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Dear Readers:

In this issue, we offer you two more articles we feel will provide you with value and even some humor in your homeschooling endeavors. First, long-time veteran and homeschooling expert, David Albert, offers his insight in "Distinguished Visitors". Secondly, Kim Kimble tells us "What I Wish Someone Had Told Me". These articles are perfect for quiet Thanksgiving weekend reading and we hope you have an excellent holiday. Thank you for reading our work.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

UBuildABook - Yearbooks for Homeschool Groups
By Jennifer Nairne

While preparing for an upcoming garage sale, my daughter and I were cleaning out dusty boxes and finding all sorts of old treasures. When she came upon my high school yearbook, we both enjoyed looking through all the goofy hairstyles and awkward fashions. Later that evening it occurred to me this is one of those areas that is lacking for homeschoolers. We always try to provide her with the same opportunities and experiences that are available to public school students, especially in regards to the "social" aspects and creating quality friendships with her peers. But how do homeschoolers commemorate their school year without spending a small fortune on printing their own yearbooks?

UBuildABook is a high-quality, affordable option and they have the fastest turnaround time in the industry. Their commitment to flexibility and customer service makes UBuildABook the best provider for homeschool families, groups, and organizations. Every schedule is accommodated to ensure that all students can participate in the creation of their yearbook. And customers can mix and match hard cover and soft cover books to meet individual budget needs.

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Distinguished Visitors
By David H. Albert

I learned almost a year in advance that we would be having distinguished visitors coming to stay with us. No one seemed to know for how long, except to say that we should prepare for a long visit, as they were being sent to learn absolutely everything they could about their host community and country, and they came with very little preparation.

People who had recently had similar visitors said we should treat them as if they were honored guests, even though no one seems to know from whence they come exactly. Everyone agrees they don't speak the same language and know almost nothing about our culture, but they are very malleable and flexible, often, but not always, easy to get along with (in fact, they can be very demanding, I was also told), and, above all, fast learners. So quick we'd probably have to struggle to keep up. Luckily, they weren't all expected to arrive at the same time.

And so we prepared our house for the arrival of our visitors as best we knew how. We wanted them to feel comfortable, safe, and secure, as if this were their own home. And once we readied the space, we began to think about what we would want their sojourn to be like.

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Global Student Network


Dramatic Publishing

The Macabi Skirt is Fashionably Modest yet Adventure Friendly
By Linda Pliagas

Summer is the time for lightweight, easy-to-care for clothing. The Macabi Skirt® is the perfect article of clothing to usher in the warm season. With its modest appeal and versatility, the Macabi Skirt is both fashionable and functional.

The Macabi Skirt is a must-have for every adventurer’s closet. Carol Louder, creator, chose to work with Supplex®, the high-tech nylon that looks, feels and breathes like soft cotton. Supplex® is windproof and breathable, cottony soft, yet strong. It’s water-resistant and quick drying, stain and fade resistant, lightweight and packable.

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Macabi Skirts

Dr Heater

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me At The Beginning
By Kim Kimble

When I first began home educating ten years ago I was very nervous. In part this fear was because everyone was always so positive about home education that I sometimes felt like I was buying snake oil. I searched for the negatives and couldn't find anyone to talk about them (well, other than the NEA, whom I didn't trust anyway). This is, in as honest a form as I can say it, what I wish someone had told me. My advice to new homeschoolers is as follows, take from it what makes sense for your family, leave the rest.

1. Relax, have fun, enjoy each other. This is my one mandatory suggestion.

2. Be a facilitator. I make an effort not to be a teacher. Instead, I try to facilitate learning by providing resources, opportunities, information, materials, and sometimes suggestions. I also try to mentor, but I have been most successful when I have arranged for others to mentor my children on specific topics.

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Our Land Publications

Emotional Intelligence

Troy University

Soft Star Shoes - High quality, handcrafted shoes
By Jennifer Nairne

My son rarely walks. He runs. Everywhere. Even when I ask him to walk, he does a slow-motion run instead. He also ends up running head first, quite literally, into a world of hard, unforgiving surfaces. Being barefoot and running amok through the house, he almost seems to be performing a ballet in avoiding horrific crashes every few minutes. But once outside with shoes on, he transformed into a clumsy, crashing, accident waiting to happen. And rather than protecting his feet, shoes seem to only encourage him to stumble more frequently. I blamed his lack of coordination on motor skill development and believed that he would eventually grow into his oversized feet and hands, much like a puppy. My "puppy" is now 5 and now I am convinced the problem was his shoes.

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Soft Star Shoes

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