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This issue, we present two very different articles for your reading enjoyment. First, Tracy Weissman Dunbar addresses the Core Curriculum controversy. As we know, Knowledge is power. In a completely different and happier vein, we have an article about the peaceful Ohio Amish country by Janet Esposito. We hope you benefit from these articles and all of our websites and magazines. The new digital edition of our print magazine is available on our website www.homeschoolmagazine.com. Thank you for reading.

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Rocket Math App  Basic Math Facts Learning Game for K-5
By Janet Esposito

For 15 years, homeschoolers and public schools across the country have been using Rocket Math, the highly successful supplemental practice curriculum. Using paper and pencil, worksheet-based math fact worksheets, students practice learning math facts in pairs or with a parent at home. The scientifically proven success has been a hit in classrooms nationwide, but now parents can take this educational experience to the next level using the Rocket Math app for iPhones and iPads. Continue to use your own broader math curricula while supplementing with Rocket Math games that your kids will love. The Rocket Math app is free and the science behind its success is well-documented.

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Rocket Math

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Common Core Standards What Do They Mean for Homeschoolers?
By Tracy Weissman Dunbar

Our schools have been quietly taken over. We are no longer teaching the skills and concepts that our kids need. Gone are the days of creativity, innovation, and personal growth: Here are the days of nationalized pigeonholing, segregation, dysfunction. It used to be that in America you could be whatever you dreamed you could be and you were allowed to change your mind if your dreams led you in a new direction. In the near future, kids will be allowed to be whatever their Pearson test score says theyre qualified to be, and nothing more, unless we, the loving parents and teachers, stand up and fight for our children.

Kris Nielson, Children of the Core

Until very recently, the new Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI) has been a well-kept secret. Sweeping education reforms in the American schools first started in the early 1900s and have been re-introduced every couple of decades, so these initiatives are not new ideas. Also, they are not state-led. In 1994, a former political activist and radical Weather Underground member, Bill Ayers, and Brazilian Marxist, Paolo Freire, joined forces to form the CES (Coalition of Essential Schools). This would later morph into the Chicago-based Achieve, Inc, with a young upstart and community organizer named Barack Obama serving on the board of directors. Together with David Coleman, Linda Darling Hammond, and Bill and Melinda Gates who bankrolled the initial millions, the CCSSI was planned. As each English and Math standard (with full curricula and new methods of teaching) began to be unveiled, the new programs were tested in Chicago, DC, Massachusetts, and California (2004-2008).

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Math Nook


American Cap & Gown
By Michael Leppert

P.O. Box 115
Springfield, NJ 07081

One element of homeschooling that adult friends and family wonder about when parents decide to homeschool is the traditional element of graduation and the feeling of closure these ceremonies bring. To ensure that their children experience this wonderful feeling of completion of a major task, many homeschool support groups, Independent Study Programs and charter schools around the country, provide graduation ceremonies for the traditional events  Kindergarten, eighth grade and high school graduations, as well as award presentations and other year-end ceremonies to mark completions of various projects.

American Cap and Gown is the leader in ceremonial graduation products, including diplomas, soft and hard diploma covers, for kindergarten and older grads; year-date pendants; a wide assortment of medallions and ribbons for all ages that honor outstanding academic performance, sports achievements -- and even one especially for homeschoolers, complete with a red, white and blue ribbon!; tassels that can come in a variety of color combinations (even teddy bear varieties for kinder grads); colorful collars and of course caps, tams, gowns and V-stoles for all sizes of grads. They even offer Kente cloth gowns, caps and stoles for African-American grads who wish to display their heritage!

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AMerican Cap n Gown

Inspired Scholar

Ohio Amish Country  a Step Back in Time
By Janet Esposito

A tour through northeast Ohio Amish country is like stepping back in time, but it was also the first time I have felt present in a long time. The stresses of daily life: Homeschooling, bill paying, running kids everywhererunning after kids everywhere  it almost feels as though I constantly live in the future. Just finishing my daily to-do list feels like a monumental accomplishment and I often forget to pay attention to my life as it goes whizzing before my eyes. But a recent family daytrip to the magical northeast Ohio Amish Country turned into an educational field trip for our entire family. Driving behind horse-drawn buggies all day will force you to be patient, slow down, and refocus your attention on what really matters.

The beautiful countryside is full of pristine white houses, picturesque flower and vegetable gardens, and colorful quilts hanging on clotheslines. I remembered how much I love a good clothesline. Standing on the side of the rolling dirt road and looking out at the landscape dotted with wheat stacks, I finally realized why Grandma Moses was so inspired to paint scenes such as this. But as we quickly learned, the area is much more than a beautifully simplistic tourist attraction  most of the Amish community is self-sustaining. The people living here are hard-working, industrious, and committed to the living practice of their deep faith. It was an incredible opportunity for my kids to witness such examples and to learn about their culture, while learning about our own American history.

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Writing Strands

Alphabet Workout – Phonics Through Movement & Music, Pre-K to 1st Grade
By Janet Esposito

Young children have a ton of energy – energy that can be difficult to channel towards learning. Some subjects are easily taught through physical exploration, play, and movement. However, other subjects, such as reading, are meant to be done at a table…sitting down…quietly. My son never did "sitting down quietly". My mother-in-law would laugh and say, "You tell him to hold still, but God tells him to wiggle." She was right. As my son began to increasingly struggle with reading, I searched for some kind of solution. How could I teach him to read?

Alphabet Workout is a program that teaches young children to read, while incorporating their innate need to constantly wiggle. Parents working with children with attention problems and impulse control issues fully understand how important it is to utilize and channel their child’s physical movement in their learning process. For many of these children, using movement to learn is essential to real learning. Additionally, typical young students also love to use their bodies to learn. Most every child would prefer active learning through movement over sedentary, passive learning at a desk.

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alphabet workout

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