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In this issue, we present two very different articles to enhance your homeschooling and home-living. First, Gayla Thorsen writes about the value of the public library in your homeschooling and how to use it. The second article is by Los Angeles-based family therapist, Michelle Barone and "Turn Off the Critic!" Knowing how to ignore the nagging voice of judgment is an important skill to develop in all areas of life, not just homeschooling! Thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Bringing Computer Science to Your Homeschool World

By Chris Yust, Homeschool Programming, Inc.

You no doubt already have the basic subjects covered in your curriculum: Reading, writing, math, history, arts, science, geography, social studies ... all of these things have an endless variety of resources available to you! None of them are likely to be that intimidating to teach either; after all, those topics were part of your own fundamental education! But how are you going to handle Computer Science? Today this critical subject is more important than ever, yet many teachers and homeschool parents are not sure how to get started!

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Homeschool Programming

Dr Heater

The Use of the Library in Homeschooling
By Gayla Thoresen

1) A group of runaway slaves whose guide to freedom can only be seen at night.
2) A young girl foils the plot of the rebels.
3) A boy shows up at his own funeral.

Themes from the latest movies? No, all these are found at your local library!

The first one is "Follow the Drinking Gourd" by Jeanette Winter. The slaves are following the North star to freedom and the North star is part of the Big Dipper which looks like a drinking gourd.

In number two, the young girl, Felicity, is growing up during the Boston tea party time period and is part of the American Girls series of historical fiction published by Pleasant Company.

"Tom Sawyer" by Mark Twain is number three.

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Math Drawings

Simply Fun

My Pet Chicken

Read It Once Again - Full Year Preschool Literary Curriculum
By Michael Leppert

Read It Once Again offers 30 different sets of material, each one based a book such as Big Red Barn, The Gingerbread Man, The Little Engine That Could, etc. Each program includes two 3-ring binders of lessons and a CD of reproducible art that coincides with the lessons.

While Read It Once Again was developed to teach young children with learning disabilities and language delays, it can be used effectively in regular preschool settings.

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Read It Once Again

Lennon Leppert

Turn The Critic Off!
By Michelle Barone, MA, LMFT, DCEP

Making any sort of social decision that is outside the mainstream brings with it some feelings of insecurity and fear. We open ourselves up to a certain amount of frowning and tongue clucking. Sometimes, these critics may even be our own voices. But when we arm ourselves with good information and friendly support and face these fears, we will grow not only as courageous parents, but also as human beings.

When we choose to homeschool, we make a decision that some may perceive as a personal attack on the public school system or personal laziness, or misinformed hubris. Once again, we must strengthen our resolve with information and support. This is a good opportunity to model courage of conviction for our children. When they see us as paranoid and fearful, it may create a negative atmosphere in the family and interfere with our potential for joyful living and learning. When they see us as bold and confident, they can open themselves up to their learning with a sense of freedom and possibility.

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Macabi Skirt

Connections Academy

The Link Muesums

"The Play's the Thing" -- as a Teaching Method for Reading, Social Studies, Math or the Arts,via Accompany Publishing.com!
By Emerson Sandow

Homeschooling support groups present a unique resource to their member families, often functioning as a flexible but constant base for activities requiring a large group. Live theatre is one of these activities and it is one of the most powerful vehicles for teaching.

Accompany Publishing company, staffed with professional playwrights, actors, musicians and educators, offers some of the most exciting teaching products imaginable. For instance, in their series, Class Play Kits, their play about the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 A.D., "Fire of Vesuvius" (Gr 5-8) provides a completely fun and engrossing way to study social studies, earth sciences and language arts -- and some ancient history, too! Imagine, learning about these often "dry" academic topics in such an attractive, useful and lively medium!

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Accompany Publishing

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