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Greetings, readers of The Way Home.

Greetings, Dear Readers. In this issue, we provide you with some nuts & bolts information for aiding your high school-aged child in steering a professional course for employment or college. First, Chris Yust, an expert in the field of computers, offers "Computers: The Recession-proof Job". It is very eye-opening and may prompt one to seek such employment. Our second article is from Ms. Jean Burk, an expert in college scholarships, entitled "Free College Can Happen to You". We hope you find the information contained in them useful in advising your child on future considerations. Please tell your friends about our publications and as always, thank you for reading them.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Organic-Certified Feed for Chickens and Rabbits. Naturally, From Modesto Milling

Healthy eating is becoming more important to American consumers; no longer considered a fringe matter, what goes into food and therefore, what goes into the human person, is vitally significant, as dangerous additives, genetically-modified foods and overuse of some ingredients comes to the information forefront. Health-conscious consumers realize that when considering organic food items, the matter goes beyond produce and grains. What a potential food animal is fed is just as important.

If you raise your own rabbits or chickens, for the sake of your animals and your family, the meat and eggs should be as organic as possible. Consider Modesto Milling as your organic feed supplier.

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Modesto Milling

College for Homeschoolers

Computers: The Recession-Proof Job
By Chris Yust, Homeschool Programming, Inc.

The Myth of Outsourcing

"Is there any future in computer programming? Arenít all those jobs overseas now?" I smiled as an earnest young mother asked us this question at a recent convention. Iíve heard this question many times over the last few years and my answer is always a resounding "No!" Despite what most people believe, outsourcing has not killed the computer job market. Oh sure, some companies use overseas help in different areas, but a great many computer programming jobs are still around locally. Itís simply too difficult for most companies to manage the complex process of software creation over long distances.

As a full-time software engineer, I have observed a lack of quality candidates at my own company. Jobs often go unfilled for long periods of time because we simply canít interview enough people who qualify.I get calls every month from recruiters who still have my 10-year old resume in their database from the last time I was looking for a job. Anecdotes aside, the statistics show that roughly 50% of all software outsourcing projects are failures, and those that do succeed offer only modest 25% cost savings. Thatís a huge risk for minimal return!

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Sing N Learn
All Bilingual Press

Penn Foster

English From The Roots Up
By Linda K. Foster

I canít count the number of times in my life that Iíve said, "itís Greek to me" meaning, of course, that I didnít understand something. After reading English From The Roots Up, developed to provide a foundation for the English language through the study of root words, I realized that not only the things I donít understand, but, also, most of the things I do understand are "Greek to me". "Just as phonics helps children figure out what words are, Latin and Greek help them figure out what words mean." This quote by Joegil K. Lundquist, author of English From The Roots Up provides a simple explanation for learning the Latin and Greek roots for English words. In the introduction, Ms. Lundquist opines, "Without an early working knowledge of these indispensable components of their language, children are handicapped in their ability to use words well."

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Literacy Unlimited

IQ Locker

Free College Can Happen to You
By Jean Burk

Full Scholarship two words that could change your life. Getting free college can be like winning the lottery. Imagine throwing away several trash bags full of college scholarships that come in the mail. This is what happened to us. But for some families, getting just one scholarship offer could be the difference between junior college and the perfect university.

"I really enjoy your philosophy of homeschooling. Unfortunately, my kids just arenít motivated like yours are. Iíd like to be like you, but I donít think we will ever be successful or relaxed. And I lost my joy a long time ago."

You have spent the last nine to twelve years dedicating your time, money and energy into your child learning at school, so donít stop there! Higher education should still be your goal. Even if you havenít had a lot of extra money to save for college, scholarships can still come your way. And just because you havenít spent a lot of time at the guidance counselorís office doesnít mean that you have to be out of the loop when it comes to finding the scholarship opportunities.

Here are five successful secrets to scholarships and free college that many public and private schools students are not aware of:

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DJ Inkers

Fusion Academy


Our Land Publications
By Joseph Grayhaim

Homeschooling families tend to value truth and accuracy in the curricula and materials they use. Political correctness, subjective judgments and other intrusions and distortions of fact are typically not welcome in the homeschooling environment - the avoidance of such obstacles to understanding is what makes many families opt for homeschooling to begin with.

Our Land Publications offers four periodic sets for the study of history and geography, each one centering upon a state: California, Texas, Illinois and Indiana. The homeschooling family can utilize a set as the core curriculum study or as a supplement to another book - especially in areas where certain textbooks are required for use.

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Our Land Publications

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