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This issue has two divergent articles. The first "The Fourth Estate Disappears" by Emerson Sandow, is about our rights to teach our children and raise them as we see fit rather than about homeschooling per se. Maintaining liberty can be tricky business in the modern world. The second article "An Interview With Some Homeschooled Teens" by homeschooling mom, Erin Chianese, sheds much light on the world of homeschooling teenagers. If you know someone who tried to opt-in to our mailing list and was unsuccessful, please tell them to try again. Our subscription feature was down for a few weeks, but is now up and running again. As always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert


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Press for Learning’s Building Foundations for Scientific Understanding Science Curriculum

Science is such a broad landscape that many teachers and parents can be completely stumped as to what to teach, when to teach it, and where to start. Press for Learning’s curriculum, "Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding" (BFSU) lays out lessons that address and integrate all the major areas of science and build understanding in a logical systematic manner.

Developed by career scientist, teacher, and observer of how children learn, Dr. Bernard Nebel, BFSU sets out a logical, step-by-step path in three volumes, that allow the teacher to confidently go forward with teaching, knowing that the appropriate grade level will be covered and the sequence will lead to successful learning.

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Press For Learning

National Gardening

The Fourth Estate Disappears . . . When Printing Presses Were Smashed
By Emerson Sandow

Throughout the turmoil of the 1950s and ‘60s, when either a left-wing coup d’état or a violent right-wing takeover was underway in a South American, African or Eastern European country, one of the first things the aggressors did was to smash printing presses to effect a shutdown of the publishing of autonomous, independent newspapers that could disseminate "objective" information - usually critical of the aggressor. Those wishing to grasp power knew that a free press was the key to a free society and country and the lynchpin to resistance of free people against the wishes of the aggressor.

So, now comes The Web. It is virtually the antithesis of print publishing autonomy and objectivity. Even a slanted newspaper is likely to be objective on some issues, some of the time. The Internet is controlled by . . . Whom? Is it Mark Zuckerberg? Larry Page? Sergey Brun?No, not really. None of these men can boast control of their portion of the Internet in the same way a publisher can boast of control of a print publication. This matters precisely because the Internet does not represent a free and autonomous source of information; it is out-of-hand and easily controlled by governments, for instance. Those who have a vested interest in controlling information and producing "doublespeak" to the masses have found their ultimate tool in the Internet. I can see Big Brother rubbing his hands together in glee.

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Sing N Learn
DJ Inkers

Dr Heater

Assessment by Valerie Schuetta, M.A. Reading Specialist

As a Reading Specialist, I am always looking for fun, engaging activities that will enhance my students’ success in reading. The students I work with are considered high-risk for reading failure, so it is important to me that they are highly motivated and engaged in the lesson. The lessons I present consist of letter and sound activities, sight words, a phonemic awareness lesson, and reading for fluency. I especially like teaching phonemic awareness because it is the one component of reading that I feel you can have the most fun with and the activities can be very engaging, especially to younger students.

As any Reading Specialist knows, if a reading program is to be effective, especially for beginner readers, phonemic awareness should be at the top of the list, and for good reason. If a child is going to become a successful reader, how well he or she does with phonemic awareness will significantly improve their success in reading. I am always searching for new ways to teach phonemic awareness, especially lessons that appeal to the different learning styles.

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Smart Tutor

Nelson Academy of Agriculture

Between 12 & 20: An Interview With Some Homeschooled Teens
By Erin Chianese

As parents, the decision to homeschool is ours. We know in our hearts that it is best for our children and our families. Of course, there are nagging doubts to any important decision, especially when it goes against the grain of the surrounding society. I used to call homeschooling our family’s “grand experiment.” I used to wish I had a crystal ball to find out the results of our venture. One of the most informative homeschooling conference sessions I have been to is a Teen Panel. Listening to teens discuss their own lives can dispel some of the fears of how our own grand experiments will turn out.

Here is an interview with six young adults to learn their thoughts on homeschooling. They were homeschooled most or all of their lives. They practiced different homeschooling styles and are embarking on different paths.

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Barchowsky Handwriting


Fire Station Buddies - Fundraising To Benefit Volunteer Fire Departments
By Karen McHale, illustrated by Simon Goodway

Author Karen McHale, an engineer, emergency planner and volunteer firefighter, has writtena book relating to emergency awareness.

Fire Station Buddies, was conceptualized as a series of books to inform and interest children in emergency safety and response, as well as to raise funds to aid the volunteer fire departments around the country.

These are Books 1 and 2 of that planned series and Ms. McHale also offers the opportunity for your child to become a Fire Station Buddy by visiting the website, www.firestationbuddies.com.

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Fire Station Buddies

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