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In this issue, our articles shed light on two significant topics: Financial Awareness and Geography with Games. First off is Elisabeth Donati’s “Financial Education Needs a Facelift” and secondly, Carolyn Forte’s “Teaching Geography with Games”! We want to remind you that our advertisers are here to serve your needs with their products. Much work goes into developing these products or services and they offer much potential benefit to the homeschooling family. Thank you for reading our publications and thank you for homeschooling! Michael Leppert

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

American Academy - Christian-based Homeschool Academy, pre-K-High School

By Ellen Meade

The variety of Christian-based homeschooling resources has grown exponentially over the last few years. Homeschooling support groups, online curricula, and subject-specific materials can be readily found. However, it has become more difficult to find traditional, comprehensive, Christian-based curricula for home study. Lesson plans are often complex and require intense preparation or expensive materials - time and money are two things that are in short supply for many families. Ask yourself: Do you believe education should come before socialization? Do you believe homeschooling curricula should develop a strong Christian character? Do you want your child’s education to instill a love for our country and a desire to perpetuate our American heritage?

American Academy has developed an entire academic program emphasizing the development of personal character and Christian family values. The Founder and President of American Academy, Marvin L. Reynolds, has more than 30 years of educational experience. His deeply-held Christian convictions form the backbone to the educational goals of American Academy. The staff, including Mr. Reynolds, are ready to support parents in their homeschooling endeavors. In addition to offering parents guidance and educational expertise, American Academy provides record-keeping -- report cards, transcripts, diplomas, and graduation services. From curriculum, to socialization, American Academy is ready and eager to help every parent become a successful homeschooling educator.

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American Academy

Financial Education Needs a Facelift
By Elisabeth Donati, http://www.creativewealthintl.org/

A large percentage of parents believe that the only way their children are going to succeed in life is by going to college in order to get a good, safe, steady job with great benefits. Those jobs, however, are harder to come by these days.

In addition, you’ve probably noticed that life has changed in the past couple of decades and so has the way we work for a living. The state of our economy, increased global competition, and the ability to make money via the Internet have tweaked what used to work for a large percentage of Americans. We must begin to prepare our children for other ways of ‘making it’ in the world.

What if we begin looking at college as “A” way and not “THE” way to prepare young adults for life? These are just a few of the issues with depending on a college degree these days:

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Calvert School

AMerican Cap n Gown

Yes Japan

Great Homeschool Conventions Brings Homeschoolers Three Exciting Events Nationwide in 2014

The year 2014 will be an exciting conference one for homeschoolers who attend one of the three locations of Great Homeschool Conventions (GHC): Greenville, SC; Cincinnati, OH and Ontario, CA (https://www.greathomeschoolconventions.com). Each conference will offer over 200 speaking sessions & over 200 vendors.

The team at GHC has prepared excellent resources at all three that will serve and entertain their attendees, giving them the boost that such an event is so valuable for. Rubbing elbows with other homeschooling families, hearing great speakers live and having access to great vendors all in one weekend, is powerful and uplifting for months afterward.

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Great Homeschool Convention


Learning about Animal Habitats with Games and Activities
By Carolyn Forte

Geography is such an enormous subject and so poorly taught in schools, that many parents feel intimidated and are unsure where to start. Since in truth, geography is everything (politics, science, culture, history, etc.), beginning with familiar things and working outward is an easy way to go about it. Starting with animals and their habitats will create an interest in maps and the world in general.

The Ladybug Game from Zobmondo is a great way to start learning about the habitat in your own yard. A very engaging first board game for age three and up, it introduces children to the interdependence of ladybugs, aphids and grasshoppers. As an added bonus, children practice counting and number recognition as they play. Only a few minutes are needed to play, keeping this game well within the short attention span of small children. Instead of dice, The Ladybug Game uses cards to determine how many spaces you must move forward or backward. The cards have large numbers on them with a plus or minus sign to tell you which way to move. Some of the spaces have written directions, so an adult or older child should participate.

The Ladybug Game comes with a charming story about the ladybugs, which you can read to your child before playing the game. Afterwards, if the season is right, you can go outside and look for ladybugs, aphids, grasshoppers, etc. and talk about the places they like to live and what they eat. If you want a hands-on activity to continue learning about bugs and insects and their habitats, you might want to get an ant farm, a butterfly pavilion or even a little terrarium. A wonderful picture book to go along with your study is The Icky Bug Alphabet Book by Jerry Pallotta and Ralph Masiello. For a little more information, Pet Bugs: A Kid’s Guide to Catching and Keeping Touchable Insects by Sally Kneidel is a good choice.

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Camping Maxx - Bug Out Fast

Houghton Mifflin Skills Tutor

Woodloch Resort

Movies as Literature

Ivy Bound SAT and ACT Prep

Ivy Bound wishes to introduce parents of homeschool teenage children to the services that we provide. We are familiar with home schooling and believe we can help, by providing additional assistance in required exams for college acceptance or for academics, especially with math and the sciences.

Ivy Bound is a test prep firm specializing in SAT and ACT preparation designed to improve a student’s college acceptance and scholarship potential. We now have more resources than any other national company for helping students excel in these tests. Not only do our tutors have a top 1% score in these tests, but we have developed our own materials specifically to enhance student’s test taking strategies.

Our instructors are intelligent, talented, and trained in our program and method of teaching. Our experience allows our instructors to quickly evaluate a student’s strengths and weaknesses, and mold the lesson plan to focus on the needed areas of improvement. There is a definite strategy involved in studying for and taking these tests. While that strategy may differ across individual students, there is always a way to help each student realize their maximum test-taking potential.

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Ivy Bound


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