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In this issue we are pleased to offer you two articles by very popular writers. First, Dr. Mary Hood's "Enjoying the Process". Dr. Hood homeschooled her five now-grown-children and has had a resource center near Atlanta for many years. Her sense of humor enhances her knowledge and she has been a favorite conference speaker as well. Our second offering "What It Means To Be Green" is by Glenda Lehman Ervin, one of the Lehman family, owners of a nationally-known hardware store in the Amish country south of Cleveland, OH. Glenda has many years' experience in environmentally sensible products and living and her expertise can enhance your home-based life. As always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert


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English From The Roots Up
By Linda K. Foster

I canít count the number of times in my life that Iíve said, "itís Greek to me" meaning, of course, that I didnít understand something. After reading English From The Roots Up, developed to provide a foundation for the English language through the study of root words, I realized that not only the things I donít understand, but, also, most of the things I do understand are "Greek to me". "Just as phonics helps children figure out what words are, Latin and Greek help them figure out what words mean." This quote by Joegil K. Lundquist, author of English From The Roots Up provides a simple explanation for learning the Latin and Greek roots for English words. In the introduction, Ms. Lundquist opines, "Without an early working knowledge of these indispensable components of their language, children are handicapped in their ability to use words well."

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Literacy Unlimited

Learning A-Z

Enjoying the Process
By Mary Hood, Ph.D.

In the early childhood profession, there is a distinction made between "process" and "product" when working with kindergarten students. In an arts and crafts program for preschoolers, one popular project is shaving cream art. In this project, the teacher gives each of the children a metal tray, a can of shaving cream, and some powdered paint. The children smear the shaving cream all over the tray, shake on the paint, and use their hands to swirl the colors throughout the shaving cream, making a very attractive mess. As soon as they are finished, the trays are washed off, and nothing remains to show their parents at the end of the day. The emphasis is on the creative process, and is an example of the purest form of art. On the same day, the children may make pictures of snowmen, using pre-cut shapes that were actually created by the teachers. Each picture comes out virtually identical and the parents are handed a product suitable for hanging on the refrigerator at the end of the day.

There is a place for both types of experiences, both in early childhood education and in life. Too often, however, we place more emphasis on the ultimate product, and forget to value and enjoy the process itself. For example, when children are learning to read and write, too often parents and teachers emphasize the grade levels they have achieved on a standardized test, the number of vocabulary words they have learned, or the number of books or pages they have read in a particular week. It often isnít until a mother is raising her fifth child, or has become a grandmother, that she finally learns to fully appreciate the experience of sitting next to a child and watching him or her struggle to fit together sounds, knowing that all too soon, that child will be off to college, writing term papers. Many potentially joyful moments are lost when the product is assigned a higher priority than the enjoyment of the process.

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Math Drwaings

Discovery Internships

Sing 'n Learn
By Michael Leppert

Typically, the very best homeschooling supply companies are those that are owned and operated by homeschoolers themselves. We understand subtle nuances that are significant to homeschooling families, but that other companies might not even notice. Sing Ďn Learn is such a company. It was founded by a homeschooling couple, Fred and Sarah Cooper, who were on the cutting edge of the modern homeschooling world, beginning to teach their oldest son in the mid 1980s and their second son shortly thereafter. Both boys never attended school until college.

The Coopers quickly learned the value of coupling music with pieces of information to be learned and they created their company to supply such products. They now offer over 900 products from over 100 publishers. They produce some of their products themselves and others they obtain from outside. But in all, they maintain their mission of using music, as well as auditory products such as stories, as the means of making learning fun.

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Sing N Learn

Penn Foster

By Glenda Lehman Ervin, Lehmanís Hardware

[This is how to live an environmentally responsible lifestyle. It will help you make eco-friendly choices that are easy on your budget, as well as Mother Nature. ]

One of the most attractive benefits of living green is that it will save you money. Thatís right - save cash as you save the earth. What could be better than that? Here are tips on how to live a greener life, without ruining all your fun.

Quit buying bottled water: Bottled water costs about $8 per gallon, compared to a gallon of tap water that costs a fraction of a penny. The plastic bottles are littering the streams, woods and landfills of our country. Get a reusable bottle and, well, reuse it!

Stop mowing and start growing: Our obsession with an acre of perfectly fertilized and mown lawns is uniquely American. Why not take a portion of your lawn and plant flowers, or better yet, a garden. Then you can cancel your gym membership - think of all the calories you are burning as you grow food for your family.

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Fusion Academy
Hiwassee College

Dr Heater

Organic-Certified Feed for Chickens and Rabbits. Naturally, From Modesto Milling

Healthy eating is becoming more important to American consumers; no longer considered a fringe matter, what goes into food and therefore, what goes into the human person, is vitally significant, as dangerous additives, genetically-modified foods and overuse of some ingredients comes to the information forefront. Health-conscious consumers realize that when considering organic food items, the matter goes beyond produce and grains. What a potential food animal is fed is just as important.

If you raise your own rabbits or chickens, for the sake of your animals and your family, the meat and eggs should be as organic as possible. Consider Modesto Milling as your organic feed supplier.

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Modesto Milling

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