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Andrew Pudewa is one of the most popular homeschool conference presenters in homeschooling. He is the owner of the Institute for Excellence in Writing, and using his excellent DVD program, he has helped many, many students master the art of “creative” writing – one of the most important skills one can possess. In this issue, we present Mr. Pudewa’s “The Art of Teaching a Skill” to aid you in guiding your child in this most-important academic pursuit. Our second article, to assist parents in helping their children prepare for taking a standardized test, is by Curt Bumcrot, “Six Tips for Getting Good Achievement Test Results”. Please remember that our advertisers are presented to you because their products or services are excellent and we wish to connect you and them for mutual benefit. As always, thank you for homeschooling and for reading our publications. Michael Leppert

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

English From The Roots Up
By Linda K. Foster

I can’t count the number of times in my life that I’ve said, "it’s Greek to me" meaning, of course, that I didn’t understand something. After reading English From The Roots Up, developed to provide a foundation for the English language through the study of root words, I realized that not only the things I don’t understand, but, also, most of the things I do understand are "Greek to me". "Just as phonics helps children figure out what words are, Latin and Greek help them figure out what words mean." This quote by Joegil K. Lundquist, author of English From The Roots Up provides a simple explanation for learning the Latin and Greek roots for English words. In the introduction, Ms. Lundquist opines, "Without an early working knowledge of these indispensable components of their language, children are handicapped in their ability to use words well."

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Literacy Unlimited


Six Tips for Getting Good Achievement Test Results
By Curt Bumcrot, MRE, http://www.creativewealthintl.org/


End of the year achievement testing is now here, and in many states it’s a requirement. It’s one thing to possess a set of skills, but another to be able to demonstrate them in a test setting which may be unfamiliar and feel uncomfortable to the student. Below are six tips that, if followed, will increase the likelihood of a positive and successful test experience.

For the Child

1. Proper Rest

To do well one must feel his best. Your child should receive an adequate amount of sleep the night before the testing so that he will be alert and ready to put in a full morning's work.

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Simply Fun

Runkle Publishing

Incorporate Your Own Material -- History, the Bible, etc., into ACE Reader Pro, Reading Program!

ACE Reader Pro Deluxe is an inventive and unique program in the reading-improvement world. It contains a number of features that set it apart from any other product available. The first feature is the Online Reader Expert Mode that allows users to download their own material into the software and use it for increasing speed and comprehension!

ACE Reader Pro Deluxe allows homeschool parents to enjoy the flexibility of downloading reading materials appropriate for use in their particular homes. Parents can use this option to incorporate history, literature, the Bible and Bible study lessons, etc. into the reading program and then exercise full control over what and how their children read.

Also standard with AceReader Pro Deluxe are the built-in editors that allow customization of the drills, tests and games, using imported text and the readability statistics analysis tool that gauges the complexity and grade level of the text. Parents won’t have to wonder whether or not the text they import is age-appropriate for their child. This program will automatically calculate the information for them.

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Ace Reader Pro

Movies as Literature

The Art of Teaching a Skill or, The Skill of Teaching an Art
By Andrew Pudewa, Inst. for Excellence in Writing, http://www.excellenceinwriting.com/

MORTIMER ADLER, IN HIS PAIDEIA PROPOSAL calling for a return to a classical curriculum, points out one of the major problems of modern education: the confusion of Information, Ideas, and Skills. While Information (facts) is primarily learned through memorization and can be assessed on a percentage-success basis, Ideas are different—they are infinite and can’t be easily assessed with the same mechanical right-or-wrong method. “What percentage of the concept of inflation do you understand?” is a nonsensical question, since the concept of inflation could be studied for a lifetime. Discussion is essential for the development of understanding of ideas and concepts.

He goes on to point out that learning a skill is even more different; it can’t be developed either by memorization or by discussion. It must be practiced. And the modern problem is that we often try, especially in schools, to teach everything like it’s Information, since that’s what’s easiest to assess, and then we end up teaching to the test. The skill of teaching concepts through discussion and the art of teaching skills through coaching can both be easily lost somewhere between the Scantron® form and the PowerPoint file.

My professional training and background is in music. I spent the first half of my adult life as a full-time teacher of violin and young children’s music classes, so I am acutely aware that coached practice is the key to developing the skill of playing an instrument. Others may have experience in dance or sports, cooking or fine arts—things that humans do, and can only learn by doing. Often we link the idea of artistic activity with creativity and self-expression, but here again we are infected with a modernism that actually impedes the development of skills. “If it’s creative, it’s good; if it’s good, it has to be creative,” is the dominant mantra so evident today—a tragedy so often outplayed in the fine arts departments of most universities, where the way to an A is not to draw or paint or sculpt something beautiful, but to do something that no one else has ever done before, no matter how ugly or grotesque.

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American Academy


Woodloch Resort

Great Homeschool Conventions Brings Homeschoolers Three Exciting Events Nationwide in 2014

The year 2014 will be an exciting conference one for homeschoolers who attend one of the three locations of Great Homeschool Conventions (GHC): Greenville, SC; Cincinnati, OH and Ontario, CA (https://www.greathomeschoolconventions.com). Each conference will offer over 200 speaking sessions & over 200 vendors.

The team at GHC has prepared excellent resources at all three that will serve and entertain their attendees, giving them the boost that such an event is so valuable for. Rubbing elbows with other homeschooling families, hearing great speakers live and having access to great vendors all in one weekend, is powerful and uplifting for months afterward.

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Great Homeschool Convention

Choir 21

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