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As we peer into the unknown of the coming “school” year, we must steel ourselves and reconfirm our commitment to teach our children ourselves and provide them with the primary influence that is the parents’ role. Whether you believe in a God-given edict or a biologically inherent edict, parents are to model human-ness for their children, as well as provide academic guidance. In this issue, we offer “Volunteering, Part 1” by Cafi Cohen, one of the most popular writers and speakers in the homeschooling world. We will carry Part 2 next week. Our second article is “Homeschooling High School” by Jeanne Gowen Dennis, popular T.V. hostess, author and speaker. We offer our magazine for free to anyone who wishes it, simply by sending us your US Mail address, which we keep confidential. Please tell your friends about our publications and stay opted-in to our E-news. In the future, we will have many excellent offers and information to edify your homeschooling experience. Thank you for reading.

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Real Authentic Women

Clark Financial Group, Inc. – Solutions for Funding College
By Janet Esposito

“What career is best for me? What college is best for me? How am I going to pay for college?” Helping your student prepare for entering college is similar to taking on a part-time job. There is school selection, entrance-exam preparation, and admissions letters – all incredibly time-consuming efforts for both parent and students. But for parents, the scariest part of the entire process is the cost of secondary education. Tuition, books, meal plans, housing, all add up quickly.

Fortunately, we all know there is financial aid available. Federal money, state money, athletic scholarships, institutional scholarships, private institution grant money – there are all kinds of financial aid available to those who qualify. But where do you begin? There are so many moving parts; so many balls to juggle. The entire endeavor can feel absolutely overwhelming for busy parents, especially those families struggling through these difficult economic times.

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Clark Financial

Inspired Scholar

by Cafi Cohen

At age 13, our daughter, Tamara, volunteered one-half day each week in a veterinary clinic. Her initial duties were mundane: Filing, answering common questions, making appointments, and escorting animals and their owners to examination rooms.

Once she mastered those tasks and the staff had gotten to know her, Tamara progressed to weighing animals, taking vital signs, assisting with examinations and treatments, making up inoculations, and preparing laboratory specimens (all well-supervised, of course). After several months, she could identify common microscopic veterinary parasites. Several times she was invited to observe and assist with biopsies and autopsies on dogs, cats, and horses.

Quite an experience! We ended up calling it “Tamara’s Middle School Life Science Course.” Judging from some preteens I have interviewed who took "real" middle school life science, Tamara learned a lot more. Unlike her schooled friends, she had no text, no exams – just real-world biology, microscopy (with a much nicer microscope than you would find in any secondary school), parasitology, and a smattering of chemistry and math. It was nice for me, the homeschooling parent, also. My responsibilities began and ended as a chauffeur.

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alphabet workout

Montessori Services


Irlen – Colored Spectral Lenses To Resolve Reading Problems
By Janet Esposito

I hate driving at night. It isn’t the darkness that is difficult to navigate through – it’s the glowing and flashing of lights surrounding the car. I also have problems with depth perception and I am prone to wearing my sunglasses all the time. It’s a big joke in our family because no one else relates to my issues. Does any of this sound familiar? Maybe reading is an issue. Does reading too long cause you headaches? Or does reading make you sleepy? For anyone who has similar experiences, please keep reading to learn more about how you are not alone and how symptoms may be easily corrected. But for all of those parents who cannot relate, please talk to your kids to see if they may be experiencing symptoms. Many people go their entire lives without realizing such symptoms are abnormal – effecting their academic performance, professional success, and self-confidence. There is a scientifically-proven biological cause: Irlen Syndrome.

As a researcher working with an adult population, Helen Irlen wanted to examine those educational issues that continued into lifelong problems. She soon found herself investigating “reading problems.” Adults with continued reading problems reported that the print they were reading was “not stable,” or “not clear,” or “uncomfortable,” and that reading caused them to become sleepy and/or caused headaches. After eliminating eye problems and other medical causes, Ms. Irlen systematically worked through the theories and research that had been published. Her findings showed surprising results. Some of these individuals showed drastic improvements in their reading ability when using colored acetate sheets laid on top of the reading material. But now they wanted to see that way all the time.

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High School: A Great Time to Homeschool
by Jeanne Gowen Dennis

Would you like to homeschool your children through high school? Are you afraid to try? If so, you are not alone. Many homeschool parents consider quitting after eighth grade because high school “counts for college.” However, thousands of other parents have persevered, and colleges all over America have welcomed homeschool graduates.

Should you homeschool high school? Before you decide, review your original reasons for homeschooling. Was it for academic excellence, family unity, or spiritual growth? Was it to give your children the freedom to pursue their interests? Whatever your reasons, they are probably still valid. If your main purpose was to replace negative peer influences with positive parental ones, then high school is one of the most important times to homeschool.


Even though each year brings new academic challenges, teaching high school is not as frightening as it seems. Each grade is just a little bit harder than the one before. If you have come this far, then you can go one more step, and then another, and another. Though the difficulty increases, the rewards multiply as your children grow in knowledge, self-confidence, and responsibility.

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Calvert School

Branson Academy

American Academy


The Reading Game – Learn-to-Read Game for Ages 4 and Up
By Janet Esposito


The Reading Game is an amazing tool for all homeschoolers learning to read. Whether you have a pre-schooler, who is ready to move on from pictures, or if you’re teaching the basics to your kindgartener, or even if you are looking for resources for your struggling reader – The Reading Game is for you.. After completing all the levels of The Reading Game, your student will be able to read 180 new sight words. And it meets criteria for four skill sets in the Common Core Standards for Language and Literacy Arts. Although it may sound too good to be true, this program has been field-tested in a variety of settings (both in public school and homeschool settings) with amazing results.

There are six color-coded levels to progress through in The Reading Game: Skunk (red), Snake (orange), Bear (yellow), Penguins (green), Unicorn (blue), and Zebra (purple). Each character has cards to play the “matching game,” 3 large flashcards, and a book. All the materials are extremely well-made, user-friendly, and contained within a small box. The stories are fanciful and fun – perfect for sparking your young reader’s imagination.

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The Reading Game

Writing Strands

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