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Today's edition of TWH includes an article by the very popular and talented writing teacher, Andrew Pudewa, regarding "Motivation". Our second article "Free College Can Happen for You" is by Jean Burk of College Prep Genius, a website dedicated to providing insight into the search for college aid. We hope you enjoy reading them and thank you for reading our publications.

Michael Leppert

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Career Choices & Changes - Book & Website

The changing fortunes of our economy have caused a renewed interest in career planning for all of us. Thinking about what you do for a living - or want to do -- is not the exclusive domain of young people in high school or college, but now relates even to middle--aged workers who have suddenly been tossed into the realm of unemployment and no return to their former jobs.

Academic Innovations has published an extremely helpful - even vital - book to aid anyone in thinking about career choices and solving the attendant problems. While anyone can use the book to their advantage, this book is particularly focused on high school and college age students. However the exercises and discussions in the book and website, My10yearPlan.com, are tremendously helpful in self-assessment for anyone. And young people who enter college with a career focus and education plan are much more likely to graduate.
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Academic Innovations

Sing n Learn

Motivation: A Motivating Force, Stimulus, or Influence: Incentive, Drive
By Andrew Pudewa, the Institute for Excellence in Writing

To accomplish difficult tasks, motivation is absolutely necessary. No one doubts the need for motivating students, and methods of inspiring them to accomplish a teacher's goals are numerous. On one extreme, there is fear: "Do this or die," while on another, huge reward: "Do this and you win a million dollars." When motivating children to write, however, there are some significant principles that must come into play because the fear of death impedes learning, and ultimately, material reward becomes ineffective. Some children write for fun; reading what they've written is its own reward. They embrace the idea of journals, and, inspired by their dreams and future, they write because they have a mission: to become writers. But these students are rare. Most children, especially those for whom writing is difficult, don't have an instinctive inner drive to write. Typically the desire must be developed, and often the teacher's biggest challenge is creating and maintaining that motivation.

For most of us, the basic reason for writing lies in Audience. We write a letter because we believe that someone will read it. We complete an assignment because it will be read and graded. We submit an article to a publication because we hope it will be published and appreciated by many.

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Curriculum Design
Sparkle Labs

John Baylor Test Prep

The Fine Line between ADHD or ADD and Kinesthetic Learners
By Ricki Linksman

Parents, does your child or teen have ADHD or ADD or is he or she a kinesthetic learner? Are you frustrated because you do not know how to help him or her improve in reading, comprehension, learning, memory, study skills, test-taking, or in raising reading levels? There is hope. You can turn your frustration and hopelessness into relief and joy as you find that your child or teen with ADHD or ADD or who is merely a kinesthetic learner can learn and be successful! You can help your child be a successful student, raise self-esteem and motivation, develop a life-long love of reading, and improve parent-child or teacher-child communication by knowing how your child learns and studies best!
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National Reading Diagnostic


Free College Can Happen to You
By Jean Burk

Full Scholarship – two words that could change your life. Getting free college can be like winning the lottery. Imagine throwing away several trash bags full of college scholarships that come in the mail. This is what happened to us. But for some families, getting just one scholarship offer could be the difference between junior college and the perfect university.

You have spent the last nine to twelve years dedicating your time, money and energy into your child learning at school, so don't stop there! Higher education should still be your goal. Even if you haven't had a lot of extra money to save for college, scholarships can still come your way. And just because you haven't spent a lot of time at the guidance counselor's office doesn't mean that you have to be out of the loop when it comes to finding the scholarship opportunities.

Here are five successful secrets to scholarships and free college that many public and private schools students are not aware of:
• Realize that full scholarships can be obtained by students who receive certain scores on their PSAT/NMSQT or SAT.

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Worship Guitar
Basic Christian Education

College For Homeschoolers

Art Trek – Community Art Center
By Jennifer Nairne

Recently I stumbled upon a secret garden in Newbury Park. Hiding in plain sight amongst the seemingly endless rows of businesses in the industrial complex, it doesn't look very special. But just beyond the tinted door lies a warehouse of creativity where little imaginations have the space to grow.

Art Trek, a new center across from Amgen in the industrial complex of Newbury Park, is looking to offer homeschoolers a place to learn about Art in a fun and engaging way. With 30 years of teaching experience, as well as chairing the Hands-on Activities for the annual Thousand Oaks Arts Festival, Nan Young opened the Newbury Park center about eight months ago.
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Art Trek

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