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This week, we feature two more articles by professional writer/speakers who are also homeschooling parents. Lynn M. Griesemer has written "Gaining Confidence As a Homeschooler" and speaks from the experience of having homeschooled six children, now grown. Andrew Pudewa, developer of the IEW Writing program, which is wildly successful and popular among homeschoolers everywhere, has written "Common Mistakes and Some Options for Teachers". We strive to bring you the best information we can, relative to homeschooling in all of its aspects. Thank you for reading.

Michael Leppert


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Unleash the Genius in Your Child

Every child can learn. Sometimes they just need an engaging teacher or personalized instruction. GiftedandTalented.com, the premier online courseware, developed by Stanford University, offers Kindergarten through 12th grade courses, in Mathematics, Language Arts & Writing, Physics, and Computer Science - over 23 courses in all. Whether your student is an advanced learner or just looking to score better on standardized tests, GiftedandTalented.com's extra-curricular courses are a great place to start.

An NYU study found that students taking GiftedandTalented.com courses scored nearly 50% better on standardized tests than the national average.

Most importantly, GiftedandTalented.com courses include Stanford University-trained tutors who mentor students, guiding them through the courseware and coaching parents on study tips and learning strategies. Tutors are experts in their subjects and work with students through email, phone, chat, video conversations, and online digital classrooms.

Courses are broken out into two types: Tutor Supported and Independent Study.

Families utilizing the Tutor Supported curriculum get the coaching and structure their children need and the comfort that even the most challenging subjects are made easier with their Tutor's guidance. Often G&T.com Tutors work with students through out their years in school creating educational bonds that last a lifetime.

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Redbird Learning

Common Mistakes and Some Options for Teachers
By Andrew Pudewa

We’ve all suffered it at one time or another: Frustration about writing assignments. Either on the receiving end, or perhaps now on the giving end, there can be a few distinctly discouraging aspects to teaching and being taught writing. The tough questions include:

  • What to correct and how to give a grade?
  • How much help is too much?
  • Isn’t the assignment clear enough?
  • Why don’t students find their own errors?
  • Because we are so much a product of our environment, our style of instruction often becomes a reflection of how we were taught, and consequently the "sins" of our teachers can easily be passed on to our own students if we are not diligent in evaluating and honing our teaching skills.

Unlike math, history and science, writing does not consist simply of a set of facts to be learned and manipulated; it is an art, and should be taught more like art. Think about piano or violin. Do we expect perfection immediately? Not at all. We expect wrong notes. We expect awkward expression. But through a process of modeling, listening, practicing and reviewing specific, graded techniques, anyone can learn to play violin or piano. Writing is similar. Modeling when teaching art is not only effective, but absolutely necessary.

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The Reading Game

Math Nook


Cathy Duffy's Review of Runkle Geography
By Cathy Duffy

Brenda Runkle’s World Physical Geography was the first geography text to convince me that it is possible to produce a geography textbook that isn’t designed to put students to sleep.

Full-color illustrations throughout this beautifully illustrated text, a lively writing style, hands-on activities, “fun facts,” and frequent practical applications draw junior and senior high students into each topic. Definitions, geographical tips, and more fun facts are featured in the margins, coded with special symbols. Critical thinking activities, brain teasers, and other extras appear in some of the lessons. Review questions and a list of vocabulary words are at the end of each lesson. Also, more than worthy of mention is the generous section of full-color maps presented at the beginning of the text.

The text seems fairly bias-free, philosophically speaking. It is neither Christian nor evolutionary in presentation.

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Runkle Publishing

Nelson Academy of Agriculture

Gaining Confidence as a Homeschooler
By Lynn M. Griesemer

We began homeschooling our children in 1994 when our son was seven (first grade) and our girls were four, three and one. I was never interested in purchasing a curriculum from the experts or teaching professionals. I felt capable and competent enough to design and implement our own plan, which would be tailored to our priorities, interests and goals.

I discovered that the unschooling approach (or self-directed learning) fits in with our philosophy of raising children. I have observed that people seek out, learn and remember those things which are important to them. Adults who decide what to teach children for six hours a day are acting as dictators and the authoritarian style of education is one I am not comfortable with. What gives us the right to cram stuff into the minds of our children? It is disrespectful and manipulative.

Childhood should be a time where the intellect and emotions are given an opportunity to emerge naturally. Yes, there are basics that we should pass on to our children, but happy, successful adults are those who have had time to make decisions and mistakes. Each family has the right and responsibility to ensure their children will be self-sufficient adults and each family is free to decide how they will go about that process.

I'm not saying that I am a completely permissive parent and am raising my children to be anarchists or amoral people. Without limitations and guidelines, some of my children might choose to watch three hours of television a day and eat cookies for lunch. But I generally trust that my children will make good choices, while acknowledging that they need parental guidance as they mature.

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American Academy

Seela Science


Dr Heater

Easy Grammar Systems – Grammar texts for grades 2-12
Assessed by Jennifer Nairne


Easy Grammar Systems has developed a series of texts for students that finally make the English language approachable for everyone. Struggling students, English Language Learners, accelerated students – all children can benefit from using this innovative approach to grammar instruction. In one study, conducted of students using the texts, 85% increased their test scores by at least 20%; almost half of the students bumped their test grade up one level. This is most likely due to the strong emphasis on content mastery found throughout the Easy Grammar Systems series.

The key features of the Easy Grammar texts is author Wanda C. Phillips’s use of the “prepositional approach” and encouraging students to engage with grammar “hands-on”. While she is not the original developer of the prepositional approach, Dr. Phillips immediately understood how to translate it into a classroom environment. By combining this innovative approach with various other methods that she found effective in her years as a teacher, Dr. Phillips developed a series of texts that ensure every student will master the concepts and succeed in grammar.

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Easy Grammar

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