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Dear Readers:

In this last issue of The Way Home for 2012, we bring you two articles that are designed to give you some tips on homeschooling and leaving school. The first is Part 2 of our excerpt from The Homeschooling Almanac by Mary and myself. The second is "Decompression FAQs" by Cafi Cohen. Decompression is what you and your child will experience if s/he has been in school and is now leaving school and coming home. School is a rigid, often uptight environment and all children who have been in it for a few years will experience a whole new world with homeschooling. Cafi's article has been praised by parents in this situation for its advice and encouragement in a trying time. We wish all of you a very happy and prosperous 2013. Thank you for reading our publications!

Michael Leppert

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Developing Emotional Intelligence - Two Great Books To Help You Help Your Child (and Yourself!)
Assessed by Michael Leppert

(See 10% discount information for our readers at end of article.)

(1) Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Your Child -- 8 Proven Skills To Increase Your Child's Emotional Intelligence - 354 pages, soft cover

(2) EQ and Your Adolescent 11-15- Years Old- 366 pages, soft cover

"Emotional Intelligence" or "EQ" is a term we are hearing very often in the field of personal psychology and self-improvement.Thirty-year professional Eileen Healy defines it as: "A person's ability to recognize one's own emotions and those of others and to respond appropriately to those emotions." She goes on to say that if you are an emotionally intelligent person, you can tell the difference between feeling angry and feeling disappointed, for instance, and how to deal with these two different emotions in a positive and self-nurturing manner. Having a high EQ can enable you to thrive and get along in the uncertain world of today with a minimum of struggle.

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Emotional Intelligence


The Parental Approach Part 2
By Michael and Mary Leppert

In Part 1, (12-21-12 issue), we discussed how we raised our son, Lennon, using what we call the Parental Approach. This second part covers some of the actual nuts-and-bolts matters you face as homeschoolers, such as using curriculum, etc.

How Will I Know Which Curriculum to Choose?

This is a tough question for us to answer with our parental approach background. This is because you may consider one or two of the subjects we valued and taught to Lennon a complete waste of time. Or you may value something highly that we didnít teach at all. The parental approach is completely individualized. But remember that we started with a boxed curriculum, heavily supplemented with storybooks and workbooks on various topics, until we grew into this experience.

Our growth into homeschooling included talking to many, many other homeschooling families, reading countless magazines and catalogs, attending conferences and curriculum fairs, and shopping in educational and regular bookstores for things that caught our eyes. Some great-looking materials were dismal failures once we tried teaching with them - some dumbed down, others were not what Lennon responded to.

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Professor Toto
Read It Once Again

Dramatic Publishing

The Golden Generation - 4 Ways Little Children Can Show Honor to Elders
By Monica Brandner and Lorene Keen, (www.etiquetteprincess.com) Guest Writers for Deborah King's Final Touch www.finaltouchschool.com

Why is teaching our children to honor their elders important? Over the past 30 years we have seen a separation in the family due to divorce, moving across the country, and for some, they simply dislike their parents. As our parents are aging there seems to be a deep need to be closer to our families.

Our children may not have a lot in common with their grandparents, but it's still important that they learn to show kindness and respect. Here are 4 simple little etiquette tips to help your children show honor to the "Golden Generation."

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Final Touch

Dr Heater

Decompression from School Frequently-Asked-Questions
By Cafi Cohen

"He just wonít do anything!" say the parents of new teenage homeschoolers. Novice homeschooling parents always begin with such high hopes. They envision their children industriously attacking thoughtfully-selected curriculum, running a business, publishing a book, graduating early, and winning big scholarship money - or at least catching up in math!

Some of those things may happen, but - in the first days and weeks and months of homeschooling - reality bites. Most new homeschooling families with teens deal with an adjustment period I call decompression.

What is Decompression?

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Math Without Borders
Literacy Unlimited

Lennon Leppert

Those who can do, and those who canít...
By Curt Bumcrot, MRE (owner, Basic Skills Assessment& Ed. Services)

A common saying most of us have heard before goes something like this: Those who can do, and those who canít teach.

To explain my  understanding of this quote, Iíd like to tell you a story.

I celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family in California.   At dinner I was introduced to a former public school teacher.  She was competent, dedicated, and loved kids. But she had quit teaching the previous year. She had had enough.  Years before she had entered the profession because of her love for children, and now she had left for the same reason.

The quote, "Those who can do, and those who canít teach" is attributed to H.L. Mencken (1880-1956).   As cynical as this statement sounds (and professional teachers have raged against it and to this day continue to take offense), there is truth to be gleaned if we can just relax long enough to appreciate the caustic sarcasm. Menckenís point may have been that teaching separated from application is next to useless. It has little relevance to the real world. Just a big mouth getting paid to move a lot.

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Basic Skills

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