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This week’s two articles deal with the emotional aspects of homeschooling/child-rearing. First we have “Commit to Your Desires & Dreams” by Victoria Kindle-Hodson, M.A., a popular, long-time family guidance advisor in Ventura, California. Our second article, “Emotional Intelligence -- Improve Your Child's Chance for a Successful, Satisfying Life” is by Eileen Healy, M.A., discussing the importance of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and some insight into achieving it. Please patronize our advertisers, as we find them valuable resources and they make our work possible, as much as you do. As always, thank you for reading our publications.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Writing in Summer?
By Sharon Watson

Ahhh . . . it’s summer. The textbooks are shelved. A sweet breeze of relief flows through the family tree and tickles the leaves. You hear a child giggle.

But you just finished a year of writing classes, and you want to make sure that your children’s writing skills don’t completely deteriorate during summer vacation. What can you do?

Summer is fun, and your children’s summertime writing activities can be fun for them and for you as well. You’ll enjoy their written stories and become amazed at this special glimpse of the world through their eyes.

Not all writing needs to be graded or evaluated, as these nine made-for-summer activities prove:

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Sharon Watson


COMMIT to Your Desires and Dreams
By Victoria Kindle Hodson

Before reading further, please answer this question:“Are you exerting power over your children or power with them?” Your choice for how to use your power has a lot to do with your current state of cooperation and harmony in your family.

Becoming a parent is a wonderful way to fulfill desires, dreams, and needs for love, closeness, warmth, growth, learning, understanding, to contribute to the lives of others and so much more.Many of us start family life believing andtrusting that our dreams and desires willbe fulfilled by our family members.What could be more logical? The people we love most are the people we expect to fulfill us the most.

However, as long as “managing” kids’ behavioris at the foundation of parenting and reward and punishment are primary behavior management tactics, we aren’t going to be able to create the kinds of relationships we want. And, until kids learn more about communication at home, or school, or elsewhere in the community, they won’t be contributors to family harmony and understanding, either.

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Math Without Borders
Autry Museum

Harris Communications

Homeschooling with Videos
By Mimi Rothschild

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video which is made up of millions of pictures worth?


Technology has propelled homeschooling out of textbooks at the kitchen table to anywhere there's an Internet connection. Whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet, notebook or laptop, homeschoolers boundaries -- while always grander than traditionally schooled kids -- have now soared into the stratosphere.

With massive resources like the newly launched BRAINTOPIA HomeSchooleLibrary....

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Emotional Intelligence -- Improve Your Child's Chance for a Successful, Satisfying Life
By Eileen Healy, MA, LMFT www.EITrainingInstitute.com/handouts

If you want to give your child a future filled with Successes:

Why is Raising Your Child’s Emotional Intelligence So Important to be part of a Homeschoolers curriculum?

Why is it so important to raise your child’s Emotional Intelligence?

Why is it so important to incorporate a Social and Emotional Intelligence component into your homeschool program?

Research over the last seventeen years consistently states that more than I.O.,a high (emotional intelligence)EQ will determine a child’s success in life.

The great news is that a person’s emotional intelligence can be raised at anytime during a person’s life. So whether your child is four or fourteen it is time to begin the process of increasing his EQ, and the best way to do this while you are homeschooling is to teach his academic lessons within a framework of a Social-Emotional Learning Program. This way you will both have fun while everyone’s EQ increases.

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Camp Common Ground

Test Of Faith

Ace the SAT Monster
By Jean Burk, College Prep Genius

Yes, that’s the dreadedstandardized test that most students bomb - even reallysmart ones. Colleges not only use it for entrance examsbut also scholarships - the higher the score, the biggerthe scholarship money. It is even looked at more thana student’s GPA since every school has a differentstandard for calculating grades. For the homeschooler, itdemonstrates their academic prowess and validates their

transcript since it is often homemade.Unfortunately, most students approach this test likea normal test they take at home or school (memorizinginformation and regurgitating it back out on a test). Butthe SAT is a test of logic and critical thinking and thequestions are designed to trick the student. Once students

learn the hidden recurring patterns that are found on thetest, they can learn to find the right answer quickly andnot fall for the wrong answer.

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College Prep Genius


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