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Dear Readers:

We hope you had a safe and relaxing 4th of July holiday. This issue we bring you two of our most popular authors in the 17 years we have been publishing homeschooling material. First, John Taylor Gatto, offers "A Quality Education" in which he discusses the underlying subtext and intention to that phrase. Our other article is by Carolyn Forte, an expert in the field of using games to teach. We hope both of these articles are enjoyable and valuable to you. Thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Career Choices & Changes - Book & Website

The changing fortunes of our economy have caused a renewed interest in career planning for all of us. Thinking about what you do for a living - or want to do -- is not the exclusive domain of young people in high school or college, but now relates even to middle--aged workers who have suddenly been tossed into the realm of unemployment and no return to their former jobs.

Academic Innovations has published an extremely helpful - even vital - book to aid anyone in thinking about career choices and solving the attendant problems. While anyone can use the book to their advantage, this book is particularly focused on high school and college age students. However the exercises and discussions in the book and website, My10yearPlan.com, are tremendously helpful in self-assessment for anyone. And young people who enter college with a career focus and education plan are much more likely to graduate.
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Academic Innovations

Carl's Electronics

By John Taylor Gatto

What's in a name? Kids lucky enough to have an education which pushes them to read books as penetrating as Machiavelli's, or plays as wise as Shakespeare's, know. These kinds of kids found out centuries ago that language has hidden agendas, that it speaks on many levels simultaneously –something no short-answer test has ever been capable of measuring.

They knew also that the concealed sub-texts of Formal Discourse can only be detected by those who have learned special ways to question what they hear.

Finally, in the study of rhetoric, they learned how words could be loaded so as to communicate attitudes to the ignorant, even against their will; or loaded to send messages around an in-group, under the noses of the mob.

The term "a quality education" came into general use not innocently, but as just such a bi-level communication. What it seems to mean, and the purposes it was intended to achieve, are at dramatic cross-purposes with one another. Its actual purposes have long since been achieved, but I thought it might serve as a useful corrective against placing too much faith in strangers to educate your kids to tell you something of the strange career of the locution "a quality education."

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College Prep Genius
Art Trek


Institute for Excellence in Writing – Creative Writing from K-12

Andrew Pudewa, the creator and director of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, is one of the most popular conference speakers and experts on the teaching of creative writing in America. Mr. Pudewa gives seminars, workshops and lectures to teacher groups all over the country and his complete writing program is easy and enjoyable to use for both teachers and students. The father of seven, Andrew brings a youthful joie de vive but serious intelligence to the field of creative writing and his bright approach is irresistible to virtually any student.
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Institute for Excellence in Writing

Movies As Literature

Game Plan for Learning
By Carolyn Forteo

As a new convert to homeschooling, with very headstrong 3 and 5 year old daughters, I learned the value of using games to teach everything from health and safety to times tables. My children often resisted my attempts to teach them using formal lessons, but I could always get them eagerly involved in a game. As time passed, games became vital to combat the frustration my girls encountered in learning to read. Drills and workbooks quickly become tedious for children who are having difficulty. Games, however, when used properly, are fun and even exciting.

Games are not just for the late bloomers. Everyone, adults included, can learn a lot from games. There are commercial games available for every subject area, but you don't have to spend your entire homeschool budget to use games in learning. Children enjoy making up games and even adults can learn to create games with a little help from the professionals. There are books of game ideas and even game creation kits. You can make your own games to learn specific facts or skills. I once made a simple board game to help my daughters learn Bible verses for Bible Quizzing. We constantly made up games in the car: "Who can find the most varieties of trees, flowers, etc.," "Name birds (mammals, gems, etc.) in turn until one person can't come up with another one," "What would you do if you were lost in the forest ( or supermarket, etc)…?" and of course the old standby, "The alphabet game."

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Worship Guitar
Design A Study

Critical Thinking

Ultimate Music Theory Ltd. – Music Theory Educational Materials
By Jennifer Nairne

There are a variety of "quick" or "easy" music programs promising to train you to play an instrument in a fraction of the time usually required. They sound great and beginners usually learn the basic reading of notes and tempo, but this "shortcut" will be a deficit to your child in the long run. Imagine if someone dropped you off in a foreign country with nothing but a pocket translator – you may be able to find a clean hotel, but it would be difficult, time-consuming, and a bit scary. Knowing the language would enable you to navigate – to read, write, speak, and understand – this foreign land. Music theory is the knowledge that will allow your child to become a confident and successful musician.

Ultimate Music Theory offers a series of educational materials designed to accompany your child's music lessons. The books teach theory to all music students, whether they take piano, violin, voice, guitar, or another instrument. There are six student workbooks and six teacher answer books that follow your child from beginner to advanced. For visual learners, there are two whiteboards: One for the teacher and one for the student. The whiteboards are two-sided with staff lines, keyboard, and circle on one side.
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Ultimate Music Theory

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