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Dear Readers:

In this issue, our articles deal with two of the broader issues of homeschooling -- childhood development and family culture. Alison McKee, unschooling mom of two grown children writes “Car Seats and Unschooling” comparing the debilitation of keeping a little one in a car seat for hours on end with the debilitation that school can create. Our second article by Israel Wayne, “The Family Culture vs. Pop Culture” compares the rich family life of pre-Civil War America to the stark wasteland that exists today, centered around Pop Culture. We believe that each family is like its own little sovereign country and Israel’s piece supports that point of view. As homeschoolers ourselves, we thank you for homeschooling, as your efforts will produce vital, independent people who will likely be a boon to the rest of us and our children. And as always, thank you for reading our publications.

Michael Leppert

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Unschooling Ourselves: Car Seats and Unschooling
by Alison McKee

My husband, David, and I, along with our children, Christian and Georgina, used to make annual treks to Colorado and California to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. Since we always drove, we developed a list of favorite places to stay. One was Yellowstone. During the day, the four of us saw the sights, swam, and enjoyed leisurely time at our camp site. In the early evening, Christian and David (my son and husband, respectively) could fish to their hearts content while Georgina and I enjoyed programs put on by park naturalists. Once, my sister, Janet, her husband, Mark, and their two children joined us at our Yellowstone stop-over. Since Janet’s children were quite young (one still in diapers, the other a very energetic four-year-old) she and Mark decided to stay in a motel in West Yellowstone. We camped nearby. During the day, the cousins cavorted at our campsite while the adults visited and kept an eye on the young ones.

Alice, my sister’s one-year-old, and Jacob, the four-year-old, were entertained by our two children, then twelve and sixteen. As Georgina and Christian played with Jacob and Alice they were delighted. They were having fun watching their young cousins experience the joy of doing things for the first time: Wade in the cold waters of the Madison River and see bison and moose. Alice was learning to walk then too. One afternoon, during the younger children’s nap time, Georgina asked if she could visit the folks in the campsite next to ours. We had noticed the family: A mom, dad and two kids about the same age as Alice and Jacob, and figured there would be no harm in Georgina’s visiting them. With an OK from us, our social butterfly took off. Christian remained behind to tie flies and talk with the adults. Eventually, Georgina rejoined us.

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Homeschooling with Videos
By Mimi Rothschild

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video which is made up of millions of pictures worth?


Technology has propelled homeschooling out of textbooks at the kitchen table to anywhere there's an Internet connection. Whether it’s on a smartphone, tablet, notebook or laptop, homeschoolers boundaries -- while always grander than traditionally schooled kids -- have now soared into the stratosphere.

With massive resources like the newly launched BRAINTOPIA HomeSchooleLibrary....

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Lennon Leppert

The Family Culture vs. Pop Culture
by Israel Wayne

Although it is never objectively accurate to say that a certain time period was “the good old days,” there are many positive values that our society has lost in the past 150 years. One of the most tragic of these losses was the disintegration of the family culture, and especially multi-generational connections and legacies.

Because many of us have never experienced the benefits of the family culture in our lifetimes, we may not even recognize our collective loss. Imagine with me, if you can, a culture where you are surrounded with people who know and love you. There are parents, uncles and aunts, cousins, grandparents and even on occasion great-grandparents. Living, working, playing and worshiping with these loved-ones creates a wonderful sense of security and stability. You know who you are -- to a great extent -- because of your relationships with those of your surrounding family. Family can serve as a fixed reference point, linking you to geography and to the past in a way that no other friendship or community can.

Allow me to outline some of the paradigm shifts that have occurred in American culture over the past 150 years, bringing about a disconnected and individualist society which has replaced the previous family-centered culture.

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Nelson Academy of Agricultural Science
By Michael Leppert

If your child is interested in agricultural and/or veterinary pursuits, the Nelson Academy of Agricultural Science offers the perfect study solution — online agriculture courses! Or, maybe your child simply has an interest in taking an agriculture science course . . . Nelson Academy again provides the solution.

Mr. Leroy Nelson, founder of Nelson Academy, taught agriculture and advised FFA chapters for more than 15 years in his home state of Montana, and a five of his student FFA advisees are Montana state officials for the FFA. Since 2004, he has been the superintendent of the Opheim, MT, school district.

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