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The Homeschooling world is blessed with many excellent homeschooling parents who are also professional writers, speakers and others, whose skill is directly beneficial to all of us. This issue, we offer writings by two such people: Carolyn Forte, mother of 2 grown homeschooled daughters, former professional teacher and founder and owner (with husband, Martin) of the very valuable Excellence in Education Resource Center in Monrovia (L.A.), California. Her article "Games for Special Needs Children" is useful to any parent or family. Our second contributor is Andrew Pudewa, owner of the popular and successful Institute for Excellence in Writing and a much-in-demand speaker at conferences nationwide. Andrew's article is "The End of Eloquence? Not on Our Watch!" We hope you benefit from the thoughts presented and thank you for reading our publications.

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Therapro, Inc. – Special Needs Learning Products & More!
By Ellen Meade

Homeschooling children who have special needs, offers a unique set of challenges and rewards for students and parents. However, public schools have one advantage over homeschooling parents – the learning resources. Speech Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Art Therapists – these amazing people have wonderful tools and learning resources, acquired over years of classroom experience. I often wondered about these seemingly magical inventions and their origins in the universe. Why could I never find the adaptive scissors I need for my son, but his friend’s OT has the exact pair I’ve searched for high and low? Is there a “special education land” somewhere out there; one in which only licensed specialists can purchase these incredible tools? Thankfully there is a one-stop-shop available right here on Earth and anyone with Internet access can purchase these incredible products.

Therapro offers innovative products for every kind of learner. Through 25 years of experience as both a scholar and practicing clinician, Karen Conrad has worked to address the needs of people in every stage of life: From early intervention therapy, to mental health, and end-of-life care. In launching their company, Therapro, Karen and her husband, Paul Weihrauch, made it their goal to provide their community with unique educational and therapeutic supplies that would help to revolutionize the way therapists and educators provide preventative, developmental, and rehabilitative care. It is their belief that with the right tools, every person can live up to their fullest potential.

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Games – the Best Learning Tools for Special Needs Kids
By Carolyn Forte

All children love games, especially games with a parent. Children crave a parent’s attention; they want to imitate their parents and they want approval from their parents. For children with special needs, whether they be physical handicaps or learning problems (or both!), fun, laughter, and the gentle love of a parent are especially vital to their growth and development. Games can help to fill this need in a big way.

A clever parent can turn just about anything into a game. While volunteering at a school for orthopedically-handicapped children during college, I noticed the remarkable progress made by children who had a very dedicated parent or caregiver. One mother told me she walked for hours every day with her little boy who was born with cerebral palsy. In one year, he was able to shed both sets of leg braces and one of his crutches. He loved walking with his mother and was therefore motivated to work hard at something that was quite difficult. Years later, while working with an integrated equestrian group that accepted the handicapped, I watched children achieve amazing results because they were having fun. In reality, they were involved in physical therapy, but they only thought of it as fun. As Mary Poppins said, “A spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down.”

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Rocket Math

Calvert School

Museum Section

American Academy - Christian-based Homeschool Academy, pre-K-High School

By Ellen Meade

The variety of Christian-based homeschooling resources has grown exponentially over the last few years. Homeschooling support groups, online curricula, and subject-specific materials can be readily found. However, it has become more difficult to find traditional, comprehensive, Christian-based curricula for home study. Lesson plans are often complex and require intense preparation or expensive materials - time and money are two things that are in short supply for many families. Ask yourself: Do you believe education should come before socialization? Do you believe homeschooling curricula should develop a strong Christian character? Do you want your child’s education to instill a love for our country and a desire to perpetuate our American heritage?

American Academy has developed an entire academic program emphasizing the development of personal character and Christian family values. The Founder and President of American Academy, Marvin L. Reynolds, has more than 30 years of educational experience. His deeply-held Christian convictions form the backbone to the educational goals of American Academy. The staff, including Mr. Reynolds, are ready to support parents in their homeschooling endeavors. In addition to offering parents guidance and educational expertise, American Academy provides record-keeping -- report cards, transcripts, diplomas, and graduation services. From curriculum, to socialization, American Academy is ready and eager to help every parent become a successful homeschooling educator.

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American Academy

Writing Strands

The End of Eloquence? Not on Our Watch!
By Andrew Pudewa, http://www.excellenceinwriting.com

“Most of the young people we have to hire these days really can’t communicate clearly. They can’t speak three sentences without saying 'like' and ’cuz' and 'stuff' several times. They can’t write two complete sentences with correct grammar and capitalization . . . and forget about punctuation! And they can’t think. When something goes wrong, they just sit there and wait for someone to tell them what to do! It’s infuriating!”

Traveling around the country, I constantly meet professionals from all walks of life: Managers and business owners, teachers and professors, supervisors and graduate students. Though their histories and circumstances are often quite different, they all have one universal frustration, which when voiced, sounds very similar to the statements above. Now while it’s true that older adults have always complained about young adults, it seems undeniable that at this time things are really worse than ever before.

In Mark Baurlein’s 2008 book The Dumbest Generation, he argues forcefully that the digital age is stupefying young Americans and jeopardizing our future. His examples of profound ignorance and inarticulateness, now ubiquitous in schools and workplaces, are so convincing that one wonders if there is any remedy, or are we really at the end of a literate, educated America? While some readers contend that Baurlein’s causation argument is lacking, virtually no one argues that the problem is not acute.

As an observer of people, a student of the times, and a teacher of English, I must concur; technology is having a viscerally negative effect on the linguistic skills of students. Inundated by TV and music with marginally correct usage and syntax, young people today are constantly amused by the ever-present entertainment of Internet and video games. This, when reinforced by constant peer interaction, results in an environment that practically prevents a teenager today from developing any type of sophisticated use of words. We couldn’t have contrived a worse language development environment had we tried!

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Press For Learning

Camping Maxx - Bug Out Fast

Branson Academy

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Redbird Learning

Dr Heater

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