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Dear Readers:

In this issue, we have two more articles to provide you with encouragement and suggestions! First, we bring you an article by the Learning Success Coaches™, two women who have changed countless lives with their Learning Styles Assessment™ and other tools to help focus on how your child -- and you -- learn. This article is entitled "How To Encourage Motivation". The second article for your reading pleasure is by yours truly, an excerpt from our first book, "The Homeschooling Alamanc 2000-2001", called "Taking the Parental Approach." As always, we hope you benefit from these articles and thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Effective Spelling Strategies

Good spellers use a variety of strategies for spelling. These strategies fall into four main categories—phonetic, rule-based, visual, and morphemic. Teaching all four of these strategies will help your child become a successful speller.

Phonetic Spelling Strategies

The first strategy that should be taught to beginning spellers is to listen for each sound in a word and to represent each sound with a letter or combination of letters. If you teach the phonograms—that the sound of /ă/ is spelled with the letter a and the sound of /n/ is spelled with the letter n, for example—the student will be able to accurately represent the individual sounds he hears in a word. Segmenting words is a great way for students to practice this strategy.
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How To Encourage Motivation
By Mariaemm Pelullo-Willis & Victoria Kindle-Hodson, the Learning Success Coaches™

Dear Learning-Success™ Coaches:
What can I do to motivate my eight-year-old son to learn? Although he asks a lot of questions and is very curious about reptiles, animals, and insects, he's not interested in school subjects. I've tried all kinds of rewards and punishments, but I'm tired of thinking of new ways to get him involved in his studies. Isn't he ruining his future?
Thanks, Cathy

Dear Cathy,
The truth about motivation is that kids have it in abundance. It is their nature to be interested in the world and motivated to learn about it. There are several ways to encourage and enliven a child's natural desire to learn. Over and over again, we find that the eager learner is revived when a child's strengths are accentuated and when they have freedom to pursue their interests. This is a wonderful opportunity to turn your frustration and confusion into learning success for your son. Here are a few suggestions: Stop relying on rewards, punishment, threats, and lectures. They aren't working for you, and research shows that they won't work.

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High Points Learning
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Oaks Christian School

Six Ideas To Encourage Summer Reading
By Sarita Holzmann, Sonlight, President & Founder

When summer break comes around, you couldn't stop some book-loving kids from reading if you wanted to. But what about children who still struggle to read? What can you do this summer to encourage them? Here are six simple ideas:

1. Keep reading! Even if you take a well-deserved break from other studies, most children benefit from continuing to read every day. This could mean sharing a read-aloud together at bedtime, having your children read to you, or setting aside 20 minutes a day for everyone to grab a book and read silently.This steady little bit of work each day can pave the way for a reading breakthrough. It also keeps your kids from losing whatever reading confidence they've built up over the school year.

2. Read to a dog Several different studies show that reading out loud to dogs can help kids gain confidence and fluency in reading. A quick Google search for "Reading to Rover" will turn up interesting studies and various library programs around the country. It seems that kids love the fact that the dog won't judge them, won't correct them, and listens with endless patience. Plus, these pets tend to calm children who would otherwise be nervous about reading out loud.So if you have a cooperative dog at home, consider encouraging your children to read one-on-one to their furry audience.
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Taking the Parental Approach, Part 1
By Michael Leppert

We homeschooled our son with what we call the “parental approach”. As his parents, we believed in the traditional idea of the three R’s, the flexibility of the unschooling approach and the creativity of the eclectic approach.

The following scenario provides an example of our lifestyle when Lennon was about 10 or 11. One evening we were working on our first book, The Homeschooling Almanac, 2000-2002, in our little office, the extra room in our house.

While we were all there, Lennon converted a vacant desk into a science lab, pulled out some Wild Goose kits he’d used years before, and made slime—all the while joining in on our conversations about the book. While writing the trivium section, we were looking up terms and reading the dictionary definitions aloud for all to hear and discuss. It became a mini-prelim course in the trivium for us all.
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Basic Skills

Institute for Excellence in Writing – Creative Writing from K-12

Andrew Pudewa, the creator and director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, is one of the most popular conference speakers and experts on the teaching of creative writing in America. Mr. Pudewa gives seminars, workshops and lectures to teacher groups all over the country and his complete writing program is easy and enjoyable to use for both teachers and students. The father of seven, Andrew brings a youthful joie de vive but serious intelligence to the field of creative writing and his bright approach is irresistible to virtually any student.
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Institute for Excellence in Writing

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