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In this issue, with the political conventions just ended, we bring you a very timely article by Center on Congress, "Experience Representative Democracy in the Virtual Congress!" The CoC offers a fascinating service to anyone who wishes to use it. You and your children may enjoy learning about Congress in this way. Our second article, by homeschooling mom and EIE Resource Center owner, Carolyn Forte, is "Family Games for Fun and Learning" and will bring you a wealth of ideas and information. Please patronize our advertisers, as they make it possible to offer you all of this editorial information for free, plus their products are significant to many homeschoolers and teachers. As always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

From PowerScore: The SAT and ACT: What You Need to Know
By Victoria Wood

Applying to college is a confusing process, especially for students who donít have access to a full-time guidance counselor, so to help you out here are our answers to some of the most common questions people ask about their college admissions tests.

Which test should I take - the ACT or the SAT?

The answer is simple: Both! The tests are very different, so it is a good idea to try them both and submit the score that best conveys your academic abilities. If you are limited to taking only a single test, take a free, timed practice test of each (see below) and then choose the test you find to be easier.

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Power Score


Experience Representative Democracy in the Virtual Congress!
By Center on Congress

Sit on the House or Senate floor, view up close the grandeur of the Capitol Rotunda, and learn through primary sources about our government and the history of our nationís capital. Connect your students with students in other locations to go "in-world" together to take a virtual tour of the Capitol and experience role playing as members of Congress: proposing their own ideas for legislation, discussing them in-world with other student-members, and trying to find common ground in order to move their proposals along.

The Virtual Congress, part of the Center on Congress at Indiana Universityís Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) project (http://www.tpscongress.org), is a fully-functional, 3D online replica of Congress. Developed through support of the Library of Congress TPS project, the Virtual Congress is a dynamic, engaging way for students to learn about the history and function of Congress -- and to build skills in critical thinking, consensus building, and compromise.

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Schola Phonics

Movies As Literature

Math and Movement for Productive Playtime
By Joseph Grayhaim

Whether your child is a kinesthetic (action-based) learner or not, s/he will love doing basic math with Math and Movement, an excellent supplemental tool for mastering basic math facts. The programís creator, Susie Koontz, really hit upon a brilliant idea with M and M, aiming for the most-popular childhood activity Ė≠ play ó and combining it with one of the most important basic academic subjects.

Math and Movement covers these aspects of math: Addition, subtraction, telling time, skip-counting, multiplication, division, fractions, factoring, positive/negative numbers, Cartesian coordinates, money, unit circle, place value, decimals, percents, rounding and probability.

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Math and Movement

College for Homeschoolers

Family Games for Fun and Learning
By Carolyn Forte

The most essential factor in playing a game is fun. No one wants to play a game that isnít fun. If a game is too complicated or too slow or even too simple for the some of the players, they will probably refuse to play. This can make choosing a family game a little complicated. You need something simple enough for your 3- or 4-year-old, yet interesting and challenging enough so Dad doesnít fall asleep and your teen doesnít completely zone out into the nearest hand-held device. Believe it or not, this is not the impossible dream. There really are unplugged games that can fill this bill.

For starters, let me introduce Ruckus from Funstreet, Inc.This card game targets age 7 to adult, but my 3- and 5-year-old grandchildren play it with gusto. The genius of Ruckus lies in its counter-intuitive game rules that give the slowest player the advantage. Typically, older players cannot resist making swift moves, which in Ruckus can work to the advantage of younger, slower players.

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Our Land Publications
Literacy Unlimited

Sing n Learn

School-at-home Success With Less Stress

Many dedicated homeschool parents have already discovered Connections Academy, a tuition-free, accredited school-at-home program thatís nationally known for its high-quality education for grades K-12.

Connections Academy combines the control and safety of homeschooling with the accountability and extensive resources of an accredited education, providing many advantages:

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Connections Academy

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