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IN THIS ISSUE, we feature an article by the very popular, John Taylor Gatto, 30-year Manhattan junior high teacher and a powerful voice for homeschooling: “A Conspiracy Against Ourselves”. Our second very on-point article is by another popular author, speaker and homeschooling mom of two grown children, Alison McKee, “Finding Mentors for Our Children” Part 1. We will publish Part 2 in next week’s edition of TWH. If we can ever provide you with information to ease and enhance your homeschooling journey, please e-mail any of us with your questions; we will be pleased to help. As always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Our Land Publications
By Joseph Grayhaim

Homeschooling families tend to value truth and accuracy in the curricula and materials they use. Political correctness, subjective judgments and other intrusions and distortions of fact are typically not welcome in the homeschooling environment - the avoidance of such obstacles to understanding is what makes many families opt for homeschooling to begin with.

Our Land Publications offers four periodic sets for the study of history and geography, each one centering upon a state: California, Texas, Illinois and Indiana. The homeschooling family can utilize a set as the core curriculum study or as a supplement to another book - especially in areas where certain textbooks are required for use.

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Our Land Publications


A Conspiracy Against Ourselves
by John Taylor Gatto, excerpted from “The Underground History of American Education” [Copyright 2014 by John Taylor Gatto. All rights reserved.]

A lower middle class which has received secondary or even university education without being given any corresponding outlet for its trained abilities was the backbone of the twentieth century Fascist Party in Italy and the National Socialist Party in Germany. The demoniac driving force which carried Mussolini and Hitler to power was generated out of this proletariat’s exasperation at finding its painful efforts at self-improvement were not sufficient. --Arnold Toynbee, A Study of History

Two Social Revolutions Become One

Solve this problem and school will heal itself: children know that schooling is not fair, not honest, not driven by integrity. They know they are devalued in classes and grades, * that the institution is indifferent to them as individuals. The rhetoric of caring contradicts what school procedure and content says, that many children have no tolerable future and most have a sharply proscribed one. The problem is structural. School has been built to serve a society of associations: corporations, institutions, and agencies. Kids know this instinctively. How should they feel about it? How should we?

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Peterson Handwriting

Simply Fun

Harris Communications

Assessment by Valerie Schuetta, M.A. Reading Specialist

As a Reading Specialist, I am always looking for fun, engaging activities that will enhance my students’ success in reading. The students I work with are considered high-risk for reading failure, so it is important to me that they are highly motivated and engaged in the lesson. The lessons I present consist of letter and sound activities, sight words, a phonemic awareness lesson, and reading for fluency. I especially like teaching phonemic awareness because it is the one component of reading that I feel you can have the most fun with and the activities can be very engaging, especially to younger students.

As any Reading Specialist knows, if a reading program is to be effective, especially for beginner readers, phonemic awareness should be at the top of the list, and for good reason. If a child is going to become a successful reader, how well he or she does with phonemic awareness will significantly improve their success in reading. I am always searching for new ways to teach phonemic awareness, especially lessons that appeal to the different learning styles.

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Smart Tutor

Bright Lines Paper

Finding Mentors for Our Children Part 1
By Alison McKee

In my book, Homeschooling Our Children, Unschooling Ourselves, I often discussed situations where my children worked with mentors. Since the publication of the book, many parents have asked how to go about finding mentors for their children. In answer, I say that finding mentors is not difficult if we follow the lead our kids give us. Here, I am going to explain more thoroughly what I mean. I will draw heavily on my children’s experiences. Our intention, as parents setting out to unschool our children, was to immerse them in the life of our community from an early age. In some ways, finding my son’s first mentor happened quite by accident. One of our regular family outings, when the children were little, was to go to the library. When Christian was four or five, he developed a special relationship with one our librarians. That relationship was a very informal mentoring relationship. Christian simply enjoyed asking Roger, the librarian, questions and Roger enjoyed answering them. If he couldn’t answer them, Roger showed Christian how he researched to find answers to questions he didn’t know. It didn’t take long before Christian’s arrival at the library was met with a small stack of books that Roger had held aside, during the course of our week’s absence, thinking that they might interest Christian. Christian’s first mentor had been found and I’d done nothing to make it happen.

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Discovery Institute

American Academy

Great Homeschool Convention

Movies as Literature

Brain In A Bag
By Michael Leppert

Brain in a Bag is a simple but effective kit of unique items, designed to help the user develop Whole Brain Thinking -- shown by scientists to explain why some students and athletes seem to function in the Zone more often than others. To be in the Zone is a right hemisphere ability -- also called subconscious functioning. Most people don't get into the right brain. Imagination is a right-brain function. These well-known people can see things unfolding in slow motion, seem to know what is going to happen before it does and perform with apparently less stress and effort while obtaining superior results.

Some of history's whole brain thinkers are obvious -- Leonardo DaVinci, Michelangelo, Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Bob Cousy, Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Peyton Manning, Pete Sampras, Roger Federer and other tennis players, Thomas Edison and many more. They all are, or were, ambidextrous and the good news is that anyone can become ambidextrous with the result being that s/he will be developing the right hemisphere and ultimately, the whole brain.

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Brain In A Bag

Museum Section

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