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Dear Readers:

In this issue of TWH, we offer you a very long article that deals with a very important issue of family health: Vaccine Awareness. Judy Shewmake, homeschooling mother of four provides a great list of resources at the end of her article as well. You may not be aware of your state's laws on vaccine exemptions; you may not realize that such a thing is important, but if you value your family's autonomy and freedom in this very significant area of health, you will appreciate Judy's work. We believe that making informed decisions is what matters most. On a lighter note, our other article deals with Critical Thinking -- an equally significant, but safe aspect of homeschooling. As always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Periodical History & Geography Studies of 4 major states

By Joseph Grayhai

Homeschooling families tend to value truth and accuracy in the curricula and materials they use. Political correctness, subjective judgments and other intrusions and distortions of fact are typically not welcome in the homeschooling environment - the avoidance of such obstacles to understanding is what makes many families opt for homeschooling to begin with.

Our Land Publications offers four periodic sets for the study of history and geography, each one centering upon a state: California, Texas, Illinois and Indiana.

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Our Land Publications


A Motherís View of Vaccinations
By Judy Shewmake

Our Story

I have always tried to be a good mother. As any mother does, I wish the best for my children and I want to do everything I can to help them grow up healthful and happy. During my first pregnancy, I acquired a good-sized library of books on pregnancy, birth and child care, and read them all. I planned to do everything just right and at the proper time. I would follow my obstetricianís and then my pediatrician's advice and have a perfect, healthy child.

One of the things I read about was the proper time to have a child vaccinated. So at exactly two months of age, (in 1980) our oldest daughter was given her first vaccination. I knew something was drastically wrong when following this shot her fever was 104 degrees and she screamed for 12 hours straight. Her pediatrician was notified and he recommended Tylenol and told me this was "normal."

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Schola Phonics

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Univ Of Nebraska

UBuildABook - Yearbooks for Homeschool Groups
By Jennifer Nairne

While preparing for an upcoming garage sale, my daughter and I were cleaning out dusty boxes and finding all sorts of old treasures. When she came upon my high school yearbook, we both enjoyed looking through all the goofy hairstyles and awkward fashions. Later that evening it occurred to me this is one of those areas that is lacking for homeschoolers. We always try to provide her with the same opportunities and experiences that are available to public school students, especially in regards to the "social" aspects and creating quality friendships with her peers. But how do homeschoolers commemorate their school year without spending a small fortune on printing their own yearbooks?

UBuildABook is a high-quality, affordable option and they have the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Their commitment to flexibility and customer service makes UBuildABook the best provider for homeschool families, groups, and organizations. Every schedule is accommodated to ensure that all students can participate in the creation of their yearbook. And customers can mix and match hard cover and soft cover books to meet individual budget needs.

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HomeSchoolNewsLink Museum

The Cranial Gymnasium
By Emerson Sandow

Critical Thinking(Logic)

One goal of many homeschoolers of widely-varied backgrounds is critical thinking or as it is also known, logic -- the science of reasoning accurately. C.S. Lewis, (author of The Chronicles of Narnia; The Screwtape Letters and The Great Divorce), for instance, was a master at reasoning. He was taught logic at about the age of 11 or 12 by a rigorous tutor he lived with. This prepared him for his adult occupation as an Oxford tutor, where his job was to analyze and critique the weekly papers written by his pupils, illustrating their errors of logic so that they could re-write the paper the following week. By this process, he, in turn, taught them to think and reason Ė and become effective thinkers and supporters of their thoughts -- rather than merely opinion-formers. Reading some of his shorter works, where he takes the reader upon a journey of actual thought and rational mental work, moving from point to point, constantly building a new conclusion upon each successive conclusion, is stimulating and awakens oneís awareness of this valuable skill of reasoning.

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World Atlas
Connections Academy

College For Homeschoolers

Developing Emotional Intelligence - Two Great Books To Help You Help Your Child (and Yourself!)
Assessed by Michael Leppert

(See 10% discount information for our readers at end of article.)

(1) Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Your Child -- 8 Proven Skills To Increase Your Child's Emotional Intelligence - 354 pages, soft cover

(2) EQ and Your Adolescent 11-15- Years Old- 366 pages, soft cover

"Emotional Intelligence" or "EQ" is a term we are hearing very often in the field of personal psychology and self-improvement.Thirty-year professional Eileen Healy defines it as: "A person's ability to recognize one's own emotions and those of others and to respond appropriately to those emotions." She goes on to say that if you are an emotionally intelligent person, you can tell the difference between feeling angry and feeling disappointed, for instance, and how to deal with these two different emotions in a positive and self-nurturing manner. Having a high EQ can enable you to thrive and get along in the uncertain world of today with a minimum of struggle.

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Emotional Intelligence

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