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Dear Readers of The Way Home: In this issue, one of our two articles this week is to give you peace of mind and superb guidance in the challenge of homeschooling. The second one will make you shudder at the Common Core nonsense infiltrating the public school world and make you pleased that you are homeschooling. However, please do not become lazy in your vigilance. Your state legislature can move very quickly to make homeschooling "illegal" or more difficult than it is currently. Oklahoma is the only state that has parents’ rights to homeschool as part of the state constitution. The rest of us must always be vigilant! The peace-of-mind article is by Kim Kimble, a homeschooling mom of many years’ and children’s experience shares "What I Wish Someone Had Told Me at the Beginning". The Common Core article by Tracy Dunbar sheds light on this latest mass education effort and will provide you with enough information to pay attention to future developments. As always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Alexis Math Services – Online Tutoring To All
By Jennifer Nairne

Math can be a struggle for many students. Even with the individualized support and customizable curriculum parents can use in homeschooling, students might continue to struggle with specific areas or types of math. Sometimes excellent content and parents’ best intentions are not enough. Tutoring services are a great alternative, but can cost a fortune. Services offered by college students are less expensive, but are accompanied by less-than-stellar expectations since they are provided by inexperienced young adults.

Alexis M. Scott has been teaching and tutoring students in mathematics for more than 20 years, and as a college professor of Mathematics for over 18 years. Recognizing a real need in her community, she developed Alexis Math Services, a tutoring service to provide quality mathematics learning support in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Alexis helps students identify the underlying root of the problem content. She goes beyond “teaching to the test” and enables students to pass any exam for their age level. The goal for Alexis is to offer children and young adults the tools and skills they need to be successful math students, not to simply pass one specific test.

After several years of development, Alexis Math Services is now available to anyone. Students meet one-on-one with Alexis online and use an interactive online whiteboard to cover content and curricular instruction. Sessions are available for nearly every age and skill level, from elementary school through Probability and Statistics in college.

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Alexis Math Services

Nelson Academy of Agriculture

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me at the Beginning
by Kim Kimble

When I first began home educating, 16 years ago, I was very nervous. In part this fear was because everyone was always so positive about home education that I sometimes felt like I was buying snake oil. I searched for the negatives and couldn't find anyone to talk about them (other than the NEA, whom I didn't trust anyway). This is, in as honest a form as I can say it, what I wish someone had told me. My advice to new homeschoolers is as follows: Take from it what makes sense for your family, leave the rest.

1. Relax, have fun, enjoy each other. This is my one mandatory suggestion.

2. Be a facilitator. I make an effort not to be a teacher. Instead, I try to facilitate learning by providing resources, opportunities, information, materials, and sometimes suggestions. I also try to mentor, but I have been most successful when I have arranged for others to mentor my children on specific topics.

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Professor Toto

Woodland Hills Camera

Lennon Leppert

BookJewelry – Create a Unique Gift or Dress Up Your Next Read

Anyone who loves books for their own sake, can appreciate this novel accessory – a piece of fine jewelry as a Book Mark! Book Jewelry specializes in beautiful and very affordable book marks of colorful ribbons, various metals and beads of glass or crystal.

These fine book marks can be customized to any theme and company colors for promotional purposes and they make wonderful gifts for that bookophile in your life. They also can be used for fund raising, as they sell very well, and the Book Mark can be customized to the specific theme and colors of the organization for which the funds would apply.

You can create your own individual design for that special someone – or yourself – using their existing materials. For instance, they offer charm-bracelet-like metal pieces – a variety of Dragons; birds, including a beautiful Eagle, Cardinal, Dove, Heron and many more animals; cell phones, ballet slippers and a wide range of different items that you can combine with ribbons and beads of your choosing to create a truly personalized gift or Book Mark that shows your individual personality.

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Bookmark Jewelry


Common Core Standards What Do They Mean for Homeschoolers?
By Tracy Weissman Dunbar

Our schools have been quietly taken over. We are no longer teaching the skills and concepts that our kids need. Gone are the days of creativity, innovation, and personal growth: Here are the days of nationalized pigeonholing, segregation, dysfunction. It used to be that in America you could be whatever you dreamed you could be and you were allowed to change your mind if your dreams led you in a new direction. In the near future, kids will be allowed to be whatever their Pearson test score says they’re qualified to be, and nothing more, unless we, the loving parents and teachers, stand up and fight for our children.

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Barchowsky Hand Writing


Movies as Literature

Learning various fraction operations can be very difficult. In essence, it’s not the concept of the fraction that is difficult — it is the various operations (addition, multiplication, subtraction, simplifying, etc.) that make fractions difficult. Typically, children are taught to memorize innumerable rules that do not connect with anything else, about the operations. This generally leads to a blind following of the rules without any understanding of how or why they apply

Dr. Loyd’s Fraction Kit is an easy-to-use, hands-on mathematics manipulative designed to unravel the mystery of fraction operations and explain how they really work. Inventor, Dr. Loyd is the author of numerous academic articles and books and a commercial mathematics readiness test. With over 37 years of experience teaching instructors, school teachers and students, he is a highly-qualified and respected national and international workshop presenter and has developed an engaging and successful method of fraction instruction.

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Dr. Loyds Fraction kit

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