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Dear Readers:

We fervently hope that you have escaped the ravages of Hurricane Sandy. In this issue, we present a very entertaining article by an experienced homeschooling dad and one of the long-standing experts of homeschooling -- unschooling in particular -- Mr. Pat Farenga, and "Schools Are From Mars". The other article is by an experienced homeschooling mom, Cathy Cuthbert and "Twelve Reasons To Read Aloud to Your Children". We hope you enjoy these pieces and we wish to remind you to patronize our advertisers. Their products and services are here to aid you in your homeschooling experience. As always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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School-at-home Success With Less Stress

Many dedicated homeschool parents have already discovered Connections Academy, a tuition-free, accredited school-at-home program that’s nationally known for its high-quality education for grades K-12.

Connections Academy combines the control and safety of homeschooling with the accountability and extensive resources of an accredited education, providing many advantages:

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Connections Academy

Movies As Lit

Schools Are from Mars, Homeschoolers Are from Earth
By Patrick Farenga

I'm all for schools and homeschoolers figuring out how to peacefully co-exist - indeed, even cooperate! - but sometimes I wonder if we’re even talking about the same thing when we discuss children and learning. Judging by the language we use, I wonder if we’re even on the same planet.

For instance, a mother tells me how her son read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix twice on his own initiative. She allows him all day to read if he wishes. Most of us recognize what is going on here: A child is enjoying reading a book at home. But if you take that very same action and place it in a school, this no longer takes place. What happens in school is called "uninterrupted silent sustained reading."

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Math Without Borders - High School Math Courses
By Jennifer Nairne

High school mathematics can be an incredibly intimidating subject for parents teaching their own children.Traditional math textbooks are not meant for independent study and most students struggle unless they have guidance. But unless you have the training and experience, it can be difficult to fill in that role of "math teacher". And many of the most popular courses for homeschoolers lack depth and complexity. A lot of students get bored quickly and they lack the preparation they need for success in college.

David Chandler has created Math Without Borders - a series of Home Study Companion video lessons to accompany the most rigorous and thorough math textbooks available, while maintaining a student-friendly approach. He is an experienced teacher of mathematics, but has also taught physics, astronomy, and computer programming. And after working with homeschool families at a charter school, Mr. Chandler wanted to develop the materials and resources families need to teach high school math at home.

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Math Without Borders

Dramatic Publishing

Twelve Reasons To Read Aloud to Your Children
By Cathy Cuthbert

Most parents read to their young children as a matter of course and stop reading to them when they reach school age. They stop, I suppose, because they don't see the need to read aloud once their children have been handed over to the expert reading instructors or once they can read to themselves. But there are benefits to reading aloud to your children no matter their age, especially to formerly-schooled children who now homeschool.

Children Who Have Difficulty Reading

Children who have been rescued from unhappy school situations often have had trouble reading. Typically, the schools attached some damaging label to these children such as dyslexia, ADD, ADHD or whatever the Education Establishment can dream up. These children are not incapable of learning to read, however, the joy of reading has been taken from them and sometimes even the joy of being read to has been taken as well. If this describes your child's experience, you may need a bit of patience to help him but you needn't despair. Make the commitment to read aloud to him every day.

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Fascinating Science
Worldview Software

Lyrical Learning

How To Teach Your Child Empathy
By Deborah King

When was the last time you walked into a cafeteria and scanned the room for a friendly face? This is an everyday dilemma that children in schools face. While many look forward to the opportunity to connect with friends, others dread the ringing bell because they know they will sit alone and endure thirty minutes of painful gossip and, for some, physical attacks.

The lack of civility that results in bullying is a daily experience within our homes, schools, communities, and workplaces. The wounds created by these acts leave lasting scars and hardened hearts.

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