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In this issue we offer you an article about an excellent museum in the hills of Western Massachusetts, the Normal Rockwell Museum. If you live within two or three hours of Stockbridge, MA, you owe it to yourselves and your children to plan a "field trip" to this wonderful little museum commemorating the Illustrator of America. Our second article, by homeschooling dad and unschooling expert, Patrick Farenga, "The Roots of Education" is an eye-opening piece about the only socialist institution in American that no one ever seems to protest -- unlike universal health care! Please patronize our advertisers, as their products can enhance your homeschooling/home-living. As always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

10 Qualities of a Gentleman
By Deborah King, Final Touch Finishing School

"Being male is a matter of birth, being a man is a matter of age, but being a gentleman is a matter of choice." ~Unknown

Being male does not guarantee a boy will grow up to be a gentleman and the current self-absorbed culture is not likely to model or promote the qualities of a gentleman. It is a process for a boy to become a man and develop into a gentleman. Parents invest a great deal of time and resources to develop their son’s academic, athletic, or artistic talent, with little or no thought as to what is required for him to mature into a gentleman.

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Final Touch

University of Nebraska

Norman Rockwell Museum
By Emerson Sandow

There are a number of locations throughout the U.S. that can be thought of as examples of Americana. Each geographical region has its cities or counties that exemplify its history and long-range character and when one has the opportunity to visit such places, we can gain a deeper insight into our national personality. One such area is known as "the Berkshires" in Western Massachusetts, between Albany, New York and Springfield, Mass, approximately. Because of the high degree of historical import, the Berkshires are a very rich representation of both early British settlement activity and Revolutionary War activity. The coach road between Albany and Boston, which passed right through the heart of the Berkshires, saw many of the Founding Fathers going to and fro in secrecy and stealth, to bring about the new nation at the risk of death.

It is only fitting that one of the greatest artists to represent Americana should have lived and worked for much of his life in the Berkshires. Norman Rockwell easily holds the title "Illustrator of America", having painted everything in our history from images of War and from the 1950s to integration of the late 1960s.

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Math Drawings

Accompany Publishing

Lyrical Learning

Soft Star Shoes - High quality, handcrafted shoes
By Jennifer Nairne

My son rarely walks. He runs. Everywhere. Even when I ask him to walk, he does a slow-motion run instead. He also ends up running head first, quite literally, into a world of hard, unforgiving surfaces. Being barefoot and running amok through the house, he almost seems to be performing a ballet in avoiding horrific crashes every few minutes. But once outside with shoes on, he transformed into a clumsy, crashing, accident waiting to happen. And rather than protecting his feet, shoes seem to only encourage him to stumble more frequently. I blamed his lack of coordination on motor skill development and believed that he would eventually grow into his oversized feet and hands, much like a puppy. My "puppy" is now 5 and now I am convinced the problem was his shoes.

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Soft Star Shoes

Dawn Publications

The Root of "Education"
By Patrick Farenga (Copyright 2011, all rights reserved.)

One can view the history of education as an ongoing struggle between those who feel education is something to be done for someone and those who feel it is something people do for themselves. Educationists love to point out that their job is draw forth the latent talents of their students, to push and expose them to ideas and experiences they feel are necessary for children to know. Educationists find the origin of the English word "educate" in the Latin word, educere, meaning "to draw forth." Our English word, educe, has the meaning "to make something latent develop or appear" according to Word’s on-line dictionary, so it is not surprising that educationists find their justification for pulling out students’ potential in that word. Indeed the political idea of “universal compulsory schooling” and the pedagogical concept of “making students learn what we think they ought to learn” are rooted in the educational concept of "drawing out," even by force of law. This model of education is all about doing something to someone - whether they want it or not.

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American Cap And Gown

World Atlas

Museum Section

Math Without Borders - High School Math Courses
By Jennifer Nairne

High school mathematics can be an incredibly intimidating subject for parents teaching their own children.Traditional math textbooks are not meant for independent study and most students struggle unless they have guidance. But unless you have the training and experience, it can be difficult to fill in that role of "math teacher". And many of the most popular courses for homeschoolers lack depth and complexity. A lot of students get bored quickly and they lack the preparation they need for success in college.

David Chandler has created Math Without Borders - a series of Home Study Companion video lessons to accompany the most rigorous and thorough math textbooks available, while maintaining a student-friendly approach. He is an experienced teacher of mathematics, but has also taught physics, astronomy, and computer programming. And after working with homeschool families at a charter school, Mr. Chandler wanted to develop the materials and resources families need to teach high school math at home.

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Math Without Borders

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