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In this issue, we have two articles that shed light on specific areas of homeschooling. First, Shawn Cohen discusses Homeschool High School to College via CollegePlus’ e-Book. You can download the entire e-Book for free, too! Our second article, by Jennifer Nairne, is "Autism and iPad Apps", with many helpful app tips for families of a child with autism. Please tell your friends about our free magazine and this free e-newsletter and as always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Assessment by Valerie Schuetta, M.A. Reading Specialist

As a Reading Specialist, I am always looking for fun, engaging activities that will enhance my students’ success in reading. The students I work with are considered high-risk for reading failure, so it is important to me that they are highly motivated and engaged in the lesson. The lessons I present consist of letter and sound activities, sight words, a phonemic awareness lesson, and reading for fluency. I especially like teaching phonemic awareness because it is the one component of reading that I feel you can have the most fun with and the activities can be very engaging, especially to younger students.

As any Reading Specialist knows, if a reading program is to be effective, especially for beginner readers, phonemic awareness should be at the top of the list, and for good reason. If a child is going to become a successful reader, how well he or she does with phonemic awareness will significantly improve their success in reading. I am always searching for new ways to teach phonemic awareness, especially lessons that appeal to the different learning styles.

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Smart Tutor

Lennon Leppert

iPad Apps and Children with Autism
By Jennifer Nairne

"Autism Spectrum Disorders" is a phrase used to describe a range of complex developmental disabilities, usually “classic” autism, Asperger syndrome, and "atypical autism". Although different people may exhibit symptoms with similar features, for reasons not yet understood, the degree of severity can vary drastically. Behavioral problems and repetitive actions are typical to many, but challenges in communicating in socializing are shared by nearly every individual “on the spectrum.”About 1 in every 88 American children is on the autism spectrum, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and around 25% of those children are completely nonverbal. Thankfully, technological advances have made enormous strides in providing families with the tools and resources they need to support their kids with special needs.

The iPad has revolutionized the way in which many families function every day. These families rely on apps being developed that allow their children to engage in life.Even young children are able to interact and express themselves in ways we never thought possible before the introduction of the iPad.

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Homeschool Programming

Professor Toto

Movies as Literature

Ivy Bound SAT and ACT Prep

Ivy Bound wishes to introduce parents of homeschool teenage children to the services that we provide. We are familiar with home schooling and believe we can help, by providing additional assistance in required exams for college acceptance or for academics, especially with math and the sciences.

Ivy Bound is a test prep firm specializing in SAT and ACT preparation designed to improve a student’s college acceptance and scholarship potential. We now have more resources than any other national company for helping students excel in these tests. Not only do our tutors have a top 1% score in these tests, but we have developed our own materials specifically to enhance student’s test taking strategies.

Our instructors are intelligent, talented, and trained in our program and method of teaching. Our experience allows our instructors to quickly evaluate a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and mold the lesson plan to focus on the needed areas of improvement. There is a definite strategy involved in studying for and taking these tests. While that strategy may differ across individual students, there is always a way to help each student realize their maximum test-taking potential.

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Ivy Bound


Excerpt from CollegePlus’ Ebook "From Homeschool to Grad School"
By Shawn Cohen

I’m a homeschool high school graduate. My mom was always a little worried about homeschooling us all the way through to college, but after graduating a decade ago, I can’t say I’ve starved yet.

In fact, I’m doing a lot better than a lot of college grads these days and the autonomy that comes through homeschooling was the catalyst that’s made my success a reality.

Like my mom, others who homeschool their kids often wonder if they’re making the right choice, if the opportunities will still be there on the back end. I can say from personal experience that they absolutely are.

After I graduated high school, I turned down the opportunity to attend a local university so that I could get real-life experience for a couple of years before attending college. In 2007, I graduated with my BA in English and a few years later started looking at grad school options.

While I marked my graduating high school as “homeschool,” I didn’t encounter any negative feedback. In fact, I even earned a bachelor’s degree from an online state college and that didn’t interfere with my being accepted either.

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Montessori Movement Matters

Sharon Watson


See-n-Read® Reading Tools
By Michael Leppert

Probably since Guttenberg's magical invention of the printing press, and reading print gradually became a part of everyone's life, Man been trying to find ways to make this process easier, faster and more efficient. A company in the Chicago area developed and patented a simple but ingenious solution to many of the reading problems children and adults experience.

The See-n-Read® tool is a transparent sheet of plastic, most of it a light blue, but with a clear strip across the middle (the ReadBar™) which you position on the line of text you want to read. The blue portion filters out distracting material on the page so you can focus on one line at a time. It's that simple!

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See N Read

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