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Greetings, readers, on the threshold of another Memorial Day, kick-off to the summer season! In this edition, we bring you a short article about a very timely topic -- "organic" labeling and its confusion. One of our staff writers, Joseph Grayhaim, informs of three companies that strive to provide honestly "green" products to consumers. Our second article, by Dr. Roger Taylor and Dr. Beverly Taylor, discusses Unit Studies -- one of the most popular and successful formats for homeschooling. We hope our publication finds its way into your long weekend reading and please patronize our advertisers. They have made it possible for us to provide our magazines and other publications free of charge for 17 years. In the future, we will be offering free items from our advertisers, so don't opt-out . . . you might miss something. Thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Chemistry for Everyone – A Helpful Primer for High School or College Chemistry
By Jennifer Nairne

When I envisioned homeschooling my children, I wanted to create a safe and fun environment for engaged learning that inspired my kids to go beyond the traditional classroom restrictions in search of knowledge. It has not always been easy – grammar, for one, seems increasingly less applicable in everyday life and the subject does not lend itself to creative teaching. But we have always managed to incorporate the interests of our children and the content they need to learn to achieve our goals. That is, until we hit Chemistry.
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Tuxedo Publishing

Carl's Electronics

AHA! Unit-based Instruction…The Recipe for Homeschooling
By Dr. T. Roger Taylor and Dr. Beverly M. Taylor

Why Teach via Unit of Study?
Among the many reasons parents choose to leave the public, private or parochial schools is the perception that there is very little, if any, rigor or substance in much of the instruction. This has been referred to as teaching "an inch deep and a mile wide" vs. an inch wide and a mile deep.

The cognitive domain in Bloom's Taxonomy (1956) centers on the skills of knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis and evaluation. Burns (1984) found that 75-95% of activities assigned by teachers to their students, focused on knowledge and comprehension, the two lowest levels of the taxonomy. By definition, this form of instruction is without depth, where concepts are answered with a yes/no, true/false, or which of the following is correct…a,b,c,d. This type of instruction has resulted in public school districts, such as the Chicago Public Schools, spending hundreds of millions of dollars only to generate the lowest achievement results in the past 30 years.
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Read It Once Again
Little PIM

Critical Thinking

Home Schooling Special Offer -- Unlimited tutoring, $9.95 for the 1st month!

With AchieveMath’s online math tutoring programs, students can start the new school year off right. Transitioning to the next grade level can often be a challenge. But, with AchieveMath kids can get the help they need to learn their math curriculum, complete homework, test preparations, and build the skills needed to succeed in math.

AchieveMath is a state approved math program. Its online math tutoring programs are designed to reinforce math instruction through self-paced practice, step by step examples for every math question, instructional lesson notes, and a "Contact Tutor" feature which gives the student access to one of the company's live tutors for additional math help. Parents can monitor their child's growth through Progress Reports, Individual Learning Plans, and online session attendance records. Plus, the program is convenient, letting kids work from the comfort of their home.
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High Points Learning


"Organic" By Every Other Name
By Joseph Grayhaim

The field of organics represents the cutting edge of intelligent consumer consciousness in the 21st century. People who are aware of the personally destructive effects of pesticides, chemical fertilizers and other invasive products upon them and their children, read labels, websites and other information available in order to make informed decisions. A person who experiences a severe allergic reaction or develops an autoimmune deficiency that might be caused by "polluted" food, clothing or cleaning supplies does not have to think twice about forming a hard-and-fast definition of the words "organic" "natural" "green" or other terms relating to wholesomeness in products.

Not only is the field of organics a hot-button topic, it can also be very profitable – becoming more so each year — bringing in hordes of interests that do not have anything beyond cash profitability in mind. These interests benefit from a muddying of the waters of English, thereby twisting and turning the definitions of the words listed above until they bear no resemblance to anything sensible.
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Curriculum Design
American School

College Transcripts

Basic Christian Education
By Michael Leppert

Basic Christian Education, with 30 years' experience in the education field, offers a flexible and affordable solution for accredited, monitored, web-based Christian homeschooling. They offer the core curriculum, math, English, social studies, science, vocabulary, spelling, penmanship, literature and creative writing, and also many other courses including college level choices.
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Basic Christian Education

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