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This issue, we offer an article for those of you who are new to this wonderful world of 100% parenting, aka teaching your own children “Beginning Homeschooling”, by Greg & Moira Bell, two every experienced homeschooling parents. Our second article “Walkabout London” is another pithy contribution by John Taylor Gatto, one of the most interesting thinkers/writers in the world of alternative education. We offer them to you to assist and entertain you, no matter what level of homeschooling you may be occupying. Please use our advertisers for your homeschool resources and supplies, as they make it possible for us to offer all of our publications to you for free. . . plus they are excellent products. As always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Alexis Math Services – Online Tutoring To All
By Jennifer Nairne

Math can be a struggle for many students. Even with the individualized support and customizable curriculum parents can use in homeschooling, students might continue to struggle with specific areas or types of math. Sometimes excellent content and parents’ best intentions are not enough. Tutoring services are a great alternative, but can cost a fortune. Services offered by college students are less expensive, but are accompanied by less-than-stellar expectations since they are provided by inexperienced young adults.

Alexis M. Scott has been teaching and tutoring students in mathematics for more than 20 years, and as a college professor of Mathematics for over 18 years. Recognizing a real need in her community, she developed Alexis Math Services, a tutoring service to provide quality mathematics learning support in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Alexis helps students identify the underlying root of the problem content. She goes beyond “teaching to the test” and enables students to pass any exam for their age level. The goal for Alexis is to offer children and young adults the tools and skills they need to be successful math students, not to simply pass one specific test.

After several years of development, Alexis Math Services is now available to anyone. Students meet one-on-one with Alexis online and use an interactive online whiteboard to cover content and curricular instruction. Sessions are available for nearly every age and skill level, from elementary school through Probability and Statistics in college.

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Alexis Math Services

Harris Communications

Beginning Homeschooling
by Greg and Moira Bell (20-year veteran homeschooling parents of seven)

Nowadays, it is rare to meet an American parent who hasn't at least heard of home schooling. Those looking at homeschooling from the outside routinely express two chief concerns: 1) "How can homeschooling parents tolerate being with their kids 24 hours a day?" and 2) "What about socialization?"


In a nutshell, homeschooling is the process whereby responsible parents choose to train, equip, and launch their own children as responsible, literate, and skillful on-going adult learners. It differs from traditional public/private schooling in that parents are the direct overseers of the child's learning process. It results in family glue rather than family fracture, fostering real-life maturity, from a young age, and can be customized to the learning style of each child. It fosters genuine social graces through interaction with people of all ages. It is bursting with real-life problem-solving opportunities, which are their own best tutorial.

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Smart Tutor

Math Without Borders

Draw Your World


Fire Station Buddies - Fundraising To Benefit Volunteer Fire Departments
By Karen McHale, illustrated by Simon Goodway

Author Karen McHale, an engineer, emergency planner and volunteer firefighter, has writtena book relating to emergency awareness.

Fire Station Buddies, was conceptualized as a series of books to inform and interest children in emergency safety and response, as well as to raise funds to aid the volunteer fire departments around the country.

These are Books 1 and 2 of that planned series and Ms. McHale also offers the opportunity for your child to become a Fire Station Buddy by visiting the website, www.firestationbuddies.com.

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Fire Station Buddies

Nelson Academy of Agriculture

Walkabout: London - Reflections on Open Source Learning
by John Taylor Gatto

Adapted from a talk given at the University of Washington, the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City, Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Brisbane Australia and Budapest, Hungary.

PART ONE: A Letter From Tulsa

Potter Stewart, a former US Supreme Court Justice, once remarked that he could not define hardcore pornography, but he knew it when he saw it. You could say the same thing about open-source learning, which is the subject of my meandering presentation. To define it precisely, to reduce it to a mere formula, is to ruin it. Nevertheless, I want to explain roughly what I’m trying to get at. In open-source, everything under the sun is a potential lesson; nothing is excluded automatically on grounds of age appropriateness, test scores, stage theories of human development, or anything else, and everybody alive or dead is a potential teacher, even mass murderers or the hopelessly insane. In open-source, teaching is a function, not a profession.

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Professor Toto

Barchowsky Hand Writing

Alfred Music

See-n-Read® Reading Tools
By Michael Leppert

Probably since Guttenberg's magical invention of the printing press, and reading print gradually became a part of everyone's life, Man been trying to find ways to make this process easier, faster and more efficient. A company in the Chicago area developed and patented a simple but ingenious solution to many of the reading problems children and adults experience.

The See-n-Read® tool is a transparent sheet of plastic, most of it a light blue, but with a clear strip across the middle (the ReadBar™) which you position on the line of text you want to read. The blue portion filters out distracting material on the page so you can focus on one line at a time. It's that simple!

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See N Read

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