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In this edition, our two articles address “How Unschoolers Prepare for College” by Alison McKee and “Left-handed Writers” by Nan Barchowsky. We hope you enjoy and benefit from the information contained within them. Thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert

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Real Authentic Women

Peterson Directed Handwriting
By Randy Nelson

Letters are taught much like you would teach a line dance or aerobic exercise routine. The strategy is easy to use. The teacher handbook provides a daily lesson outline that focuses on process instruction - where to start, which way to go AND how to move.

The basic lesson includes four steps: Illustrate & Describe, Air Writing, Finger Tracing and finally, Write & Say. "Action Words" create a rhythmic template for the movements during all four steps.

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Peterson Handwriting

Vegan Casa

How Do Unschoolers Prepare For College?
By Alison McKee

Whether you are a practicing unschooler or are considering the unschooling option, I’m pretty certain you have put some thought into your child’s future. That future may include a college education. If it does, rest assured that unschooling can be a wonderful way to prepare for college admissions.

College preparation becomes a parental goal at different times in the lives of children. In some families, there is the expectation that all children will go to college. In other families, college is seen as one of many life choices a child may make. No matter when we begin having serious thoughts about college, there are certain things we, as parents, can do which will help keep the doors of college open, should our children want to go.

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Simply Fun

Camping Maxx - Bug Out Fast

Yes Japan

AVKO Why Be An AVKO Member? Benefits Abound for Dyslexia, ADD, ADHD Learning Help for Only $25!
By Joseph Grayhaim

3084 Willard Road
Birch Run, MI 48415
(866) 285-6612

For 40 years, Don McCabe’s AVKO Educational Research Foundation has been accomplishing its stated mission to bring literacy to all people, regardless of learning disabilities or challenges, with free or low-cost materials.

AVKO offers a special individual Membership package of benefits that make it worth much more than the price of $25. Members receive over $700 worth of FREE e-books, including these great titles:

• The Patterns of English Spelling (All 10 Volumes) with Word Families in Sentence Context
• To Teach a Dyslexic
• Starting at Square One

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Left-handed Writers
by Nan J. Barchowsky, http://www.BFHhandwriting.com

Is your child left-handed? If he or she is young, hand dominance may not yet be evident. Watch for the hand that reaches for a toy, pushes a door open, or throws a ball. If a child, young or older, changes hands for different tasks, he or she may be ambidextrous. Many teachers, and even pediatric occupational therapists fret over the establishment of hand dominance. Why? Adults who can work with either hand are blessed.

If you are right-handed, and teaching a left-hander you may feel unsure about how to go about it. It’s far less difficult than you may imagine.

Left-handers who write poorly are often pardoned with, “But he is left-handed.” It is not the fault of handedness. Our Western alphabet favors right-handers, but it need not be difficult for left-handers. Many write as well as right-handers. Both learn best at an early age with a good program. Nevertheless, older kids can resolve legibility and speed issues too.

Posture and paper placement are critical. A hooked wrist is hurtful if a handwriting session is prolonged. Wrists are designed to be straight most of the time. Place the paper to the student’s left and tilt it so the top of the page is tilted to the right. Sit comfortably at a table or desk, and with a straight and relaxed wrist, pull a line down toward the writer’s elbow. If the posture and paper position are good the slant of downstrokes will be forward at about 5°. The exact slant of the letters is of little importance as long as it is consistent, and not so excessive that letters become squashed.

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The Reading Game

Discovery Institute

Learning Rivers

Press for Learning’s Building Foundations for Scientific Understanding Science Curriculum

Science is such a broad landscape that many teachers and parents can be completely stumped as to what to teach, when to teach it, and where to start. Press for Learning’s curriculum, “Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding” (BFSU) lays out lessons that address and integrate all the major areas of science and build understanding in a logical systematic manner.

Developed by career scientist, teacher, and observer of how children learn, Dr. Bernard Nebel, BFSU sets out a logical, step-by-step path in three volumes, that allow the teacher to confidently go forward with teaching, knowing that the appropriate grade level will be covered and the sequence will lead to successful learning.

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Press For Learning


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