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This issue of our E-newsletter brings you two articles pertinent to Language Skills. First, Robyn Martijena offers Elementary Grammara topic which can be very scary to parents, but with so many great products available to assist in teaching it, such fear can melt away. Secondly, Andrew Pudewa, founder of the Institute for Excellence in Writing and a much-sought-after conference speaker brings us The Madness of Multiple Choice. Both of these articles can provide useful insight for your homeschooling adventures. As always, thank you for reading our publications!

Michael Leppert


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MusIQ Homeschool - Early to Multi-Level Music Curriculum Software Develops Musical Skill & Increased Math Ability
By Michael Leppert and Lennon Leppert

By now, the fact that early music instruction increases math and general mental ability in children of all ages,is well-established -- beyond the Mozart Effect.One of the best ways to build self-esteem is through the study of music, allowing the child to see his/her progress as a short time passes and practice is performed.Self-discipline is also learned in a pleasing way and a well-rounded education has to include the study of music for all of its value in human development. Homeschool families have long appreciated these facts.

In order to achieve both goals, Adventus has created MusIQ -- exciting and valuable sets of homeschool music-learning materials that will wonderfully develop your child's musical skills per seand will also increase his/her math ability -- and MusIQis reasonably-priced!

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Learning A-Z

Elementary Grammar: Meaningful = Memorable
By Robyn Martijena

Many elementary age students resist grammar because they feel overwhelmed by a flurry of unfamiliar words. Labels that they are expected to use - subjects, predicates, imperatives, and as if pronouns aren’t enough, we throw in complementary pronouns. It often seems like a bunch of unnecessary fluff when all they want to do is write down a simple thought. But I’ve found that when we give these fluffy words some substance or meaning, children are able to make a connection between these previously-misunderstood labels, and sentences that clearly express their thoughts. Kids inherently ask questions and want more information. So creating a link between the labels and life is much easier than you might think.

I was recently tutoring a nine-year-old girl who attends private school and was struggling with grammar. Her hurdle -- those wearisome labels. Her goal was to indicate whether a sentence was interrogative, declarative, imperative or exclamatory. So first things first, we put the worksheet aside and started to talk. It took just a minute to realize that she had no idea what the labels meant. The teacher had given them the labels and explained what kinds of sentences they belonged to, but never explicitly discussed the words. For example, the word “interrogative” had no meaning to her – it was no more than a random word, chosen to label a sentence that ends with a question mark. So we talked some more. I asked, "Have you ever heard about how police interrogate a suspect?" Sure she had.

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Sing N Learn
Smart Tutor

Fusion Academy

Cool ID Tags
By Linda Pliagas

No parent wants to think about their child going missing, but if adults prepare for emergencies accordingly, a sense of calm will prevail during times of chaos.

Cool ID Tags (www.CoolIDTags.com) makes it easy and affordable for parents to take necessary precautions, and the company makes the identification tags cool so that kids want to wear them.

Besides the traditional style of wearing the ID tag on a chain around your neck, these specialized tags can also be attached to shoes, a person’s wrist or clothing. They can also serve as nifty luggage tags. The ID tags are lightweight yet sturdy and extremely affordable: One tag is only $7.95 and three tags are only $19.50.

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Cool ID Tags

Gardening With Kids

The Madness of Multiple-Choice
By Andrew Pudewa, founder of the Institute for Excellence in Writing(http://www.excellenceinwriting.com)

At some point, one of the hardest decisions that a homeschooling family must make is whether to do "Home Education" or to do "School" at home. Many times this choice is made by default when a family jumps into homeschooling by purchasing a complete "curriculum-in-a-box" (or on a disk), in an attempt to find something that will "cover all the bases." On the other hand, some families who choose to break free from a "complete" grade-level based pile of textbooks and workbooks feel like they are engaging in something radically different, which they may call "unit study," or "unschooling," or "classical," or any one of several different labeled philosophies or approaches.

Certainly these pioneering families are choosing paths less traveled, but they are doing so in greater and greater numbers. Some do it from the get-go; some begin the journey after years of slogging through worksheets and school books, wondering if there isn't another, better way. Providing fuel for a change in direction, authors like John Taylor Gatto, Doug Wilson, Marva Collins, Glen Doman, and many others show a glimpse of how things could be different, even providing treasure maps, guidebooks, model classrooms and periodic pep talks. Most parents pursue these possibilities because they have three basic qualities that push them to it: love for their kids, a modicum of confidence, and common sense.

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DJ Inkers
Math Drwaings

Penn Foster

University of Mississippi High School At Home

The UM-Independent Study High School provides opportunities for students in various circumstances to meet their educational needs. Students come to us because they:

  • are unable to attend a local school because they live in isolated areas
  • are in countries outside the United States and are without access to an accredited high school diploma program from a school in the United States
  • have dropped out of school but want to continue their education and earn a high school diploma
  • have difficulty coping with time and place restrictions of a classroom and want to proceed at their own pace
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Univ of Miss

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