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Greetings, readers of The Way Home.

This week, we bring you a slight departure from the two-article format. One of our offerings is more like an outline for beginning homeschoolers, but may be useful to more experienced families, too. Our second article, A Conspiracy Against Ourselves, is another by John Taylor Gatto, retired junior high teacher from Manhattan and winner of the New York City and New York State Teacher of the Year in the early 1990s. Please tell your friends about our publications, patronize our advertisers and thank you for reading what we produce.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

University of Mississippi High School At Home

The UM-Independent Study High School provides opportunities for students in various circumstances to meet their educational needs. Students come to us because they:

  • are unable to attend a local school because they live in isolated areas
  • are in countries outside the United States and are without access to an accredited high school diploma program from a school in the United States
  • have dropped out of school but want to continue their education and earn a high school diploma
  • have difficulty coping with time and place restrictions of a classroom and want to proceed at their own pace
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Univ of Miss

Lennon Leppert

Beginning Homeschooling - A Thumbnail View for anyone considering it
By Michael Leppert


    Each state has its own requirements about reporting, testing, transcripts, etc., and these requirements can change very quickly. Go to http://www.homeschoolmagazines.com to locate your state parents’ organization information and check with that group for your state’s up-to-date requirements before you contact any official agency.

  • Many states have no requirements, recognizing that teaching their own children is parents’ right and duty

  • Some require minimal testing, in 3rd, 5th and 8th grades or similar

  • A few states require strict test schedules, lesson plans, etc.

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Math Drwaings
Sing N Learn

Nelson Academy of Agriculture

Rockbrook Summer Camp for Girls
By Michael Leppert

Serving girls since 1921, Rockbrook Camp for Girls (RBC) is proud of being the perfect place for girls to spend time together, enjoying the outdoor beauty of western North Carolina, building confidence along with new friendships that will become part of their foundations for life.

"Rockbrook’s Mission is to provide a haven for girls; a place of their own, where they can explore the beauty of nature, try new things, enjoy carefree summer living, and make some of their very best friends." Read more about the camp's philosophy at: http://www.rockbrookcamp.com/describe/philosophy.html.

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Gardening With Kids

A Conspiracy Against Ourselves
By John Taylor Gatto

A lower middle class which has received secondary or even university education without being given any corresponding outlet for its trained abilities was the backbone of the twentieth century Fascist Party in Italy and the National Socialist Party in Germany. The demoniac driving force which carried Mussolini and Hitler to power was generated out of this proletariat’s exasperation at finding its painful efforts at self-improvement were not sufficient. --Arnold Toynbee, A Study of History

Two Social Revolutions Become One

Solve this problem and school will heal itself: Children know that schooling is not fair, not honest, not driven by integrity. They know they are devalued in classes and grades, that the institution is indifferent to them as individuals. The rhetoric of caring contradicts what school procedure and content says, that many children have no tolerable future and most have a sharply proscribed one. The problem is structural. School has been built to serve a society of associations: corporations, institutions, and agencies. Kids know this instinctively. How should they feel about it? How should we?

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Smart Tutor
Uplifting Education

Museum Section

Allsaid & Dunn - The Reading Game
By Santiago Soto

The process in teaching a child to read should be simple, fun, and effective. The Reading Game by Allsaid and Dunn, incorporates all three of these elements into a learn-to-read game for children ages four and up with guidance from a teacher or tutor.

The contents of the game include six decks of color-coded playing cards that correspond to an animal-themed story book. They are: red with skunk, orange with snake, yellow with bear, green with penguins, blue with unicorn, and purple with zebra. Within each colored/animal deck of 60 cards, there is a subset of 10 cards, each labeled from 1-6. It is by playing with each of the colored/animal decks that a child can play his way to learning and retaining some of the most-commonly-used words in the English language.

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The Reading Game

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