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This week one of our two articles, by veteran homeschooling mom and writer, Karen Lange, asks “Will It Matter In 10 Years?” which is a very pertinent question we all ask ourselves from time to time. Our second article, “Financial Education Needs a Facelift” points out relevant information our children need and one of the great advantages of homeschooling – you can teach your child the real-life skills necessary for a well-adjusted adulthood, instead of the twaddle and baby food that institutional school typically offers. As always, thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert


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Real Authentic Women

The Speech Wizard

Shawn Manvell is a Licensed Speech-Language Pathologist, Pediatric Feeding Therapy, and Assistive Technology Specialist. She owns a private practice in Camarillo California where she lives with her 5 year old daughter, two horses, two dogs and two cats. She holds a master’s degree in Communication Disorders & Sciences from California State University, Northridge. For over 20 years Shawn has dedicated herself to helping families with children who have special developmental needs. She has volunteered at United Cerebral Palsy, therapeutic horseback riding, and as a respite care provider for various families and agencies.

Shawn was persuaded to become a speech-language therapist through different occurrences in her life. A combination of experiences, events, and people influenced her career path decision, starting with childhood helping her younger brother’s delayed speech and language development, and continuing into her professional work now at her private practice. With each experience, Shawn has the fortunate opportunity to see, feel, and hear the differences she makes to positively impact children’s lives. With a lifelong dedication and passion to the field of speech-language pathology, she feels that she practices with the highest of standards to greatly improve people’s quality of life through communication skills. She is determined, as well as confident in her ability, to continue and expand the feeling of gratification and satisfaction that she receives from providing quality services as a speech-language pathologist and assistive technology specialist.

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The Speech Wizard

Zion Academy

Financial Education Needs a Facelift
By Elisabeth Donati, http://www.creativewealthintl.org/

A large percentage of parents believe that the only way their children are going to succeed in life is by going to college in order to get a good, safe, steady job with great benefits. Those jobs, however, are harder to come by these days.

In addition, you’ve probably noticed that life has changed in the past couple of decades and so has the way we work for a living. The state of our economy, increased global competition, and the ability to make money via the Internet have tweaked what used to work for a large percentage of Americans. We must begin to prepare our children for other ways of ‘making it’ in the world.

What if we begin looking at college as “A” way and not “THE” way to prepare young adults for life? These are just a few of the issues with depending on a college degree these days:

College isn’t designed to help young adults be financially successful. Rarely do college grads have to take personal finance courses in college.

The jobs graduates THINK are going to be waiting for them aren’t, and the ones that ARE, pay far less than they expect.

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Calvert School

Our Land Publications

Nelson Academy of Agriculture

BookShark – Full curriculum for K-8
By Janet Esposito

Learning should be engaging, rewarding, and fun. However, as many homeschooling families can attest, it is challenging to constantly find activities and academic programs that fulfill the promise of what learning should be like. Oftentimes, parents are struggling to force their student to complete work they find “boring” and require additional activities and resources for parents to seek out and plan for themselves. These experiences do not reflect the goal of many homeschooling families: To become active participants in their child’s education and to offer their kids that learning environment that is engaging, rewarding, and fun. Instead, parents are constantly planning and endlessly struggling. There is a better way – BookShark.

BookShark is a secular, literature-based homeschooling curriculum for grades K-8. The entire academic program utilizes multiple literature-based resources to learn each subject from a variety of viewpoints. The goal is to promote crucial skills your child will use throughout adulthood: “To think broadly, research widely, and act wisely.” Students are challenged to develop interconnections between subjects, actively demonstrating a “whole learning” approach. This allows students to better understand all academic subjects, while developing strong listening skills, building communication skills, enhancing critical thinking skills, and encouraging an overall love of reading.

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Book Shark

NUV Academy

Will It Matter in Ten Years?
By Karen Lange

What do you do now as a homeschool family that will matter in ten years? Everything; right? Maybe. Or maybe not.

If not, then how do we know what’s important? So much seems necessary and it’s easy to become overwhelmed with curriculum and programs, methods and styles, testing, co-ops, field trips and extracurricular stuff. It’s enough to make a homeschool parent run for the hills.

Rather than heading for those hills (unless you’re vacationing, of course), try looking at things from a different angle. Gain perspective by stepping back and looking at the big picture.

Case in point, about ten years ago, I tutored a young homeschooled teen who needed help with reading and writing. His mom fretted greatly over his challenges. As she and I reviewed his work one day, it occurred to me that none of this would matter in ten years. He was a bright student, I told her, making slow but steady progress, and in a decade, these hurdles would be but a blip on the radar screen. Someday this would all be a memory.

This theme stuck with me, and I thought about what it means in relation to raising and educating children.

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Learning Rivers

Branson Academy

Dollar Homeschool


Easy Grammar Systems – Grammar texts for grades 2-12
Assessed by Jennifer Nairne


Easy Grammar Systems has developed a series of texts for students that finally make the English language approachable for everyone. Struggling students, English Language Learners, accelerated students – all children can benefit from using this innovative approach to grammar instruction. In one study, conducted of students using the texts, 85% increased their test scores by at least 20%; almost half of the students bumped their test grade up one level. This is most likely due to the strong emphasis on content mastery found throughout the Easy Grammar Systems series.

The key features of the Easy Grammar texts is author Wanda C. Phillips’s use of the “prepositional approach” and encouraging students to engage with grammar “hands-on”. While she is not the original developer of the prepositional approach, Dr. Phillips immediately understood how to translate it into a classroom environment. By combining this innovative approach with various other methods that she found effective in her years as a teacher, Dr. Phillips developed a series of texts that ensure every student will master the concepts and succeed in grammar.

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Easy Grammar

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