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This edition of TWH, we offer you an unschooling look at college preparation "How Do Unschoolers Prepare for College" from Alison McKee, homeschooling mom of two grown children, and author, lecturer and columnist. Secondly, Nan Barchowsky, veteran classroom teacher of handwriting and proponent of the Italic method, offers advice on "Left-Handed Writers." We consider handwriting to be a very significant skill and homeschoolers are keeping this “art” alive and well and Nan is a prominent part of the handwriting world. Please tell your friends about our publications and, as always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Math Without Borders - High School Math Courses
By Jennifer Nairne

High school mathematics can be an incredibly intimidating subject for parents teaching their own children.Traditional math textbooks are not meant for independent study and most students struggle unless they have guidance. But unless you have the training and experience, it can be difficult to fill in that role of "math teacher". And many of the most popular courses for homeschoolers lack depth and complexity. A lot of students get bored quickly and they lack the preparation they need for success in college.

David Chandler has created Math Without Borders - a series of Home Study Companion video lessons to accompany the most rigorous and thorough math textbooks available, while maintaining a student-friendly approach. He is an experienced teacher of mathematics, but has also taught physics, astronomy, and computer programming. And after working with homeschool families at a charter school, Mr. Chandler wanted to develop the materials and resources families need to teach high school math at home.

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Math Without Borders


How Do Unschoolers Prepare For College?
By Alison McKee

Whether you are a practicing unschooler or are considering the unschooling option, I’m pretty certain you have put some thought into your child’s future. That future may include a college education. If it does, rest assured that unschooling can be a wonderful way to prepare for college admissions.

College preparation becomes a parental goal at different times in the lives of children. In some families, there is the expectation that all children will go to college. In other families, college is seen as one of many life choices a child may make. No matter when we begin having serious thoughts about college, there are certain things we, as parents, can do which will help keep the doors of college open should our children want to go.

Colleges and universities are discovering that test scores and knowledge of traditional curriculum are not always the best indicators of college success. This is to the advantage of unschoolers. Admissions committees are broadening their search for students to include capable students who show a vigor for learning and an interest in expanding themselves. It is understood that in some cases, students who have been locked into traditional mainstreamed education, and have even done exceeding well there, may not be able to handle the rigors of higher learning.

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Homeschool Programming


Nelson Academy of Agriculture

Independent Study High School - Online, accredited, university-based high school
By Jennifer Nairne

While politicians and policy-makers debate the current condition of public education in the United States, "we the people" are left to fend for ourselves. And for parents of high schoolers, this is an immediate crisis - not some abstract exercise in political philosophy. How can a child get into college if the classes needed aren’t even being offered at the local school? Every child deserves the opportunity to realize their fullest potential and become the productive citizens we need to keep our country moving forward.

And although families participating in alternative schooling and homeschool can offer their children learning opportunities that their peers in public schools cannot even imagine as part of their curriculum,college admission boards remain wedded to the traditional public school format. Many homeschool families have reported their misguided, though well-intentioned, attempts at preparing their student, and their often sadhorror stories of the biased college admissions process.

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University of Nebraska

Museum Section

Left-handed Writers
By Nan J. Barchowsky

Is your child left-handed? If he or she is young, hand dominance may not yet be evident. Watch for the hand that reaches for a toy, pushes a door open, or throws a ball. If a child, young or older, changes hands for different tasks, he or she may be ambidextrous. Many teachers, and even pediatric occupational therapists fret over the establishment of hand dominance. Why? Adults who can work with either hand are blessed.

If you are right-handed, and teaching a left-hander you may feel unsure about how to go about it. It’s far less difficult than you may imagine.

Left-handers who write poorly are often pardoned with, "But he is left-handed." It is not the fault of handedness. Our Western alphabet favors right-handers, but it need not be difficult for left-handers. Many write as well as right-handers. Both learn best at an early age with a good program. Nevertheless, older kids can resolve legibility and speed issues too.

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Camp Common Ground Math Drwaings

College for Homeschoolers

Skokomish Valley Farms (SVF)the Ultimate In A Relaxed Homeschooling Lifestyle
By Michael Leppert

Across the U.S. there are a small but vital number of intelligent land planners who are focusing on a new concept of land and housing management. Instead of homes surrounding a golf course, these planners are developing homes surrounded by a working farm that is shared by the homeowners.

One of these visionary land planning companies is Skokomish Valley Farms in the Puget Sound region of Washington state. They employ a professional Farm Manager who works with the homeowners’ Farm Owners Association (FOA) and handles the crop, orchard and livestock production and marketing of SVF products. The homeowners can work on the farming end if they choose, but they do not have to. They do share in the fruits of the farm work and they enjoy the benefits of rural-suburban farm living, perfect for raising children and homeschooling!

Imagine being able to teach your children about all of the aspects of life that farming entails: Biology related to plants and animals; weather; making money from your labors; planning the work; then working the plan. . . as well as the few “textbook” necessities that do not come under the farm work categories. All of this in the idyllic beauty of the Pacific Northwest, near Seattle!

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Skokomish Farms

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