doing something important. Resist the temptation to say, Oh, that looks like an "a," a "B" or….
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Letters Make Words

Carl's Electronics

Teen Curriculum
By Erin Chianese

Years ago, when my now-teen girls were 8 and 10, I went to a homeschool conference and was befuddled by one speaker's adamant statement that all homeschooled kids will find their main interest. My girls hadn't found theirs and I didn't believe the statement. My surprise at the speaker's words was personal too: I did not have a main interest as a teenager and am still searching for it. I thought to myself, "What a dream come true if my girls could find theirs." Well, now I do believe the speaker's words, as my girls have each found theirs, and I have seen many of their homeschooled friends find theirs too.

The importance of a main interest cannot be emphasized enough. A main focus will drive the curriculum. It will give meaning to any subjects attempted. More importantly, it can give meaning and confidence to a person's life. If a person can tackle and excel at one thing, then he can tackle and excel at anything. It doesn't matter if the interest is one that will lead to a career and "success" in this context of excelling is defined by the individual. The experience of excelling demonstrates to one's self-depth, persistence, labor, and accomplishment. Such success has taught the person the process of how to strive and achieve.

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Classical Academic Press
American Cap and Gown

Dawn Publications

Go for the Gold in the Scholarship Olympics
By Jean Burke

Let the games begin! Looking for scholarships can seem like a marathon. The competition is fierce, but hard work can pay off in scholarship gold. With the right knowledge and some persistence, students can put themselves ahead of the game and bring home the prize in the way of college money.
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College Prep Genius

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