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In this installment, we offer an excellent piece by Cafi Cohen, College Admissions & Homeschoolers. Cafi is the mother of 2 grown homeschooled children and a popular author and conference speaker. Our second article, Education Dream, is by Kathleen Sabo, owner of Uplifting Education, in which she discusses the reality and potential of technology on education.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Go for the Gold in the Scholarship Olympics
By Jean Burke

Let the games begin! Looking for scholarships can seem like a marathon. The competition is fierce, but hard work can pay off in scholarship gold. With the right knowledge and some persistence, students can put themselves ahead of the game and bring home the prize in the way of college money.
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College Prep Genius

Oaks Christian School

College Admissions and Homeschoolers
By Cafi Cohen, homeschool mom, author, lecturer, bell-choir director

Virtually all colleges and universities accept homeschooled applicants. Some may require extra documentation or entrance testing, such as the SAT II, that is not required of institutionally-schooled students, but the fact that a student was homeschooled does not bar him/her from entrance.

SAT II Subject Tests (formerly called Achievement Tests) are given in high school subjects like biology, Spanish, writing, physics, U.S. history and so on. Usually only very selective colleges such as Harvard and Stanford require these tests — of all applicants. Unfortunately, a few less-selective colleges and universities are now requiring SAT II Subject test scores from homeschoolers, but not from other applicants.

Or they require more SAT II scores from homeschoolers. Universities in this category currently include the Georgia Institute of Technology, University of Notre Dame (IN), Rice University (TX), Rhodes College (TN), and University of North Carolina, Wilmington.

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Basic Skills
Dollar Homeschool

Uplifting Education

Six Ideas To Encourage Summer Reading
By Sarita Holzmann, Sonlight, President & Founder

When summer break comes around, you couldn't stop some book-loving kids from reading if you wanted to. But what about children who still struggle to read? What can you do this summer to encourage them? Here are six simple ideas:

1. Keep reading! Even if you take a well-deserved break from other studies, most children benefit from continuing to read every day. This could mean sharing a read-aloud together at bedtime, having your children read to you, or setting aside 20 minutes a day for everyone to grab a book and read silently.This steady little bit of work each day can pave the way for a reading breakthrough. It also keeps your kids from losing whatever reading confidence they've built up over the school year.

2. Read to a dog Several different studies show that reading out loud to dogs can help kids gain confidence and fluency in reading. A quick Google search for "Reading to Rover" will turn up interesting studies and various library programs around the country. It seems that kids love the fact that the dog won't judge them, won't correct them, and listens with endless patience. Plus, these pets tend to calm children who would otherwise be nervous about reading out loud.So if you have a cooperative dog at home, consider encouraging your children to read one-on-one to their furry audience.
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 Sonlight Curriculum

Sing n Learn

Education Dream
By Kathleen Sabo

How did our society come to the point where oftentimes a number of students of the same age are placed in chairs behind desks with a teacher in the front of a classroom trying to educate them for hours on end, in spite of behavior, attention, interest, skill, and communication obstacles or inadequacies? In the age where there is an information highway, most of our youth are still being pulled by horses, with only a glimpse of the rocket power of technology in the distance.

There is no time to wait for the streams of change to affect our educational system when the tsunami of financial crisis, emotional apathy, and intentional self-fulfilling passions are drowning out the voices of positivity, ingenuity, and awareness.

We as a people can't stand on the assumption that educators can impart their wisdom to bored eyes and ears. Let us not expect our children to hunger for knowledge without an appetite or seek higher education without purpose. Getting from one grade to the next to a degree is not the meaning of life, unless it's rooted in the passion of unique brilliance expressed in heart, desire, and creativity.

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Easy Grammar
JAX Games

Lennon Leppert

Allsaid & Dunn - The Reading Game

The process in teaching a child to read should be simple, fun, and effective. The Reading Game by Allsaid and Dunn, incorporates all three of these elements into a learn-to-read game for children ages four and up with guidance from a teacher or tutor.

The contents of the game include six decks of color-coded playing cards that correspond to an animal-themed story book. They are: red with skunk, orange with snake, yellow with bear, green with penguins, blue with unicorn, and purple with zebra. Within each colored/animal deck of 60 cards, there is a subset of 10 cards, each labeled from 1-6. It is by playing with each of the colored/animal decks that a child can play his way to learning and retaining some of the most-commonly-used words in the English language.
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Green Tree

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