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This issue of TWH includes two divergent articles. First, we offer long-time veteran homeschoolers, Greg & Moira Bell's informative article for beginning homeschooling families, "Homeschooling Intrigues Me", helping to clear up mystery and confusion surrounding teaching one's own. Our second article is by Connie Crawford, a very experienced and respected fashion design production expert. Connie has designed many sewing patterns for name brand companies and she lends her expertise to anyone interested in the fashion or clothing industry. Please patronize our advertisers. They make it possible for us to maintain free publications and they are worthy of your business, as well. Thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Mayan Unit Study
By Michael Leppert

The Mayans were, by our Western standards, one of the most advanced native peoples that ever lived. We hear of the Egyptians and their building skills and advanced culture, but until recently, seldom have we heard of the Mayans in this light. They werea fascinating and mysterious people who achieved far more in the realms of math and science than the Egyptians - and were expert builders in their own right. One Mayan structure, The Pyramid of the Sun, has a base as large as the Great Pyramid of Giza!

The ancient Mayans lived in the Yucatan Peninsula area of what is now Mexico and southward to the Central American countries of Guatemala, British Honduras, and portions of Hondurasand El Salvador. Their kingdom’s first period lasted from 1000 B.C. to 900 A.D. This period was lived in the tropical rain forests of the area and included building large pyramids and well-planned communities with other structures where the people lived and worked. These cities were mysteriously abandoned and the Mayans moved north into what is now Mexico and mingled with the Native Peoples there for second Mayan period, which lasted from 900 A.D. to 1500 A.D., when the Spanish defeated them.

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Design a Study

Learning A-Z

Homeschooling Intrigues Me - Where Do I Start?
By Greg and Moira Bell

You are not alone. Nowadays, it is rare to meet an American parent who hasn't at least heard of home schooling. Those looking at homeschooling from the outside routinely express two chief concerns - 1) "How can homeschooling parents tolerate being with their kids 24 hours a day?" and 2) "What about socialization?"

Allow me to move these two mental boulders out of the way, then you'll be better able to see more of the treasures which lie ahead down the homeschool path.


"I struggle just to get my kids to do their chores and they constantly snipe at each other - I wouldn't have the patience to be with them all day!"… Sound familiar? Many prospective homeschoolers, who have had their children in daycare or institutional school, start with similar concerns. Let me tell you some good news. Much of the surliness kids exhibit toward parents and siblings is an outcome of spending large chunks of time everyday on the receiving end of the verbal and emotional abuse of other children while in an institutional setting. It is an outcome of being forever compared and measured against other children. Who's smarter? prettier? skinnier? more popular? more athletic? As these children become homeschoolers they typically go through a 3-6 month period of detoxification where their harshness and defensiveness gradually melts away. This is one of the best kept secrets of homeschooling...

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Math Without Borders
Itchy Alphabet
Wikki Stix

Mr Gelstons


MusIQ Homeschool - Early to Multi-Level Music Curriculum Software Develops Musical Skill & Increased Math Ability
By Michael Leppert and Lennon Leppert

By now, the fact that early music instruction increases math and general mental ability in children of all ages,is well-established -- beyond the Mozart Effect.One of the best ways to build self-esteem is through the study of music, allowing the child to see his/her progress as a short time passes and practice is performed.Self-discipline is also learned in a pleasing way and a well-rounded education has to include the study of music for all of its value in human development. Homeschool families have long appreciated these facts.

In order to achieve both goals, Adventus has created MusIQ -- exciting and valuable sets of homeschool music-learning materials that will wonderfully develop your child's musical skills per seand will also increase his/her math ability -- and MusIQis reasonably-priced!

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Museum Section

Connie Crawford Leads the Way in Bringing Fashion Design & Sewing to the Homeschooling World
By Michael Leppert

In the world of fashion design, creation and sewing, there is a new wave of interest and excitement which extends to the homeschooling world. Sewing has traditionally been a popular “cottage” activity for homeschoolers and many homeschooled students learn to make their own clothes and home décor items as part of a well-rounded education. The new interest and attention to the world of fashion design is fanned by the T.V. reality show Project Runway and a variety of spin-off shows that focus on the world of fashion design and creation in all of its facets.

Homeschooling devotees of sewing and fashion design will find just the instructional assistance they need in the extensive line of books and DVDs by Ms. Connie Crawford. Connie Crawford, through her company, Fashion Patterns by Coni, is one of the leading experts in the field of fashion design and sewing, having 23 years of teaching experience at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM) in Los Angeles; her pattern line with Butterick; her “Signature Collection” of patterns; her many textbooks and her lecture/workshop programs in the consumer side of the market and her reputation for fit and design for women of all sizes.

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Easy Grammar
Fresno Pacific

Movies As Literature

MATH DRAWINGS - Good Stuff For Teachers
By Emerson Sandow

Math Drawings by Mary Smale is an exciting multi-disciplinary method of incorporating art with math allowing students to create entire pictures using only basic geometric shapes. For over 30 years, Mary Smale taught algebra and other math disciplines in high school and middle school. During this time, she developed her unique math-based art lesson, originally used as a reward system for her 8th grade students.

Mary soon found that she was able to disguise new and old math vocabulary as instructions for drawing and, for the first time in her teaching career, she had 100% participation in her math lessons. Her students were able to combine their love for drawing with basic geometric principles to create "works of art". Mary later taught math and art on television for 2½ on the Los Angeles based KLCS-TV program "Homework Hotline Teacher" and was ultimately convinced to write Math Drawings so her principles could be used by teachers in their art, history and special education classes.

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Math Drwaings

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