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In this issue, as promised last week, we offer Part 2 of 3 of Frequently Asked Questions About Homeschooling, excerpted from our book The Homeschooling Almanac 2002-03. Part 3 will appear in next week’s issue of The Way Home. Our second article is the Cranial Gymnasium: Critical Thinking (Logic) by Emerson Sandow, discussing this very important aspect of thinking that we all need to develop and keep sharpened. If your support group would like to receive multiple copies of our print magazine, please use the Sign-up e-mail feature and let us know how many copies you wish and where to send them. We are pleased to do so free of charge. The same thing applies to single copy requests. We keep all of our mail lists – e-mail and snail mail – confidential, so your information is safe with us. As always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Ivy Bound SAT and ACT Prep

Ivy Bound wishes to introduce parents of homeschool teenage children to the services that we provide. We are familiar with home schooling and believe we can help, by providing additional assistance in required exams for college acceptance or for academics, especially with math and the sciences.

Ivy Bound is a test prep firm specializing in SAT and ACT preparation designed to improve a student’s college acceptance and scholarship potential. We now have more resources than any other national company for helping students excel in these tests. Not only do our tutors have a top 1% score in these tests, but we have developed our own materials specifically to enhance student’s test taking strategies.

Our instructors are intelligent, talented, and trained in our program and method of teaching. Our experience allows our instructors to quickly evaluate a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and mold the lesson plan to focus on the needed areas of improvement. There is a definite strategy involved in studying for and taking these tests. While that strategy may differ across individual students, there is always a way to help each student realize their maximum test-taking potential.

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Ivy Bound

Test Of Faith

The Cranial Gymnasium
By Emerson Sandow

One goal of many homeschoolers of widely-varied backgrounds is critical thinking or as it is also known, logic -- the science of reasoning correctly. C.S. Lewis, (author of The Chronicles of Narnia; The Screwtape Letters and The Great Divorce), for instance, was a master at reasoning. He was taught logic at about the age of 11 or 12 by a rigorous tutor he lived with. This prepared him for his adult occupation as an Oxford tutor, where his job was to analyze and critique the weekly papers written by his pupils, illustrating their errors of logic so that they could re-write the paper the following week. By this process, he, in turn, taught them to think and reason – and become effective thinkers and supporters of their thoughts -- rather than merely opinion-formers. Reading some of his shorter works, where he takes the reader upon a journey of actual thought and rational mental work, moving from point to point, constantly building a new conclusion upon each successive conclusion, is stimulating and awakens one’s awareness of this valuable skill of reasoning.

Critical thinking at its best entails having to decide, or prove for one’s self, what is "right" or "wrong" and may also require dealing in absolutes. Many modern people are uncomfortable with making such determinations and prefer to let themselves be ruled by emotions or convenience rather than by thought and reason. America of the early 21st century has a Politically-Correct, highly visible portion of the population that insists on diluting every thought and concept down to intellectual pabulum. In this mushy atmosphere, the term "critical thinking" at first blush, sounds harsh and grating to some. For those with no intellectual teeth, who thrive on pabulum, it probably is.

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Smart Tutor

Montessori Movement Matters

Lennon Leppert

Fire Station Buddies - Fundraising To Benefit Volunteer Fire Departments
By Karen McHale, illustrated by Simon Goodway

Author Karen McHale, an engineer, emergency planner and volunteer firefighter, has writtena book relating to emergency awareness.

Fire Station Buddies, was conceptualized as a series of books to inform and interest children in emergency safety and response, as well as to raise funds to aid the volunteer fire departments around the country.

These are Books 1 and 2 of that planned series and Ms. McHale also offers the opportunity for your child to become a Fire Station Buddy by visiting the website, www.firestationbuddies.com.

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Fire Station Buddies


Frequently-Asked Questions About Homeschooling Part 2
By Michael & Mary Leppert

Q My teenager wants to be homeschooled, but my husband and I both work. Is this a good idea?

A This depends on your teenager and your relationship with him or her. Some teenagers seem relieved to be taken out of a peer-dependent environment and are pleased to do schoolwork while mom and dad are away in order to keep this latitude. Other teenagers fare better working a part-time job during the day and doing their academic work in the evening and on weekends. Teenagers are at a perfect age to benefit from an apprentice situation or mentoring relationship. We know of one teenager who works 25 hours a week in a pet store and plans on becoming a veterinarian. Another works part time at a newspaper office, typesetting and learning about newspapers.

Q What will the neighbors think?

A Your child is the best example of the fruits of homeschooling. However, we admit that even we have sometimes felt uneasy when our son plays basketball in front of our house at 10:00 on a Monday morning, when all of the other kids have gone to school. What will the very active 85-year-old man across the street think?—that we are neglecting our son? But after the voice of fear whispers in my ear, my “brave self” quickly remembers my true opinion: Homeschoolers no longer need to be afraid of recrimination from those with incorrect and preconceived notions. We can express our pride in being homeschoolers and confidence in the certainty of our decision.

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Literacy Unlimited

See N Read

Skokomish Farms

Nelson Academy of Agricultural Science
By Michael Leppert

If your child is interested in agricultural and/or veterinary pursuits, the Nelson Academy of Agricultural Science offers the perfect study solution — online agriculture courses! Or, maybe your child simply has an interest in taking an agriculture science course . . . Nelson Academy again provides the solution.

Mr. Leroy Nelson, founder of Nelson Academy, taught agriculture and advised FFA chapters for more than 15 years in his home state of Montana, and a five of his student FFA advisees are Montana state officials for the FFA. Since 2004, he has been the superintendent of the Opheim, MT, school district.

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