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In this issue, we offer you an article by Mary Leppert about one of the pivotal strengths of homeschooling: Maintaining Innocence and Naivete in our children and John Taylor Gatto presents "On the Corporatizing of Children". Both articles may be eye-opening and we hope, of value to you in your homeschooling experiences. Thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Effective Spelling Strategies

Good spellers use a variety of strategies for spelling. These strategies fall into four main categories—phonetic, rule-based, visual, and morphemic. Teaching all four of these strategies will help your child become a successful speller.

Phonetic Spelling Strategies

The first strategy that should be taught to beginning spellers is to listen for each sound in a word and to represent each sound with a letter or combination of letters. If you teach the phonograms—that the sound of /ă/ is spelled with the letter a and the sound of /n/ is spelled with the letter n, for example—the student will be able to accurately represent the individual sounds he hears in a word. Segmenting words is a great way for students to practice this strategy.
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Katy-Did Publishing

Critical Thinking

Nurturing Innocence & Naiveté
By Mary Leppert

I believe the confining institution that we call "school" strangles the true gifts and great things that life can offer us. There is an innocence and naiveté that I contend we are born with. We begin life with the pure gifts of enthusiasm, initiative, joy, curiosity, excitement and happiness. To prove this to yourself, watch a crawling, excited little baby in a safe environment. He will try to go anywhere and everywhere that is available.

It is important to keep these positive qualities alive and well in our children for as long as possible. We need to nurture that "toddler" sense of adventure and protect it from being squelched or suppressed. I feel it is important that we retain our innocence and naiveté through the journey of Life or we risk diminishing and ultimately losing the later versions of our precious "birth" gifts: Initiative, willingness to take chances, thirst to explore and basic happiness. If we "educate" out of our young people these birth gifts, they will not be able to shape new journeys, new industries or new fields of endeavor.

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College Prep Genius
Art Trek

Choir 21

The Fine Line between ADHD or ADD and Kinesthetic Learners
By Ricki Linksman

Parents, does your child or teen have ADHD or ADD or is he or she a kinesthetic learner? Are you frustrated because you do not know how to help him or her improve in reading, comprehension, learning, memory, study skills, test-taking, or in raising reading levels? There is hope. You can turn your frustration and hopelessness into relief and joy as you find that your child or teen with ADHD or ADD or who is merely a kinesthetic learner can learn and be successful! You can help your child be a successful student, raise self-esteem and motivation, develop a life-long love of reading, and improve parent-child or teacher-child communication by knowing how your child learns and studies best!
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National Reading Diagnostic

College For Homeschoolers

The Guerrilla Curriculum
By John Taylor Gatto

Falconers have no difficulty understanding that to carry a falcon on one's arm in opposition to its nature you have to put a bag over it's head; and horsemen know that a fast horse can be made to run more slowly by adding lead weights to its body; why is it so difficult to acknowledge then that some people might want to transfer these principles of mechanical intervention known to animal trainers to the scientific management of human children? That is to say, to impede their natures in interest of something more important to a manager.

To grasp the full extent of the experiment going on behind visible phenomenon of mass government schooling, it isn't necessary to invent inhuman agencies, only to see the situation of child training from the perspective of professional social managers. If society is looked upon as an anthill or a beehive, and a management draws on the logic of the corporation, school as we know it must follow.

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Worship Guitar
Curriculum Design

Uplifting Education

Teacher Guides for Homeschool Classrooms

By Jennifer Nairne

Many parent-teachers turn to homeschooling, not out of choice, but out of necessity. Whether the child is gifted, has special needs, or struggles academically, parents choose to homeschool children who are unable to fit into the traditional "read, memorize, test" approach to learning, commonly found in public schools. Neither of my children fit the mold and it was torturous to watch their love of learning die, as they increasingly resented having to attend school each day.

After making the commitment to homeschool your children, it can be terribly intimidating. What content do you teach? What curriculum should you use? When should you teach specific skills? What kind of learner is my child? What type of curriculum is best for my homeschooler’s learning style? Just a quick search online for "educational products" will show hundreds of stores and thousands of websites competing for your attention.
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