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In this edition, we bring you teen information in the form of 2 articles. One by Alison McKee, about how Homeschool Teens Transition Into the Workplace and the second, by Erin Chianese, an interview with a number of Homeschooled Teens. We think both are enlightening and useful. Each week we offer you a wide variety of advertising information from companies that we choose to bring to you. Their products/services can aid you in your homeschooling endeavors and we hope you will keep them in mind when the need arises. Thank you for reading.

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Real Authentic Women

Significant Scribbles
By Nan Barchowsky

Scribbling is a key factor in pre-writing. Watch! Watch a child's completely independent marks for clues as to how the hand moves to create images. Independent means that the child voluntarily picks up anything that will make a mark. Paper may be handy, or a stick may be the tool of choice for scratching in some sand. Be patient as you observe and find clues to handwriting. Make no verbal re­marks about the images. You might suggest starting the image over on the left, or at the top, especially if the child says he or she is "writing." Remem­ber the child may be imitating you when you have pen in hand, apparently doing something important. Resist the temptation to say, Oh, that looks like an "a," a "B" or….
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Letters Make Words

Movies as Literature

Between 12 & 20: An Interview With Some Homeschooled Teens
By Erin Chianese

As parents, the decision to homeschool is ours. We know in our hearts that it is best for our children and our families. Of course, there are nagging doubts to any important decision, especially when it goes against the grain of the surrounding society. I used to call homeschooling our family’s “grand experiment.” I used to wish I had a crystal ball to find out the results of our venture. One of the most informative homeschooling conference sessions I have been to is a Teen Panel. Listening to teens discuss their own lives can dispel some of the fears of how our own grand experiments will turn out.

Here is an interview with six young adults to learn their thoughts on homeschooling. They were homeschooled most or all of their lives. They practiced different homeschooling styles and are embarking on different paths.

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Connections Academy

Choir 21

Don’t Dismiss Canned Curriculum!
By Curt Bumcrot, MRE

I used to look down on "canned curriculum." I think my attitude came partly from my first teaching experience at a private school in Southern California. I didn’t have a teaching credential when I was hired. In fact, I was still about a year of "course work" away from finishing my bachelor’s degree. In spite of this I was offered a position as a second grade teacher. The school granted me, as well as the rest of the teaching staff, an amazing amount of freedom. We were encouraged to innovate and create interesting lesson plans to reach the learning objectives for our particular grade levels. Along with this freedom came two full-time teachers whose sole task was to source instructional materials from a "mini warehouse" on the school campus for us.

Three years later I accepted a teaching job in Oregon. This school ran differently. To accomplish their objectives a "canned curriculum" was used. What I mean by "canned" is that the curriculum guide had a very specific plan that told you what to teach and when to teach it for every day of the school year. It was timed to the minute and even told the teacher when the students should take a break and use the restroom. No kidding! I balked at using it, and eventually replaced it once I took the elementary principal position.

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Basic Skills

College For Homeschoolers

How Unschoolers Transition Into the Workforce
By Alison McKee

Years ago I was asked to do a presentation on homeschooling at a local parenting support group. The group was not a homeschooling group, although some members were interested in considering it for their children. At the time I was a closeted unschooler. When my presentation was over, the questions came. I only remember one, and it has stayed with me all these years: “How will your children know how to get up and go to work when they are grown if they don’t have to get up and go to school each day?” I remember an inward chuckle as I answered the question which, at the time, could only be based on my personal faith in the unschooling process. “My children will know to get up and go to work because they see their parents doing it. When they are older they will have needs, similar to our needs, to put food on the table and a roof over our heads, and getting up and going to work will be the only way to meet those needs.” At that point I launched into a discussion of how absolutely natural such learning was and how unnecessary it was to go to school for thirteen years simply to learn to get up early for work

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Nat'l Reading Diagnostics

Dawn Publications

Computer Science for High School Students
By Chris Yust, Homeschool Programming, Inc.

Do you have technically-inclined students who might want to pursue a career in computing? The future has never been brighter! In this article we will explore the golden opportunity awaiting graduates with Computer Science and related degrees. We will also help decipher what the different types of degrees mean and how a high school student can prepare for a computer-related major.
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Green Tree

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