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Dear Readers:

This weekís edition of The Way Home features two articles by moms of grown homeschooled children. All four of the children are in their mid-to-late 20s and all are thriving well in their adult lives. Erin Chianese offers "Reflections On Roles", discussing the roles parents play and how children can be influenced by them. In our second offering, Alison McKee writes "Getting Out of Their Way" in which she discusses the finer points of allowing our children to learn about life in their own ways, just as they best learn academic skills, etc., as homeschoolers. We hope these articles shed light on your own concerns and provide you with encouragement and edification. As always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Dynamic Literacy

About a year ago I was in Florida for my sonís wedding and had the TV on while getting dressed. I happened upon one of my all time favorite shows, "Leave it to Beaver." In this episode, Wally was helping Beaver with his English homework, and Beaver was really struggling. Finally, in exasperation Beaver whined "English is really hard. Why do I have to learn this stuff anyway?" Wally replied "People judge you by the words you use Beav, and if you use crummy words, people will think youíre a creep!" I knew instantly that I was going to use those words. But you know, Beaver was right. Why is English so hard? Well, for starters itís HUGE. If you Google "number of English words", you will find estimates from over 500,000 to over 1,000,000 words. Unlike many other languages, there seem to be at least 2 words for just about everything in English. Sometimes there are 3 or 4. Why is this? For the answer to that, we need to go back to merry olde England in the year 1066. During the summer of 1066, you might have heard the following in many English households: Pu ure faeder, de eart on heofonum; Sy bin nama gehalgod. Cume din rice. Sy din walla on eordan swaswa on heofonum...

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Dynamic Literacy

Harris Communications

Reflections on Roles
Erin Chianese (mother of two grown homeschooled daughters)

I recall attending a mandatory parentsí meeting at my older daughterís ballet school for a production of "The Nutcracker." I knew we were expected to volunteer for the many jobs it takes to put on a big production. What I was not prepared for was the attitude presented in the opening statement by the mom who was the volunteer coordinator. "Last year there were three of us who did the bulk of the work. We did . . . AND we all have full-time jobs." Hmm, was this last sentence directed at those of us (95% were mothers in attendance) without full-time jobs? Here was a judgment on a fellow womanís choice to stay at home with her kids rather than work all day long away from them. Was this a statement of self-worth or her priorities? I could only sit there stunned at the sad state of our cultureís disrespect and misconstrued values.

Roles were originally defined biologically or anthropologically and they are not far off that mark today. Women are still caretakers and keepers of the hearth. Men are still providers and protectors. The unpleasantness of the volunteer coordinatorís statement was in its denial of the honorability of the traditional role. Her view was in direct opposition to someone who chose this motherhood role and to whom she assumed she was addressing in the meeting. She used it for guilt effect. What struck me was that it was acceptable. No one batted an eye.

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Smart Tutor

Chandler Company

Lennon Leppert

MATH DRAWINGS - Good Stuff For Teachers
By Emerson Sandow

Math Drawings by Mary Smale is an exciting multi-disciplinary method of incorporating art with math allowing students to create entire pictures using only basic geometric shapes. For over 30 years, Mary Smale taught algebra and other math disciplines in high school and middle school. During this time, she developed her unique math-based art lesson, originally used as a reward system for her 8th grade students.

Mary soon found that she was able to disguise new and old math vocabulary as instructions for drawing and, for the first time in her teaching career, she had 100% participation in her math lessons. Her students were able to combine their love for drawing with basic geometric principles to create "works of art". Mary later taught math and art on television for 2Ĺ on the Los Angeles based KLCS-TV program "Homework Hotline Teacher" and was ultimately convinced to write Math Drawings so her principles could be used by teachers in their art, history and special education classes.

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Math Drwaings

Nelson Academy of Agriculture

Getting Out of Their Way
by Alison McKee (mother of two grown homeschooled children)

Recently my husband and I were in the position of providing temporary housing for a young man who was trying to make the decision about whether or not to continue his college education. He had graduated in June, from a public school in his home town. The school was an accredited alternative school which provides education for children from kindergarten through their senior year. Our houseguest had been in attendance at the school since kindergarten. There, he had developed a love of learning that I felt was unequaled by most traditionally-schooled children. In fact, he reminded me of my own unschooled childrenís love of learning, and I was delighted that a public school had been able to educate a young person without dampening that love. In my experience, it is rare that children can graduate from a traditional educational institution and still feel connected to the joys that life-long learning can provide.

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Montessori Movement Matters

Movies As Literature


Ivy Bound SAT and ACT Prep

Ivy Bound wishes to introduce parents of homeschool teenage children to the services that we provide. We are familiar with home schooling and believe we can help, by providing additional assistance in required exams for college acceptance or for academics, especially with math and the sciences.

Ivy Bound is a test prep firm specializing in SAT and ACT preparation designed to improve a studentís college acceptance and scholarship potential. We now have more resources than any other national company for helping students excel in these tests. Not only do our tutors have a top 1% score in these tests, but we have developed our own materials specifically to enhance studentís test taking strategies.

Our instructors are intelligent, talented, and trained in our program and method of teaching. Our experience allows our instructors to quickly evaluate a studentís strengths and weaknesses, and mold the lesson plan to focus on the needed areas of improvement. There is a definite strategy involved in studying for and taking these tests. While that strategy may differ across individual students, there is always a way to help each student realize their maximum test-taking potential.

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Ivy Bound

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