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This week, we offer you two more helpful and entertaining articles. First, Sylvia Sims weighs in with "The 'S' Word" in which she discusses Socialization -- still the number one question homeschoolers are asked by skeptical questioners. Second, Gary Grammar offers some tips on telephone speaking, with "Telephonish". Please remind your friends that each issue of Homeschool Magazine.com is available free on the iPad and this weekly newsletter is, too. We are pleased to serve you in your homeschooling, hands-on parenting endeavors and we thank you for making this commitment. Thank you for reading our publications.

Michael Leppert

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MusIQ Homeschool - Early to Multi-Level Music Curriculum Software Develops Musical Skill & Increased Math Ability
By Michael Leppert and Lennon Leppert

By now, the fact that early music instruction increases math and general mental ability in children of all ages,is well-established -- beyond the Mozart Effect.One of the best ways to build self-esteem is through the study of music, allowing the child to see his/her progress as a short time passes and practice is performed.Self-discipline is also learned in a pleasing way and a well-rounded education has to include the study of music for all of its value in human development. Homeschool families have long appreciated these facts.

In order to achieve both goals, Adventus has created MusIQ -- exciting and valuable sets of homeschool music-learning materials that will wonderfully develop your child's musical skills per seand will also increase his/her math ability -- and MusIQis reasonably-priced!

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Discovery Internships

By Gary Grammar

Can anyone imagine a country more dependent upon the telephone than our dear United States? Compared to, say, Spain, we live by the telephone. A friend who lived in Spain for a few years has testified to me of the horrors of the Spanish telephone service; of course, no one in Spain really relies upon phones to communicate, then. The people find and use other methods of communication -- slower, but more reliable. Not here in Estados Unidos! We Americans telephone. Our cell phone and "charge-back" use is causing fits of math with phone service providers and the necessity of too many number combinations to provide so many "800" numbers caused the addition of the "888" and many other toll-free prefixes.

Forty years ago, those of us growing up in the Ď50s and Ď60s could still identify major American cities by area code -- usually after minimal exposure to one of them -- 212 was New York; 312, Chicago; 213, Los Angeles. Calling Directory Assistance across the continent was easy. In a subconscious way, we included the area code in our definition of our major cities. You could feel the energy of a city that never sleeps in the numbers 212; the big shoulders of a city with a 312! The futuristic gaze of 213!

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Modesto Milling
Math Drawings

Dr Heater

Rockbrook Summer Camp for Girls
By Michael Leppert

Serving girls since 1921, Rockbrook Camp for Girls (RBC) is proud of being the perfect place for girls to spend time together, enjoying the outdoor beauty of western North Carolina, building confidence along with new friendships that will become part of their foundations for life.

"Rockbrookís Mission is to provide a haven for girls; a place of their own, where they can explore the beauty of nature, try new things, enjoy carefree summer living, and make some of their very best friends." Read more about the camp's philosophy at: http://www.rockbrookcamp.com/describe/philosophy.html.

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Fusion Academy

The "S" Word
By Sylvia Sims

People arenít listening. We are starting our third year of homeschooling and we are still being asked that dirty little question, "What about socialization?" My response is usually,"What about it?" While I think that the answer is obvious, when it comes to my children, apparently I am so wrong. My 15-year-old is abnormally self-disciplined and a leader among his peers. My 13-year-old skate-boarding, soccer-playing, Steinbeck-loving son has wanted to be a cardiologist since he was three-ish and has been studying anatomy, and medical terminology so that he can have a head start. My ten-year-old Amazon girl plans to be the president of this country and so far, my seven-year-old has several careers planned.

When people express their concerns about my childrenís socialization I know they are not considering dinner time conversation, working with a child on a big project or teaching them how to separate laundry and egg whites, a part of that process. I know that they donít consider their volunteering at church or in the community, their participation in team sports or youth leadership groups beneficial to that process. These people havenít noticed- I mean really noticed how well my children handle themselves in a group, how they are able to occupy themselves with their own interests or articulate their need for a bigger challenge. I know these concerned individuals have a limited definition of socialization and that it is my duty to help them develop a wider view.

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Smart Tutor

Museum Section

Independent Study High School - Online, accredited, university-based high school
By Jennifer Nairne

While politicians and policy-makers debate the current condition of public education in the United States, "we the people" are left to fend for ourselves. And for parents of high schoolers, this is an immediate crisis - not some abstract exercise in political philosophy. How can a child get into college if the classes needed arenít even being offered at the local school? Every child deserves the opportunity to realize their fullest potential and become the productive citizens we need to keep our country moving forward.

And although families participating in alternative schooling and homeschool can offer their children learning opportunities that their peers in public schools cannot even imagine as part of their curriculum,college admission boards remain wedded to the traditional public school format. Many homeschool families have reported their misguided, though well-intentioned, attempts at preparing their student, and their often sadhorror stories of the biased college admissions process.

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University of Nebraska

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