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Dear Readers:

Dear Readers: This week our two articles are by very experienced, veteran homeschooling parents and teaching professionals. First, Catherine Levison, homeschooling mom of five children and a long-time author, speaker and general expert in the Charlotte Mason method, brings Part 1 of "Parenting 411", with useful insight into parenting, homeschooled or not. Our second article is a "Mini History of Homeschooling" by Martin & Carolyn Forte, who raised two grown homeschooled daughters and own and operate the EIE Academy in Monrovia, CA, one of the best and most successful Resource Centers and ISPs in the state. We hope you benefit from these two excellent articles and pass them along to your friends. Please spread the word of our magazine, E-newsletter and websites to your friends, homeschoolers or not. Our writers and advertisers offer much valuable information to any parent! As always, thank you for reading our work.

Michael Leppert

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DJ Inkers: Clipart, Fonts & More
By Melissa Stepan

Whether you’re a school teacher, homeschooling mom or simply someone with artistic desires and scrapbooking interests – you will be pleased to know that you can find all the ideas and tools you will ever need at www.djinkers.com. Visit the website and view samples of cards, scrapbooks, tags, stationary, school ideas and more. Log on to their DJ Learning Center and get tips and hints on how to use DJ Inkers products such as clip art, stamps, fonts and scrapbooks supplies.

DJ Inkers, began in 1990 and experienced immediate success with their first Cut & Copy books. It was the only clip-art book with a distinct and whimsical style that was available in a craft store. DJ Inker's darling clip-art is now available for easy creating on your computer, along with their award-winning designer fonts. Both clip-art and fonts are available on CD or instantly with a digital download.

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DJ Inkers

Harris Communications

Realistic Charlotte Mason: Parenting 411, Part 1 of 2
by Catherine Levison

As the title suggests, we are going to cover some aspects of parenting because it has much to do with home education. If the television shows regarding nannies and the plentiful array of parenting books are any indication, then mothers and fathers have an interest, if not a need, to learn some skills in this area.

The old saying, “practice makes perfect” has been updated in our day to read, “Practice makes improvements.” For example, the more waffles I cook, the better I become at the task, and it is the same with raising my children. If I had given birth to all five on the same day I would have learned a thing or two as time went by. However, because I had them one at a time, I gained knowledge and experience that helped me with each successive child. But these are not waffles; they are people, who bring with them both challenges and fulfillments.

I think that parenting styles are very individual and the various methods will work for some families but not for others. It is a little like a set of house keys. Your set may look very similar to your neighbor’s keys, but try opening your front door with one of hers. Appearances can be deceiving, and not all methods and techniques will fit everybody.

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Draw Your World

Woodland Hills Camera


MATH DRAWINGS - Good Stuff For Teachers
By Emerson Sandow

Math Drawings by Mary Smale is an exciting multi-disciplinary method of incorporating art with math allowing students to create entire pictures using only basic geometric shapes. For over 30 years, Mary Smale taught algebra and other math disciplines in high school and middle school. During this time, she developed her unique math-based art lesson, originally used as a reward system for her 8th grade students.

Mary soon found that she was able to disguise new and old math vocabulary as instructions for drawing and, for the first time in her teaching career, she had 100% participation in her math lessons. Her students were able to combine their love for drawing with basic geometric principles to create "works of art". Mary later taught math and art on television for 2½ on the Los Angeles based KLCS-TV program "Homework Hotline Teacher" and was ultimately convinced to write Math Drawings so her principles could be used by teachers in their art, history and special education classes.

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Math Drwaings

Dr Heater

Past, Present, & Future of Homeschooling A MINI HISTORY LESSON
By Martin and Carolyn Forte

The modern homeschooling movement has been a very successful educational alternative for over thirty years and continues to grow in popularity and acceptability. The majority of you who are reading this article probably have no idea what it was like to be a homeschooler in the late 1970’s and early 80’s, the decades which represent the birth of the modern homeschool movement. Let’s take a few minutes and discuss the progression of homeschooling through the decades starting with the "pioneers", progressing to the "settlers" and ending with the latest members of the homeschool community, the "refugees."

As with any successful movement, it all starts with the pioneers. These are the individuals who had a vision, were willing to blaze the trail and take the arrows in the back. The original pioneers were composed of two very distinct groups. The first group were the hippies, living off the coast of Big Sur or the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, and were basically very happy smoking their happy grass and skinny-dipping. They really were interested in just doing their own thing and bringing their children with them. This resulted in a rather isolated group with very little organizational power or desire.

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Montessori Movement Matters

eLearning K-12

BookJewelry – Create a Unique Gift or Dress Up Your Next Read

Anyone who loves books for their own sake, can appreciate this novel accessory – a piece of fine jewelry as a Book Mark! Book Jewelry specializes in beautiful and very affordable book marks of colorful ribbons, various metals and beads of glass or crystal.

These fine book marks can be customized to any theme and company colors for promotional purposes and they make wonderful gifts for that bookophile in your life. They also can be used for fund raising, as they sell very well, and the Book Mark can be customized to the specific theme and colors of the organization for which the funds would apply.

You can create your own individual design for that special someone – or yourself – using their existing materials. For instance, they offer charm-bracelet-like metal pieces – a variety of Dragons; birds, including a beautiful Eagle, Cardinal, Dove, Heron and many more animals; cell phones, ballet slippers and a wide range of different items that you can combine with ribbons and beads of your choosing to create a truly personalized gift or Book Mark that shows your individual personality.

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Bookmark Jewelry

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