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This issue, Erin Chianese, homeschooling mother of two now-grown daughters offers advice from her past about the "S" Word: Socialization for Teens. In our second article, Hallie Kemper offers insight into some teacher attitudes she encountered before she and her husband chose homeschooling as their path. Thank you for reading and please patronize our advertisers. We offer their products and services to enhance and enrich your experience.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

School-at-home Success With Less Stress

Many dedicated homeschool parents have already discovered Connections Academy, a tuition-free, accredited school-at-home program thatís nationally known for its high-quality education for grades K-12.

Connections Academy combines the control and safety of homeschooling with the accountability and extensive resources of an accredited education, providing many advantages:

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Connections Academy

Dr Heater

Teen Style Socialization
By Erin Chianese

The irritating S-word. It rears up its pesky head at every stage of our homeschooling. Like an itch, it begs attention: Does my child have enough socialization in his life? How do I help in her social realm? When our kids are young it is pretty easy to deal with: Make play dates with the kids your children enjoy; start a club with a theme that your child is interested in. Then kids hit the teen years and they want to arrange their own social calendar. It gets harder for parents to see that they are helping. The S-wordís itch still persists. Things seem more serious. Teens will soon venture out into the world and fend for themselves. Just as we worry if our teens have the proper academics to get into college, we worry if they have enough social skills to deal with whatever they may encounter. Will they get along with coworkers and roommates and partners?

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American Cap And Gown

Math Drawings


"The Play's the Thing" -- as a Teaching Method for Reading, Social Studies, Math or the Arts,via Accompany Publishing.com!
By Emerson Sandow

Homeschooling support groups present a unique resource to their member families, often functioning as a flexible but constant base for activities requiring a large group. Live theatre is one of these activities and it is one of the most powerful vehicles for teaching.

Accompany Publishing company, staffed with professional playwrights, actors, musicians and educators, offers some of the most exciting teaching products imaginable. For instance, in their series, Class Play Kits, their play about the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D., "Fire of Vesuvius" (Gr 5-8) provides a completely fun and engrossing way to study social studies, earth sciences and language arts -- and some ancient history, too! Imagine, learning about these often "dry" academic topics in such an attractive, useful and lively medium!

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Accompany Publishing

Lennon Leppert

Why We Homeschool
By Hallie Kemper

When our kids were young, we believed we would be sending them to public school as soon as they were old enough. After all, both my husband and I went to public schools and turned out okay.

Then, when our daughter, Danielle, and our son, Nick, were still toddlers, I went to a community meeting held at our local school. The end of the meeting featured a meet-and-greet time, and I struck up a conversation with a woman who had been teaching there for over twenty years. Perfect! Just the person I needed to speak with.

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Basic Skills

Troy Univ

Tricks & Treats from Soft Star Shoes! - Halloween Specials and New Shoes
Soft Star Shoes

Blustery winds and swirling leaves have arrived in Oregon and we find ourselves making cozy sheepskin shoes. It's a busy time - we are excited to launch the new Youth Dash, and have been busy crafting our updated sheepskin boots for men and women. Halloween is coming up fast and we are looking forward to local witches, dragons and firemen stopping by to trick-or-treat at the workshop.

Introducing the New Youth Dash - Free DYO through Oct. 24th!
This month we are introducing a new kids minimal shoe - the Dash RunAmoc in youth sizes! They have special features for our younger fans - including an easy on / easy off velcro strap and elasticized ankles to stay snug. Use coupon FreeDYO to waive the Design-Your-Own fee on Youth Dashes now through October 26th. That's a $15 savings!

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Soft Shoes

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