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In this issue, one of the two articles we offer seems very on-point with the school violence that has been occurring recently. It is "How To Meet Your Child's Needs for Emotional Safety" by Victoria Kindle-Hodson, a popular psychologist and family counselor in Southern California. Homeschoolers are generally safe from school-based violence, but none of us are islands and we are all affected by these massive tragedies. Our second article is meant to be timely, too: "Create Your High School Transcript in Five Easy Steps" by Janice Campbell. January is a perfect time to begin keeping track or assembling your existing transcript material, getting a head start on college admissions time. We hope you patronize our advertisers. We choose companies that provide useful and excellent products or services to our readers and we hope you research and use them.

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Real Authentic Women

Those who can do, and those who canít...
By Curt Bumcrot, MRE (owner, Basic Skills Assessment& Ed. Services)

A common saying most of us have heard before goes something like this: Those who can do, and those who canít teach.

To explain my  understanding of this quote, Iíd like to tell you a story.

I celebrated Thanksgiving with friends and family in California.   At dinner I was introduced to a former public school teacher.  She was competent, dedicated, and loved kids. But she had quit teaching the previous year. She had had enough.  Years before she had entered the profession because of her love for children, and now she had left for the same reason.

The quote, "Those who can do, and those who canít teach" is attributed to H.L. Mencken (1880-1956).   As cynical as this statement sounds (and professional teachers have raged against it and to this day continue to take offense), there is truth to be gleaned if we can just relax long enough to appreciate the caustic sarcasm. Menckenís point may have been that teaching separated from application is next to useless. It has little relevance to the real world. Just a big mouth getting paid to move a lot.

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Basic Skills

Nature Bridge

Create Your High School Transcript in Five Easy Step
By Janice Campbell

I like to make things simple. There are few things sadder than a homeschooling parent who would like to homeschool through high school, but is considering giving up because keeping high school records and creating a transcript sounds like an insurmountable challenge. I've been through the process four times with my own sons, and I'd like to share the basic steps that helped make recordkeeping simple. If you're like me and you'd rather spend time with people than paperwork, you may find this five-step process helpful as well.

Create a Transcript: Five Simple Steps

  1. Understand the purpose of the transcript and basic formatting guidelines.
  2. Create a plan that covers core high school requirements in a way that is appropriate for the studentís learning style, abilities, and goals.
  3. Accumulate essential records using Subject Worksheets and other organizational tools.
  4. Create a blank transcript form on your computer and fill it in, semester by semester.
  5. Calculate grades and record the grade-point average for each semester as itís completed.

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Mr Gelston
Math Drawings

University of Nebraska

University of Mississippi Independent Study High School Offers Online Solutions
By Emerson Sandow

The University of Mississippi ISHS offers great distance education solutions to homeschoolers and others who seek an online high school graduation status and a diploma. Not only does the Ole Miss ISHS offer the complete high school curriculum, it has recently been fully accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and Council on Accreditation and School Improvement. This means that OMISHS virtual high school is recognized as a legitimate (and convenient) way to complete oneís high school work.

Residents of Mississippi are not the only students who can benefit from the Ole Miss virtual high school. Anyone in the region or the nation can take advantage of this excellent academic alternative as a compliment to your local requirements for graduation and a diploma. Depending on your school district, Old Miss can help you finish high school faster and with less stress than taking a comparable load in a bricks-and-mortar school.

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Univ of Miss

Choir 21

How To Meet Your Childís Needs for Emotional Safety
By Victoria Kindle Hodson

Food, water, shelter and physical safety are the basic needs for human beings to survive. To thrive, however, brain researchersare now talking about the importanceof emotional safety.

It is being discovered that whenthe need for emotional safety is met from very early ages, children develop a deep trust of the people who are raising them and a sense that they belong in their world.However, when the need for emotional safety is not met children learn to distrust the people who are raising them and tobelieve that they donít fit into their world.

Your Actions Affect Your Childís Emotional Safety

Brain researchers have discovered that highly charged emotional interactions between kids and adults generate fear and anxiety in children. Under these conditions the childís body automatically releases adrenaline and other stress hormones throughout his system. Thinking, reasoning, and learning zones of the brain shut down, and the survival zones are activated, preparing the child to defend himself or to run away from the danger. In his book Emotional Intelligence, Daniel Goleman calls this automatic reaction an emotional hijacking.

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Schola Phonics


Organic-Certified Feed for Chickens and Rabbits. Naturally, From Modesto Milling

Healthy eating is becoming more important to American consumers; no longer considered a fringe matter, what goes into food and therefore, what goes into the human person, is vitally significant, as dangerous additives, genetically-modified foods and overuse of some ingredients comes to the information forefront. Health-conscious consumers realize that when considering organic food items, the matter goes beyond produce and grains. What a potential food animal is fed is just as important.

If you raise your own rabbits or chickens, for the sake of your animals and your family, the meat and eggs should be as organic as possible. Consider Modesto Milling as your organic feed supplier.

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Modesto Milling

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